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100th edition, 5002 AD/Federal Year 1011/Serenity Year 2010,
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House Masaki
by Dr. Nene Aino
T'challa Chair of History at Finis Astra  University


Significant Historical Figures Family Tree:
Ruling Emperors in bold Type
                                 Youshou = Kimiko
                                 1260-   *  1920 - 1969
                                 2302    *
      Masaki            *                           *
      Nobuyuki     =  Achika                      Meylia  =     Douglas
      1954-        *  1954-1984                   1956-   *     Stingray
      2060         *           Washuu             3620    *     1954-2025
                   *           18,000 BC - ?              *
                   *              *                       *
                   *              *                       *
                   *              *          Tamiko       *
     Aeka      = Tenchi =      Ryouko        Noriko = Katsuhito Stingray
     1280-     * 1979-  *      5180 BC -     1980-  *  1983-2022
     3306      * 3305   *      ?             2049   *
   ***************     *****************            *
   *          *        *       *       *     *************************
Manami=Mackie *      Ryu    Sylvie Achika    Celia               Mackie
2014- *       *       2013-  2045-  2210-     2010-                2016-
3502  *       ***     3492   3609   3603      3620                 3430
      *         *     [A]      *              [A]
      *         **             *
House Stingray   *             *
      *        Tenchi        Many Generations
      *        2250-           *
Dr. Gregory    3603         Captain Priscilla Hakubi-Masaki
Stingray         *          3936-4186
3930-            *

[A]               Nene Romanova = Ryu Hakubi-Masaki = Celia Stingray
                  2014-3603     * 2013-3492         * 2010-3620
                                *                   *
                                *                   *
                                *                   *
   ******************************                  *****************
   *            *              *                   *              *
  Himeko     Tenchi II       Linna and 8       Katsuhito       Noriko
  2061-      2203-           2305-   others    2073-           2075-
  3345       3603            3308              3867            3856
               *                                  *
               *                                  *
       House Hakubi-Masaki                    Celia I, first empress
                                               of House Stingray-Masaki
                                               Ruled 3802-3905
                                               House Stingray-Masaki


All Dates are AD for the benefit of our 20th century readers, unless otherwise stated.

House Kanma

House Masaki/Hakubi-Masaki House Stingray-Masaki 3976-3994
The War of Houses.  Civil War ends with House Serenity taking the Throne, but the armies of House Flaem and House Win invade the Solar Empire/Crystal Millenium and conquer part of it.  The Khunds launch the 12th Khund War, leaving the new Emperor unable to aid the Crystal Millenium.

House Serenity

Ryouko Hakubi
Birthdate: 5180 BC
Height: 162 cm
Hair: Cyan
Eyes: Green
Build: Medium

Planet of Birth:
Orion V

BA-Physical Education, Tokyo University, 2001

Ryouko was wild and unhibited in her younger days, succeeding in living for thousands of years without ever quite managing to leave adolescense.  She matured as greater responsibilities were laid on her, but remained impulsive and sometimes violent her entire life.

Ryouko was the most powerful Empress of Jurai known, especially when she possessed all three of the Power Gems.  She is known to have defeated the Emperor Mikado II in hand to hand combat, and to have fought battle cruisers by herself.   The upper limits of her powers remain unknown.  She was capable of teleporting over 50,000 miles, could fire energy blasts strong enough to punch holes in several feet of stone, could phase, duplicate herself, and create beings of coherent energy.  She also had superhuman strength, flight, forcefields, and possibly other powers.

Ryouko was originally created by the deranged scientist Wasyuu Hakubi, who wanted a daughter.  Unfortunately, Ryouko was not suited for the role of 'Wasyuu, jr.' and ran away from home, becoming a space pirate.  Eventually, she was captured, along with her mother, by one of Wasyuu's ex-students, Kagato, and forced to serve him.  In 1288 AD, she attacked the Juraiian homeworld at his command, and was eventually defeated and trapped in a cave on Earth for over 700 years.

She was released by Tenchi Masaki, who eventually became Tenchi I of Jurai.  The events of this period remain unclear, especially since most scholars consider her autobiography, 'My Life in Pictures, Words, and Sound', to be the most brazen tissue of lies ever published on any planet, in any language, at any point in history.  Approximately 5% of the work has been verified as true, another 70% ranges from misleading to outright lies, and the remaining 25% is disputed.  Most of the common legends were collected in the video drama known as 'Tenchi Muyou'.

