Galactic Encyclopedia
100th edition, 5002 AD/Federal Year 1011/Serenity Year 2010,
Finis Astra Encyclopedia Corporation

A Brief History of the Universe
by Dr. Anri Hayama
Professor of History,    University of Crystal Lawrence

Origins of the Universe

At some point, the universe came into existence.  Don't ask me when or where or how.  Sadly, we have no reliable written records of this event.  Lots of written accounts, mind you, but many of them contradict each other.

The scientists will tell you about this Big Bang thing, but I tend to see that theory as simply reflecting the 20th century obsession with explosions.  After finding this ancient primitive show known as the 'A-Team', I wrote my first paper on how 20th century history was clearly shaped by this primal desire to see things explode.

I digress.

Given a lack of archives, we are forced to rely on legends, religion, and science (All equally unreliable as a source of history, in my humble opinion.) Editor's note:  Dr. Hayama is only slightly less humble than say...Doctor Doom. Some possible origins of the universe:

Anyway, we don't know.  I'm sure my colleagues over in the science and theology departments will tell you another story, but I deal in cold hard written down facts.  Well, soft, fuzzy, subject to interpretation written down facts.  Let's just say the Universe came into existence at some point, and move on to what we DO know.

The Great Old Ones

The Great Old Ones are believed to be survivors of the races of some distant early phase of the universe's history.  By some unknown means, they gained vast amounts of power and became rather deranged.  They also created various servitor races.  Or possibly, these may be the other survivors of the races with spawned them.

For untold millenia, they dominated the universe.  But then they discovered the price of their power. The stars changed, and with that change, they were driven into slumber, into hiding, into suspended animation.  Their servants hid as well, and the way was open for other races to rise to power.

The Sidar

At some point, the Sidar arose and defeated the Great Old Ones, casting them off to hide in the shadows of the universe.  For a time, they ruled the known areas of creation, reshaping it to their whims.  Then, for reasons unknown, they vanished, leaving us, their experiments, behind to inherit the universe.

                                 Youshou = Kimiko
                                 1260-   *  1920 - 1969
                                 2302    *
      Masaki            *                           *
      Nobuyuki     =  Achika                      Meylia  =     Douglas
      1954-        *  1954-1984                   1956-   *     Stingray
      2060         *           Washuu             3620    *     1954-2025
                   *           18,000 BC - ?              *
                   *              *                       *
                   *              *                       *
                   *              *          Tamiko       *
     Aeka      = Tenchi =      Ryouko        Noriko = Katsuhito Stingray
     1280-     * 1979-  *      5180 BC -     1980-  *  1983-2022
     3306      * 3305   *      ?             2049   *
   ***************     *****************            *
   *          *        *       *       *     *************************
Manami=Mackie *       Ryu    Sylvie Achika    Celia               Mackie
2014- *       *       2013-  2045-  2210-     2010-                2016-
3502  *       ***     3492   3609   3603      3620                 3430
      *         *     [A]      *              [A]
      *         **             *
House Stingray   *             *
      *        Tenchi        Many Generations
      *        2250-           *
Dr. Gregory    3603         Captain Priscilla Hakubi-Masaki
Stingray         *          3936-4186
3930-            *

[A]               Nene Romanova = Ryu Hakubi-Masaki = Celia Stingray
                  2014-3603     * 2013-3492         * 2010-3620
                                *                   *
                                *                   *
                                *                   *
   ******************************                  *****************
   *            *              *                   *              *
  Himeko     Tenchi          Linna and 8       Katsuhito       Noriko
  2061-      2203-           2305-   others    2073-           2075-
  3345       3603            3308              3867            3856
               *               *                  *
               *               *                  *
   Main line of succession     *               Celia I, first empress
                               *               of House Stingray-Masaki
           Serenity II   =   Kazuya            2513-3905
           (Chibi-Usa)   *   3054-             Ruled 3802-3905
            (SII)        *   3728                 *
                         *                     House Stingray-Masaki
                  Queens of Solar Kingdom

