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What is 'The Eternal Game'?

The Eternal Game is a story about a group of four college students who achieve the dream of roleplayers everywhere...they REALLY get to save the world. This is a lighthearted fantasy spoof of the 'People from our world go to other world and save it" genre. Terri, Hayao, Karin, and Andrew have been chosen by the dieties Athena, Baltor (Not to be confused with Balto), Ehlviz, and Sandy to save the world of Karinth, the setting of their favorite RPG, Advanced Tunnels and Wombats.

Needless to say, this was NOT a very wise decision on the part of either group :)

It is a work of humor, using my usual barrage of cultural references. I've been reading fantasy literature for over 15 years, and it all comes home to roost in this story.

It is a continuing work, though I have a definite end in mind already.

When is this story set?

This story is set in the 1990s. Pick the year you liked best.

What kind of spear do I use to hunt Boers?

Given that the average Boer is probably armed with a rifle, I suggest you use something a little more effective.

Is Plano real? It sounds pretty fake to me.

Despite being real, Plano is pretty fake. Trust me on this.

Where can I get chapter X?

Right here! For the low low price of absolutely...nothing!

Currently available chapters:

Lords of Gaming: A prequel

Cast Listing

You can find a listing of the major and many minor characters at: this location.


Chapter 6 is currently still being written.

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