In the year 2001 AD, she graduated from Tokyo University and married Tenchi, becoming his 'Right-Hand Wife'.  After the near death of Emperor Azusa in 2010 in the Alpha Cygni Incident, they moved permanently to Jurai, where she took up her duties as a future empress.

She returned to Earth in 2034,2035, and 2036 for the 'Dance of Shiva' incident, her son's graduation, and Aeka's daughter's graduation respectively.  Details on each of these trips were sealed in the Imperial Archives and lost during their destruction in the Second War of Houses.  It is known that she met the founder of House Serenity at this time, along with various others detailed in other articles of this encyclopedia.

Her espionage skills and combat abilities proved important to Emperor Tenchi in the disputes of the early years of his reign (2604 until 2805), which culminated in a brief civil war.  She and Admiral Priss Asagiri-McNichols lead the battle fleet that crushed the rebellious Houses at the Battle of Sirius in 2804 AD.  With the end of this civil war, jurai entered into the last of its Golden Ages.

In 3192, she abdicated, along with Tenchi and Aeka, and the trio travelled the galaxy until 3305, when Tenchi finally died of old age.  Ryouko vanished for a year with Aeka after his funeral, then returned in 3306, carrying an artifact which Aeka presented to Emperor Ryu I.  After Aeka's death two days later, Ryouko had a private conference with her son and was last seen headed towards the Galactic Core in her ship, Ryo-ohki.  Her final fate is unknown, although Khundish histories claim that she appeared on Khund in 3492 after Ryu I's death during the Sixth Khund War and slew Emperor Dila XI in a duel, then defeated his six hundred man bodyguard, then blew up several war ships on her way out of the system.  With the destruction of Khund in 4470 by an N5 bomb, all records of this event, if it ever happened, were destroyed, so the truth of this rumor is unclear.

Ryu Hakubi-Masaki
B'day:  June 4, 2013
Hair: Mousy-brown, spikey
Eyes: Blue
Build:Medium build

BS-Chemistry/Physics, Tokyo University-2035

Personality:  More like grandma than mom and Dad.  Fairly normal, but with a bit of a tendency to go whacko with experiments.  Drives off his would-be girlfriends by being TOO affectionate, like Mom :)  Far less violent than his mother, luckily for his future subjects.

Ryu was one of the most powerful Juraiian Emperors.  While his father had more raw power, he combined the abilities of the Juraiian bloodlines with those of his mother Ryoko.  His ailities are known to have included planetary level teleportation(up to 50,000 miles), energy blasts, flight, and phasing.  He was capable of summoning the Radiant Hawk Wings, but not as powerfully as his father, although in combination with his sister, he was able to summon them more powerfully.

Certain unsubstantiated records claim he was capable of using Ryouko's power gems, however most historians regard this as unproven.

Like his sister, Ryu was raised in the palace, but unlike her, he got in a lot more trouble and spent a lot more time with grandma Wasyuu.  Ryu was perhaps one of the most expensive royal children of all time, due to the level of damage he did.

Ryu was sent at age 18 to college on Earth by his parents, who wanted to show him his father's homeworld and how the 'other half lived', so to speak.  He took to it quite well, though it took years for him to unlearn everything his mother had taught him about how to deal with humans.

Ryu went through girlfriends the way many people go through tissue paper, as he tended to charm them at first, but then come on so strong they ran for the hills.  He also went through too much lab equipment.

He fell for Nene pretty quickly, but finally managed to make himself go slowly enough she didn't run away (No marriage proposals on the second date, for one thing).  He became involved in the 'Dance of Shiva' incident in 2034, and spent most of his time on Earth until the Exodus of 2066.

After the Exodus, he worked extensively with his mother in coordinating Juraiian intelligence operations, and with his step-mother in coordinating various diplomatic initiatives.  In 2037, he married Nene Romanova.  The circumstances surrounding his marriage to Celia Stingray in 2042 AD remain unclear, as the appropriate Imperial files were sealed and never opened to historians.  The usual speculation involves the fact of her Juraiian descent and the tradition of Imperial marriage to a close relative in the Juraiian nobility.  Historians continue to dispute whether the marriage began as a love match, or whether it was initially a marriage of convenience.  It had become a love match by the time of his inheritance of the throne in 3192, however.