Juraiian Emperors:
House Kanma
Mikado II  789 -1345 (Died fighting an attack by space pirates)
Mikado III 1345-1896 (Died in the imprisonment of KAIN)
Daiken XIX 1896-1941 (Assassinated by the Zentraedi)
Azusa  I   1941-2604 (Abdicated once the sucession seemed quite secure
                      as he had had enough.  Lived until 2805 AD)
House Hakubi-Masaki
Tenchi I   2604-3192 (Abdicated at same time as Serenity I)
Ryu    I   3192-3492 (Died in the Sixth Khund War)
Tenchi II  3492-3603 (Slain in the Uprising of the Flame)
Nene   I   3603-3609 (Legitimist Empress--Captured and Slain by
                      Danakin II)
Ryu    II  3613-3802 (Ended the Uprising of the Flame, assinated by
                      disgruntled survivors.  Had no children, resulting
                      in civil war.  House Stingray-Masaki takes the

House Stingray-Masaki
Celia  I   3802-3905  (Assassinated by members of house Flaem)
Ryu    III 3905-3955  (Died in Eleventh Khund War)
Celia  II  3955-3965  (Deposed after blowing up her husband by her
Azusa  II  3965-3976  (Assassinated by members of house Win after
                       his humiliation in the Alpha Vi crisis.)

3976-3994 The War of Houses.  Civil War ends with House Serenity taking
          the Throne, but the armies of House Flaem and House Win
          invade the Solar Empire/Crystal Millenium and conquer part of
          it.  The Khunds launch the 12th Khund War, leaving the new
          Emperor unable to aid the Crystal Millenium.

House Serenity
Leon    I  3992-4120  (Assassinated by agents of the Dark Circle)
Prisc.  I  4120-4256  (Dies at Battle of Juraii, but wins the
                       Second War of Houses)
Tenchi III 4256-4410  (Abdicates in a moment of frustration, becomes
                       a monk)
Leon    II 4410-4432  (Dies in first use of N5 bomb, developed by
Leon   III 4432-4478  (Methodically destroys Khundish Empire with
                       N5 bombs.  Assassinated by a Khund)
Leon   IV  4478-4501  (A wise and benevolent ruler, he is sadly exposed
                       to actually be a renegade Kami who has been
                       impersonating the real Leon Serenity, who died
                       two days after birth, and forced to return to
                       the heavens)
Nene   II  4501-4603  (Benevolent, but inept, She is defeated by the
                       Dark Circle and slain)
Prisc. II  4603-4620  (Under heavy pressure from the Dark Circle, she
                       abdicates and becomes the first President of the
                       Republic of Juraii, which joins the Federal

4620:  End of the Line of Juraiian Emperors.

                Kasuga Katsuhito (Youshou) = Tamada Yuki
                                           *  1630-1703
                                    Many Generations
                                  Grandpa  = Grandma
                          *                          *         Sayuri
    Daikyu Takashi = Kasuga Akemi             Kasuga Hitoshi = Moteuchi
       1948-2018   *  1948-1972                1949-2025     * 1949-2025
   ****************************************                  *
   *                    *                 *    **************************
   *                    *                 *    *       Rokubungi      *
Kyosuke  = Madoka     Manami           Kurumi  Akane = Gendou      Kazuya
1969-    * 1969-      1972-            1972-   1970- * 1970-       1977-
2066     * 2066-      [B]              [B]     2050  * 2050
*****************************                        *
  *             *           *                  **********************
Akira         Hikaru      Takashi  Gendo       *                    *
1995-2066     1996-2054   1998-    Shutaro = Akane  Shinji = Asuka Rei
  *             ****      2066     1993-   * 1995-  2000-  * 2000- 2000-
  *************    *       *       2025    *               *
  *           *    *       *               *               *
Yusaku       Umi   Yet more generations    *               *
2016-       2017-                         Hikaru           Youta
2034        3123                         2016-            2018-
                                         2034             3000
                                            *               *
                                           Yet more generations

