Galactic Encyclopedia
100th edition, 5002 AD/Federal Year 1011/Serenity Year 2010,
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Great Old Ones
by Dr. Randolph Carter
Professor of Cosmology, New Miskatonic University


The Great Ones are a loosely defined group of beings of incredible power.  While vastly powerful, they are mortal, not divine or demonic in origin, although they often draw upon demonic energies.  Their power has come at a cost, however.  They are linked to the cycle of the star, waxing and waning in power as the stars move, and often forced into hibernation when their power declines.

The Great Old Ones are at war with each other, for reasons unknown, although their servants sometimes cooperate.  They have an especial hatred for the Zodiac, which also taps the power of the stars.  Each of the Great Old Ones has one or more servitor races which have served them for unknown centuries.

Most Great Old Ones are close to indestructible, able to reconstitute their bodies from the surrounding atmosphere or even in the void of space after a disaster.  Nuke Cthulhu, and he comes back radioactive.  They are not totally indestructible or invincible, however.  The Khunds developed what is known as the 'Warp Bomb', which is perhaps unique as the only weapon ever invented that ONLY effects Great Old Ones.  It introduces instabilities into the fabric of energies that surround the Great Old Ones, causing space to eventually warp in on itself and pinch off, trapping the Great Old One in a tiny pocket dimension.  Certain ancient magics can banish them, and the Sidar are said to have actually slain six Great Old Ones.  It is believed that an N5 bomb could potentially slay one permanently.  Certain Legends also claim that the most powerful of Kamis have slain Great Old Ones in the past.

Still, for the most part, should you meet one face to face, you are almost guaranteed a horrible death.  Just say no.

Known Great Old Ones


Cthulhu Hastur Ithaqua Sauron Tiroc Yig