He served his father well during the 2790-2805 Civil War and became head of the diplomatic service shortly afterwards.  His 'Right-hand Wife', Nene, was posted to the important Solar Kingdom embassy during the period 3056-3192, during which he formed ties with the royal family which would become important during his reign.

Ryu's reign marked the height of the alliance between Jurai and the rising Solar Kingdom.  He and Queen Serenity II were firm allies and cooperation between the two greatly benefited both.  Many families of the two empires intermarried.  Ryu also benefited greatly from his marriage to Celia Stingray who proved to be an unusually adept 'Left-Hand Wife' for someone not raised on Jurai.  He died a few years before his planned retirement, slain during the Sixth Khund War in 3492.  His last words remain unrecorded, although legends claim he called out his wives' names as he died.

Aeka of House Kanma
Birthdate: 1280 AD
Height: 161 cm
Hair: Purple-Black
Eyes: Reddish Purple
Build: Thin

Planet of Birth:  Jurai

BA--History, Tokyo University, 2001 AD

Aeka is a very formal person, who can seem cold and hostile at times, but most of that is the protective shielding needed by anyone who grows up in a palace.  She has a violent and competitive streak that she refuses to admit exists.

Aeka possessed the standard abilities of a member of the noble bloodlines of Jurai, chiefly energy blasts, an enhanced lifespan, limited flight, the projection of forcefields, and enhanced toughness.

Aeka was the first child of Emperor Azusa by his 'Left-Hand' wife, Funaho, and the older sister of Princess Sasami/tsunami.  She was to marry her half-brother Youshou, who disappeared during the 'Ryouko Crisis' of 1288.  She eventually managed to trace him to Earth, arriving in 1995.  She eventually married Youshou's grandson, Tenchi, in 2001.  Details of her stay on Earth are sketchy, although many of the common legends were collected in the video drama known as 'Tenchi Muyou'.  She married Tenchi in 2001 at the same time as he married Ryouko Hakubi, who became his 'Right-Hand' wife.  After the near death of Emperor Azusa in 2010 in the Alpha Cygni Incident, they moved permanently to Jurai, where she returned to her duties as a likely future heir to the throne.

She returned to Earth in 2034,2035, and 2036 for the 'Dance of Shiva' incident, Ryouko's son's graduation, and her daughter's graduation respectively.  Details on each of these trips were sealed in the Imperial Archives and lost during their destruction in the Second War of Houses.  It is known that she met the founder of House Serenity at this time, along with various others detailed in other articles of this encyclopedia.

Her assistance and knowlege of Juraiian history and politics proved crucial to Emperor Tenchi in the disputes of the early years of his reign (2604 until 2805), which culminated in a brief civil war.  With the destruction of the Rebel Houses at her advice, jurai entered into the last of its Golden Ages.  Most historians give her the credit for many of this periods accomplishments, as her husband was a good man, but not really trained properly to be emperor.

In 3192, she abdicated, along with Tenchi and Ryouko, and the trio travelled the galaxy until 3305, when Tenchi finally died of old age.  Aeka vanished for a year with Ryouko after his funeral, then returned in 3306, carrying an artifact which she presented to Emperor Ryu I.  She died two days later.  Her last words were said to have been, "Don't make us wait for you, Ryouko."  Their significance is unknown.

Sasami/Tsunami of House Kanma
Birthdate: 1288 AD
Height: 170 cm (123 cm in child form)
Hair:  Light Green
Eyes:  Pinkish-red
Build: Slender

Planet of Birth:





Manami Masaki
B'day:  June 17, 2014
Height: 5'6"
Hair: Blue-black, long single pony-tail.
Eyes: Purple
Build: Medium build

Planet of Birth:  Jurai

BA--History and Music, Tokyo University, 2036
MFA--Rigellian Music Academy, 2073

very polite and formal, but listens to thrash and the like for the sole purpose of irritating her mother :)  She is somewhat shy.  Manami takes strongly after her mother, but has a bit of a rebelious streak, due to Ryoko's influence.  Manami was known for playing pranks when little, then turning herself in.

Manami manifested the full range of Juraiian powers, eventually at a stronger level than her mother, though weaker than her father.

Manami was born on the planet Jurai in the royal palace and raised from birth for her role as a member of the royal family.  There was some expectation that she would eventually marry her half-brother, as this was a common practice, but her parents made sure this pressure would not be put on her too strongly, as they wanted to give her as much freedom to find her own husband as they could.