               *                             *
         Manami Kasuga = Kazuya Hatta     Kurumi Kasuga = Seiji Komatsu
         1972-2045     * 1969-2025        1972-2025     * 1969-2054
                       *                                *
         **************************       ***************************
         *      Tendo             *       *                         *
       Hitomi = Ryouga            *     Seiya                     Akemi
       1996-  * 1996-             *     1995-                     1999-
       2066   * 2066        Generations 2054                      2066
              *                   *                               [D]
              *                   *
        ***********          Manami Kasuga = Ral Ardeen
        *         *         3019-3201     * 3020-3105
       Kazuya    Nabiki                   *
       2025-     2027-                Imra Ardeen
       3060      3060                 3044-3145

[HH]                    (2)               (1)
       Lord Ken Asagiri  =  Hiyama Hikaru = Jonathon Quest
       2318-3614         *  1971-?        * 1972-2066
                         *                *
             *************                *
             *                 ********************
             *                 *                  *
 *******************         Jonny              Hikaru
 *                 *         2001-2066          2003-3034
 *                 *           *                   *
 *                 *           *                   *
Kyousuke        Madoka         *                   *
3075-           3103-      Various psychic genius families
3614            3905           *
  *               *            *
  *               *           Jeremy Quest [JQ]
House Asagiri  House Hiyama   3067-3230

             *                       *
           Megumi                Keiichi  = Belldandy
           Morisato              Morisato * Goddess, 1st Class
           1976-                 1975-    * Older than you.
           2025                  2034     *
    Anthony     *       *        *           *        *       *      *
      Antwi = Megumi   Taiki   Keiichi   Belldandy  Meiko   Hayao  Keiko
     1999-  * 2000-    2003-   2007-     2008-      2010-   2012-  2014-
     2066   * 2066     [C]     [G]                  [H]
     *           *        Kim
   Steven     Belldandy = Richard
   2024-      2027-     * 2025-
   3034       3060      * 3060
(Life Extended Due to   *
Freezing in Great Ice)  *
    *                Generations
    *                  to
Generations           Come
 Hitomi Antwi


       Morisato Taiki = Mizuhara Nanami
       2003-2405      * 2005-2405
                  Morisato Rita  = Makoto Gelbenwald
                  4477-4601      * 4478-4678
[X]                        Marcus Gelbenwald = Arcadia N'Goya
                           4508-4703         * 4508-4722
                                   *                  *
                                Makoto             Skuld
                                4538-              4540-

                           Daisuke Ozaka = Yuka Kikima
                           1970-2025     * 1970-2025
                                     Daisuke = Andrea Watson
                                  1995-2025  * 1993-2041
             Izumi Noa = Shinohara Asuma     *
             1979-     *  1978-2066          *
             3203      *                     *
                       *         *********************
[G]                    *         *                   *
*************************        *                   *
*      Morisato         *      Ozaka               Hiroshi = Tendo Kasumi
Moemi = Keiichi(II)  Asuma  =  Angie               2018-     2020-
2008- * 2007-        2011-  *  2016-               3023 [TK] 3060
3128  * 3198         2066   *
      *                 Generations
 ***********                 *
 *         *                 *
Noa      Shige        Asuma Shinohara = Ami Mizuno (II) [AM]
2042-    3005-        3053-3245       * 3052-3301
3206     3456                         *
                                House Mizuno

                   Takashi Fujisawa = Meiko Daikokku
  *                                                                *
Masamichi = Miz Mishtal                           Sayuri Ohta = Hiroshi
1965-2075 * 1967-2075                              1970-2025  * 1970-2050
          *                                                   *
          *                                                   *
          *                                                   *
*********************************               ***********************
*                   *           *               *      Wong           *
*      Mizuhara     *           *             Sayuri = Richard     Hiroshi
Hiroshi = Miz       Eiko     Makoto           1988-  * 1988-       1992-
2000-   * 2004-     2013-     2015-           2025   * 2066        2025
2075    * 2075      2065      ?                      *
        *                                      ************************
 **********************                        *                      *
 *                    *                   Daley Wong          Setsuna Wong
Masamichi           Ranko = Frank Cruise  2006-2066           2009-3000
2024-               2026-   2045-3124
2101                3060

