Galactic Encyclopedia
100th edition, 5002 AD/Federal Year 1011/Serenity Year 2010,
Finis Astra Encyclopedia Corporation

by Dr. Monica Stingray,
Chairbeing of the Finis Astra Encyclopedia Corporation

It gives me great pleasure to announce the release of the 100th edition of the Galactic Encyclopedia, the penultimate reference for all aspects of knowlege in the Galactic League.  From its humble beginnings on a world once described as the 'pimple on the Universe's left little toe', the Galactic Encyclopedia has prospered with its homeworld, and chronicled the rise of the grand galactic union in which we now live.

With the destruction of the Borg, the task of Galactic Unification is complete, but our task is never done.  Still, we hope that this work can meet your needs for information, or direct you to where information can be found.

We have finally completed our upgrading to the Galactic Hyperlink and Holographic Standard Markup Language (GHHSML) and this edition is the first to make use of it.  Those of you reading this by temporal link from the 20th century, unfortunately, will not be able to make full use of this work unless you have bootlegged a Blackman Industries Holoprojector somehow, unfortunately.

History of the Finis Astra Encylopedia Corporation

 The Finis Astra Encyclopedia Company was founded by Dr. Gregory Stingray and his associates in Serenity Year 998 (AD 3990) on Finis Astra, a colony of the Solar Kingdom on the fringe of the Galaxy.  This proved to be a wise decision, as two years later, the galaxy celebrated the Millennium with the outbreak of the Refugee War, when the losing side of a civil war in Jurai invaded the Solar Kingdom, beginning the process of collapse of both states.

The first Chairbeing of the corporation was Dr. Monica Nichols, noted sociologist, who directed the creation of the great Encyclopedia database and the corporation's first headquarters in Encylopedia City, as it was originally called.  She was instrumental in organizing the defense of the city during Juraiian assault in 3992, and also important in the negotiations which created the 'Federal League', originally intended simply as a means of coordinating defense among the five inhabited systems nearest Finis Astra, but which has since grown to become the government of the Galaxy itself.

The Finis Astra Encyclopedia Corporation has had fifty five chairbeings in its first thousand years of history, and is on its fourth corporate HQ, after losing one to warfare, one to an earthquake, and one simply becoming old and decrepit.  The current home base was built in Federal Year 956.  This year, we have published the hundredth edition of the Galactic Encyclopedia.  Enjoy!

Our Chairbeing

Dr. Monica Stingray is a certified Master of Library Science, roughly equivalent to the 20th century degree known as a 'Ph.D' (Doctor of Philosophy).  She was born in Federal Year 942 on Anatares III, and got her Standard Degree from the University of Anatares in 966 FY.  Her Advanced and Master Degree research at Mizuno University concerned methods for swift conversion of print media to holographic formats, and she began her work here at the FAEnc. Corporation in our conversion department.  She has been Chairbeing for the last five years.

For those who are curious, yes, she is descended from the famous Dr. Gregory Stingray through many generations.