Manami was tutored by various royal tutors, her parents, and by Wasyuu Hakubi until she was 18, at which point her parents sent her to Earth to attend college with her brother to help her have a chance to see how non-royalty lived.

It was, to say the least, an eye-opening experience.  Manami had never had to actually buy her own food in her life, to take the least of the surprises.  She was drastically shocked by virtually everything, and to
her surprise, found herself drawn to a variety of activities she would have considered quite undignified before that.

She met Priss Asagiri at a concert and became Priss' musical protege, forming an unlikely friendship.  In the year 2034, she became involved in the 'Dance of Shiva' incident, and around that time began dating Macky Stingray, the future Lord Stingray, who was distantly related to her.  (Technically, she was his second cousin, or his aunt, three times removed, depending on how you traced the bloodlines).

They married in 2041 AD and largely resided on Earth until the Great Ice which began in 2066 AD forced them to join the Juraiian Exodus from Earth.  Their support for Emperor Tenchi during the 2970-2805 Civil War resulted in the awarding of House Fyr's lands to the new house Stingray.  The couple also served the empire in several Ambassadorial positions.

She and her husband both died peacefully of old age.  Her carefully written and researched memoirs provide the most useful historical resource for this period.

Tenchi Masaki
Birthdate:, 1979
Height: 165 cm
Eyes: Brown
Build: Medium

Planet of Birth:  Earth

BA--Political Science/History, Tokyo University, 2001

Tenchi has a tendency to be the normal person in the eye of the storm.  He is brave, loyal, honest, and usually in way over his head.  As an emperor, he was noted for taking a rather 'heroic' approach to the position, since he was rather inept at intrigue and only of average skill at politics, despite his degree.  However, he inspired a great deal of loyalty in his generation of Juraiians.

Tenchi was the most powerful emperor of the so-called 'Third Age' of Juraiian history, which began with the ascension of House Kanma to the throne.  He was able to summon the Radiant Hawkwings without assistance and is known to have survived coming in close proximity to a black hole.

Little is known of Emperor Tenchi's youth, other than that he grew up on Earth, although the collection of legends known as 'Tenchi Muyou' presents many of the traditional stories about his youth.  In the year 2001 AD, he graduated from Tokyo University and married Princess Aeka of House Kanma and Ryouko Hakubi, daughter of the infamous scientist Wasyuu Hakubi.  After the near death of Emperor Azusa in 2010 in the Alpha Cygni Incident, they moved permanently to Jurai, where he took up his duties as likely future heir to the throne.

He returned to Earth in 2034,2035, and 2036 for the 'Dance of Shiva' incident, his son's graduation, and his daughter's graduation respectively.  Details on each of these trips were sealed in the Imperial Archives and lost during their destruction in the Second War of Houses.  It is known that he met the founder of House Serenity at this time, along with various others detailed in other articles of this encyclopedia.

In 2302, Prince Youshou died during the Battle of Rigel in the opening years of the First Khund War (See entry on Khunds and the Khund Wars) and Prince Tenchi became the next in line for the Throne, along with his 'Left-Wife', Princess Aeka.  He did not actually ascend to the throne until 2604, when Emperor Azusa abdicated.

Emperor Tenchi ruled from 2604-3192. From 2604 until 2805, Emperor Tenchi had to deal with a series of attempted coups, revolts, and problems with disgruntled houses who disliked him, his wife Ryouko, his heavy reliance on various human friends, and other aspects of his behavior.  This culminated in a revolt by Houses Aer, Fyr, Shaloma, and Daiko in 2790-2805.   They are crushed, stripped of their titles, and their lands used to create or strengthen Houses Stingray, Serenity, Stingray-Masaki, McNichols, Yamazaki, Makibi, Kuramitsu, Direl, and Pastel.

The remainder of Tenchi's reign was fairly peaceful, despite several wars with the Khunds and other 'barbarian' kingdoms, empires, republics, and whatnot.  He abdicated in 3192, and spent the last hundred or so years of his life (to 3305) travelling, exploring, and relaxing.  He was buried in the Vault of the Emperors, along with his 'Left-Wife' Aeka.  The fate of his other wife, Ryouko Hakubi, is unknown.