                       Makoto Mizuhara = Ifurita
                       1979-2996       * Dang Old - 2996
                    *             *                    *
Hiroshi Fujisawa = Miz         Aradil (M)            Shayla
2000-              2004-        2018-                 2020-
2075               2075         ?                     2996
(See Above for kids)

               1990             3012                 1991
    Tendo Akane = Saotome Ranma  =  Kuonji Ukyou      =  Shinnosuke
    1970-2066   * 1970- ?        *  1970- ?           *   1970-2025
                *                *                    *
                *                *                    *
*******************        ****************        *****************
*                 *        *              *        *               *
Ranko           Kaneda    Shun        Ukyou(M)    Shinnosuke    Youta
1991-           1991-     3013-       3066-        1995-         1999-
2025            2066      3245        3145         2066          2025
  *             [D]                   [KK]         *             [YK]
  *                                                *
Scary Martial Artists                           Many confused generations
Who change Sex                                  of Excellent Chefs who
                                                can't remember anything
                                                except how to make

[D]  Kaneda Saotome = Akemi Kasuga
     1991-2066      * 1999-2066
     *                          *    Morisato  [H]
   Akemi = Thomas Cruise     Ranma =  Meiko
   2020-   2018-             2021- *  2011-
   2066                      3065  *  3123
        [TC]                       *
                             Various Kids
                             Very SCARY kids :)

                        Tendo Nabiki = Hibiki Ryouga
                        1969-2041    *   1970-2066
  *     Orlando            *     Kenichi      *     Kasuga          *
Moemi = Cruise          Nabiki = Kunou      Ryouga = Hitomi        Soun
1992- * 1990-           1994-  * 1995-      1996-    1996-         1997-
2055  * 2066            3002   * 3008       2066     2066          3060
      *                        *            (See [B])              [S]
      *      Saotome           *
    Thomas = Akemi       Tendo Kasumi = Ozaka Hiroshi  [TK]
    2018-  * 2020-       2020-3060    * 2018-3023
    2995   * 3002                     *
           *             Many generations of TENDOM Enterprises execs.
     Frank Cruise = Ranko Fujisawa
       2045-3124  * 2026-3060
            [FC]  *
          House Cruise

[S]                   Hibiki Soun =  Yawara (II) Kousaku
                      1997-3060   *  1996-3060
              *                   *                   *
            Kyoko                Dan                Yawara III
            2020-                2022-              2024-
            3099                 3060               3105
         House Hibiki

                        Hikaru Gosunkugi = Akemi [Ex-Tulpa)
                        1971-3356        * Also older than you - 3356
                (1)  *  (2) Yuu (II)     *      Miaka               *
[YK]Youta Kuonji = Minki = Matsuura     Kaji  = Hongo             Mami
    1999-2025    * 1995- * 1998-        2000- * 2003-           2001-3345
                 * 3145  * 3145         3230  * 3189          [Idol Angel
                 *       *                    *                Mami  II]
        **********       ****                 *
        *                   *            House Gosunkugi
     Hikaru (M)        Miki Matsuura
   "Chef Eh?"         Architect of the
                       Crystal Palace
    2020-3020           2030-3175
       *                    *
   More Memory-      House Matsuura
Deficient Kuonjis

             Shiiba Meiko = Tomoe Souichiro = Mei'ou Setsuna
             1962-1987    * 1962-3259       * Don't Ask - 3259
                          *                 *
                          *                 *
                          *                 *************************
  Derith Moontears =   Hotaru               *           *           *
      (Won't tell) *   1983- ?              *           *           *
                   *                        *           *           *
  ******************************           Ian       Barbara     3 others
                                          3055-?     3056-?

