Welcome to the RANMA 1/2 Elseworlds Home Page. Inspired by reading too many issues of DC comics and Ranma 1/2 at the same time...

In this particular context, Elseworlds is a series of stories:

What ifs...worlds that could have been if someone had decided differently, chosen a different path. Better and worse worlds. Worlds brought into being by an enigmatic human in purple robes...manipulating history for reasons known only to him or her, seeking to prevent a future event, an event that intimately involves our friends, the cast of Ranma 1/2. Someone is going to die that Purple Robes would rather see live among that cast, but the harder Purple Robes yanks the skeins of time, the harder they slip from her/his grasp...

His/her manipulations trigger a series of alternate timelines explored in the stories of the Ranma Elseworlds Series.

There will undoubtably be more Elseworlds Stories. These are only the stories of the first cycle...which will conclude with the revelation of Purple Robes identity, plans, and their success or defeat.
For the truly impatient :), you can click here for spoilers:

FOR WANT OF A NAIL--The Ukyou Story

By John Biles

Ten years ago, a young boy made a decision that set a girl on a course of life long revenge...he chose food over her...But in the infinite web of time...no decision is final. In another time, another place, he chose her over food...and the life they live d became quite different...

Lovers No More--The Shampoo Story

By John Biles

Ten years ago, a young boy was defeated in a duel by a young girl of his village. He swore to never give up, to pursue her forever. One day, he would make her his...But in the infinite web of time...no decision is final. In another time, another place, someone was there to convince him to abandon a fool's quest and turn elsewhere for love. Time passed, and the woman he had loved set out on a quest for revenge. Revenge against the strange girl who had defeated her. A quest that would lead her to find out what love was really about...and the true price of victory by any means necessary...

RANMA 1/2 ELSEWORLDS #3 : Akane 1/2.

by Jeffrey Hosmer

Ten years ago, a young boy was dragged away from home and mother by his father for a training trip to make him a man. A training trip that ended in disaster...But in the infinite web of time...no decision is final. In another time, another place, that boy never left home. It was his fiancee to be, a girl he had never met, who left home with her father upon the death of his wife. They left for a training trip...a training trip that ended in disaster...Guess some things never change :)

RANMA 1/2 ELSEWORLDS #4 : Lookin' Down the Barrel of a Glomp.

by Stefan Gagne

Ten years ago, two men locked their master in a cave, sealing him away for a decade. They were free to return to their families...But in the infinite web of time...no event is final. In another time, another place, their master escaped and claimed the eldest child of each student as his, to raise as he pleased. This is the story of those two unlucky children...

RANMA 1/2 ELSEWORLDS #5: Honor and Loyalty

by Paul Gallegos, adapted from one of the Robin annuals

A young ninja discovers that all is not as it seems, in the service of Shogun Saotome Ranma...

Elseworlds 6: Nerima by Night

by John Biles

Time for the World of Darkness to lighten up! See the Amazon Nosferatu elder Cologne! Feel the agony of Ryouga the wereboar! Taste the magical cooking of Ukyou, Adept of the Cult of Ecstasy! Smell the scent of motor oil from all those headless HIT MARKS! Hear the mystic chanting at the Tendo Chantry! An Extravaganza of silly anti-angst.

The Future

This series is effectively dead, though I may eventually figure out where all the drafts and half-finished stories are, so I can put them up for the curious.

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