Nene (Romanova) Hakubi-Masaki
Birthdate: June 17, 2014
Height:156 cm (5'1'')
Build: Medium Build

Planet of Birth: Earth

High School Diploma--Ichinose High, 2031
BS--Computers, Orion University, 2072
PHD--Computers, Jurai University, 2079

Nene never fully grew up, or more accurately, she never completely lost the innocence of childhood.  Her highly inquisitive nature often got her into trouble, but her optimism generally let her weather it without any problems.  She also had a tendency to eat too much and a certain amount of laziness that she struggled with for most of her life.

Nene possessed a strong magical potential, but never bothered to fully develop it, being more oriented towards science.  The only magical ability she developed was a talent for healing, but she eventually augmented herself to have superhuman levels of strength, speed, and endurance using various techniques and devices created by her grandmother-in-law, Wasyuu, along with telekinesis, teleportation, force shields and energy blasts, which she possessed at the level of a fairly average Juraiian (putting her below the power level of many of her intimate associates.)  She also developed several advanced battlesuits which greatly augmented her abilities.

The early history of Nene Romanova remains sketchy, due to the destruction of most records in the Great Ice after 2066 AD.  The main surviving source is her autobiography, which competes with that of Empress Ryouko for the status of 'Biggest Compendium of lies known to the sentient races', although it tends more to exaggeration than outright deceit.

It is known that she was born in the Ichinose district of Tokyo, the only child of Kazuya Hasukawa and Catherine Romanova.  She graduated from high school at the age of 17 and moved out of her home, forging certain records that then enabled her to enter the ADPolice in 2031 AD.  At about the same time, Nene joined the group of battle-suited heroines known as the Knight Sabres, whose origins remain unclear, although her assertion that she was one of the founding members is usually accepted.

Nene met Ryu Hakubi-Masaki (Emperor Ryu I) in late 2033, or possibly 2034, and they began dating.  She was unaware of his origins until the 'Dance of Shiva' Incident.  Nene is known to have been deeply involved in this incident, but the destruction of the Imperial Archives during the Second War of Houses make the degree of her involvement unclear.  Her primary magical ability began to manifest itself after this incident, and in 2035, she is known to have defeated Duke Ryalin in a duel of honor.

She married Ryu in 2037, and resided on Earth until the beginning of the Great Ice in 2066.  She helped to organize the withdrawal of various Juraiians and their allies from Earth, and then attended Orion and Jurai Universities for several years.  She is known to have played a role in the marriage of Celia Stingray to Ryu as his 'Left-hand Wife', although the details remain unclear.

Nene served as Ambassador to the Solar Kingdom from 3056 to 3192, and is known to have been involved in the events of the 'Black Moon Crisis.'  Several would-be Usurpers claimed descent from her due to alleged liasons with various Earth nobility during this period, but such stories are considered untrue by most historians.

Nene ruled as 'right Empress' of Jurai from 3192-3492, then retired to pursue her scientific studies after Ryu's death during the Sixth Khund War.  She was assassinated in 3603, along with her grandson, Emperor Tenchi II, during the events that marked the beginning of the Uprising of the Flame.  Several traditions assert that her last words were 'I'm Hungry', but most historians regard this as apochryphal.

Celia (Stingray) Hakubi-Masaki
Birthdate:  2010
Height: 179 cm (5'10'')
Hair:  Black
Eyes:  Brown
Build: Slender

Planet of Birth:

BS--Robotics/Business, Nekomi Tech, 2031 AD

Celia is a mystery hidden inside an enigma, shrouded in a riddle.  Celia was a happy, outgoing child until her father's death and the beginning of her quest.  She sealed off her emotions to hide from more pain and became very cold and controlled.  However, as her quest began to succeed, or at least to bring her friends and allies, the ice began to crack.  While she remained subdued and self-controlled, she started to be happy again, which scared her.

During and after the Dance of Shiva incident, the ice finished breaking.  It took several years for Celia to get her emotions back on an even keel, as she went through a brief period of near manic-depression once she actually let herself have emotions.  Finally, with the help of her friends, she got back on an even keel.  To her death, she tended to project a front of being in control all the time, but in private, she
became more emotional.


Celia eventually mastered the full array of standard Juraiian abilities, which she possessed at a fairly average level.  Her keen mind and intense practice enabled her to make the most of what she had, and easily a match or superior to much more theoretically powerful Juraiians.

Celia Stingray was the oldest child of Noriko and Katsuhito Stingray.  She was traumatized by her mother's abandonment of the family and her father's death, which set her on a quest for revenge which consumed the next decade of her life.  She became a brilliant scientist, businesswoman, and combatant, organzing and equipping the team that became known as the Knight Sabres.