                            Serenity VI = ?
                           ?-23,000 BC  * ?
  *                                                                     *
Usagi   =    Mamoru                           Leon McNichols   =     Priss
1980-        1976-                            2007-3248        *     2013-
3250         3253                                              *     3260
Joint Rule in CT: 2992-3192                                    *
(Abdicated)                            *********************************
        *                              *              *         *      *
        *                           Celia           Daley     Linna  Ken
        *                           2039-3614       2100-3304 2208-  2318-
******************************         *                *     3814   3614
*                            *         **               *      *     [HH]
Usagi (Serenity II)          Mamoru     **              *      *
3052-3342               [MR]3064-3345    *              *      *
R:3192-3342                    *       House         House     *
* (Married Prince              *       Serenity     McNichols  *
*  Kazuya of Jurai)            *                     *         *
*                              *                     *    Monica Nichols
House of Serenity              *                     *    (Sailor Venus)
                               *                  Andrea   3930-4080
                               *                  McNichols
                               *                  4432-4508
                            Arcadia N'Goya
                            (See [X])

House Serenity of the Solar Kingdom/Crystal Millenium
Serenity I   --2992-3192 (Abdicated to enjoy her golden years)
Serenity II  --3192-3342 (Died peacefully in bed)
Serenity III --3342-3452 (Died peacefully in bed)
Serenity IV  --3452-3472 (Abdicated as soon as her daughter was old
                          enough to take over.  She was the first
                          of the Queens to appoint a Prime Minister.)
Serenity V   --3472-3583 (Blew herself up with the Silver Crystal by
                          using too much.  Legend claims she died while
                          trying to use it to make a sandwich, but
                          most scholars don't think she was that
Serenity VI  --3583-3732 (Aided her cousin, Emperor Ryu, against the
                          Uprising of the Flame (3609-3620). Died
                          peacefully in bed.)
Serenity VII --3732-3842 (Abdicated and took up astronomy, becoming the
                          greatest astronomer of her generation.  Taught
                          Dr. Gregory Stingray at the University of Mars.
                          No death date is recorded and her final fate
                          remains unknown.)
Serenity VIII--3842-3928 (Had six husbands.  Divorced two, two were
                          executed for treason, one died in a space pirate
                          attack, the sixth one outlived her and went on
                          to join the Finis Astra colony (Lord Henry
                          Wong).  She herself died peacefully in bed.
Serenity IX  --3928-3985 (She and all of her children except for Miki, her
                          fourth daughter, were assassinated in 3975-85.
                          This was the result of her efforts to stabilize
                          the crumbling Juraiian empire and to aid her
                          relatives in the Juraiian branch of House
                          Serenity.  Noted for appointing Dr. Gregory
                          Stingray as Prime Minister.)
Serenity X   --3985-4090 (Miki had been raised to be a nun of the order of
                          Saint Rei, but after the death of her relatives
                          succeeded to the throne.  The invasion of the CM
                          by the losers of the War of Houses in 3992
                          triggered the beginning of the fall of the
                          Solar Empire.  Miki was thought to be infertile,
                          but concieved in 4080 AD, in what is believed to
                          be the last verifiable use of the Silver
                          Crystal.  She was assassinated in 4090 AD)
Endymion I   --4090-4095 (Endymion was one of Miki's generals, who seized
                          the throne on her death and 'Married' Miki's
                          daughter, Hitomi.  Hitomi successfully deposed
                          him when she turned fifteen with the aid of an
                          exiled Jurai prince, Hikaru Ashatar.)

Serenity XI  --4095-4167 (Hitomi sought to reconquer the areas her mother
                          lost to the Juraiian houses, but only succeeded
                          in getting invaded by the Khunds and dying in
                          battle against them.)
Endymion II  --4167-4170 (Another general trying to marry and control the
                          heiress to the throne.  Died in a duel of