The Destruction of Genom in the Dance of Shiva incident forced her to reevaluate her life and set new priorities.  She formed the Stingray Group, a research company working with Boomer Technologies to forward her father's dream of peaceful boomers.  She also struggled with resetting her emotional keel as everything she had been repressing for a decade came home to roost.

She also struggled with her sexuality, which she had long repressed, and had several disastrous love affairs.  Her marriage to Ryu Hakubi-Masaki, the future Ryu I surprised many people, possibly including her.  The marriage was shaky at first, but eventually became quite strong.

In 2066, she helped organize the assault that closed Kali's gate and prevented the total destruction of the Earth, then organized the withdrawal of as many people as possible from the Earth (the Exodus of 2066).  She became an agent of the Juraiian Intelligence Agency, and eventually rose to head it during the reign of her husband, Ryu I.

She is known to have been involved in the 'Black Moon Crisis', but her precise role remains unclear due to the sealing of Intelligence records.  Celia proved to be the one of the most adept 'Left-Hand Wives' of recorded history.  Her skills helped to bring about Emperor Tenchi's victory in the 2790-2805 Civil War, and proved valuable in many other crises.  After Ryu's death in 3492, she continued to head the Intelligence Agency for Tenchi II until 3575, when she retired.  She taught briefly at the Science Academy, until 3603, when assassins working for House Flaem blew Dowager Empress Nene and Emperor Tenchi II to tiny bits.

She returned to politics and organized the Legitimist defense forces during the Uprising of the flame, and it was her leadership and that of her daughter, also named Celia, which insured the defeat of the rebel houses.  However, the strain was too much for her, and she died a few months later, outliving her grandmother Meylia by only a few weeks.  Her last moments of life were attended by her friend Linna Yamazaki, rumored to have been a goddess of some kind, who refused to reveal any details of the event.

Macky Stingray
Birthdate: 2016 AD
Hair:  Brown
Build: Medium

Planet of Birth:





Meylia Stingray:
Birthdate:  June 3, 1956
Height: 5'4"
Hair: Blue-black hair, turning grey
Eyes:  Hazel
Build: Slender build

Planet of Birth:


Meylia was a firey rebel in her youth, running away from home after her mother's death sent her father, Youshou, into a spiral of apathy and depression.  She slowly mellowed as she aged, though she retained a strong temper.  After her return from a coma in 2034, she went through a period of despair and cold rage, going on a calculated killing spree against Genom's boomers.  With her rediscovery of her surviving grandchildren, she returned to the calmer personality she had achieved before her personality, although she was still subject to bursts of anger in some situations.  She had a certain tendency to treat anyone younger than her as if they were her children, which had both good and bad results.

Meylia was stronger than the average Juraiian, possessing capabilities of flight, firing energy blasts, forceshields, and creating her trademark energy swords.  Once she recieved proper training, she was easily a match for two or three average Juraiians, though still weaker than the most powerful ones.  This lead her to develop a variety of subtle uses of her powers, and by her death, she was seen as one of the most skillful warriors of Jurai.

Meylia was born at the Masaki shrine, second daughter of Prince Youshou and Kimiko Hitori, who was unaware her husband was from another planet.  She ran away from home after her mother's death, and eventually ended up as a barroom girl, where she met Douglas Stingray, who was an American soldier.  they were married in 1976, and had their only child, Katsuhito, in 1983.  She remained a fairly happy, if sometimes cranky, housewife until 2021, when she suffered head injuries in one of the last major labor rampages of the 21st century, and went into a coma until 2034.  Her awakening from that coma was the trigger which kicked off the 'Dance of Shiva' incident in 2034.

Meylia continued to reside on Earth until 2066, when she joined the exodus of Juraiians and their allies during the beginning of the Great Ice.  While Meylia never remarried, she had a variety of lovers, and many minor noble families claim descent from her, although these stories are all unverified.  She became a Knight of Jurai in 2075, and performed countless missions, almost all of them heavily classified, and thus lost in the destruction of the Imperial Archives.  She also tutored the future Emperor Tenchi II and future Empress, Celia I, in the use of their powers.

After the assassination of Nene Hakubi-Masaki and Tenchi II in 3603, she played an important role in Dowager Empress Celia Stingray's war effort against the rebel houses.  While they won, the exertions involved speeded her aging process and resulted in her death a few months after the proclamation of Celia I as Empress in 3620.