Serenity XII --4170-4240 (Set out to cure the rot in the kingdom. She
                          succeeded in strengthening the land, but also
                          raised a crop of ambitious children, who fought
                          for the throne on her natural death.)
Rei      I   --4240-4265 (Rei successfully seized the throne and ruled
                          from Earth for 25 years.  Eventually defeated
                          by her older sister, the legal heir.  She fled
                          into the anarchy of the Border Kingdoms and
                          married Lord Rohan, who stirred up a league
                          against Serenity XIV, who crushed it, captured
                          Rei, and locked her in a VR of torment for
                          the rest of her life.)
Serenity XIV --4240-4320 (The last great monarch of the line.  She fought
                          her way back to the throne with the help of
                          house Kino and House Osaka.  There is reason to
                          believe the mysterious Zodiac aided her as well.
                          Under her rule, 50% of the lost territories were
                          regained.   The next step would have been an
                          assault on the Federal League.  However, she and
                          half her children were assassinated in 4318-
Serenity XV  --4320-4370  (The Spider Queen.   Serenity XV trusted no one
                           and nothing.  She used everyone and everything
                           as a tool.  She launched an invasion of the
                           Federal League, triggering the fourth Stingray
                           Crisis (4330-4345), but then became fearful
                           that Lord Raye Kino, her general, would betray
                           her, and had her recalled and executed in 4335.
                           Subsequent generals lacked the competence to
                           win the war, and eventually, a treaty was
                           signed that gave only marginal gains to the
                           Solar Kingdom.  In 4370, her daughter Haruka
                           assassinated her, appropriately enough, with a
                           poisonous spider.)
Haruka   I   --4370-4373  (Haruka antagonized the nobles, trying to crush
                           them and gather more power to the throne.  She
                           was defeated and slain by an alliance who
                           put Serenity XV's other surviving daughter,
                           Naru, on the throne.)

Serenity XVI --4374-4419  (Naru struggled her entire reign to get out from
                           under the thumb of Duke Hammer, who had put
                           her there.  Eventually, he got sick of her and
                           had her killed, ruling himself.)
Endymion III --4419-4420  (Duke Hammer ruled for one year, during which
                           the other nobles united against him and forced
                           him to flee. His final fate is unknown, but
                           probably not pretty.)
Serenity XVII--4420-4452  (Meylia was brought to the throne by an alliance
                           of nobles who sought to keep her powerless.
                           She managed to overcome them and instituted a
                           reign of justice not seen since Serenity X's
                           reign.  Unfortunately, she was killed by one of
                           the nobles she had exiled and her only daughter
                           was dangerously unstable.)
Serenity XVIII-4452-4472  (Usagi was the legendary "Mad Queen", who was
                           noted for her rages and strange whims, such as
                           talking to her pet goldfish as if it was
                           intelligent and told her what to do.  Finally,
                           the Black Moon Cult led a successful revolt
                           against her, but she got her revenge by
                           destroying Nemesis with a N5 bomb.)
Demand II    --4472       (Demand seized the throne and planned to move
                           the capital to Nemesis, but he and it were
                           destroyed by an N5 bomb.)
Serenity XIX --4472       (Crowned herself in the wreckage of the Crystal
                           Palace.  She was deposed by the Republic of
                           Earth government and exiled to Deimos.  She
                           became a notable poet and fiction writer.)

                             House Hino

                        Rei Hino = Yuuichiro
                       1980-3275 * 1975-3274
[MR]          ****************************************
              *                  *                   *
  Mamoru  =  Rei             Yuuichiro             Usagi
  3064-   * 3065-            3078-3561           3079-3420
  3345    * 3378                 *               (Moved to Jurai and
          *                      *                became Court Bard to
          *                  House Hino           Ryu I)
    Arcadia N'Goya
      (See [X])

                               House Kino

                          Makoto Kino = Clark Magnusson (Parias)
                          1980-3280   * 1972-3281
[KK]         ****************************************************
Saotome      *                      *      Jeremy               *
(M)Ukyou = Makoto                 Minako = Quest              8 other
   3066- * 3063-                  3067-  * 3067-              Children
   3145  * 3324                   3356   * 3230
         *                               *
    House Kino                       Generations
         *                               *
         *                               *
         *                               *
Lord Raye Kino                           *
     4250-4335                           *
                                Dr. Amy Anderson, Research Head
                                          Crystal Tokyo Combine

                              House Aino

                      Minako Aino = Steven Grant
                      1980-3275   * 1980-3283
             *                    *                           *
             *                    *                           *
           Thomas              Sayuri                  6 more children
           3061-               3073-
           3425                3345
             *                   *
         House Grant         House Aino

                          House Mizuno

                         Ami Mizuno = Ryo Urawa
                         1980-3277  * 1980-3290
[AM]  Asuma        *                 *                   *
      Shinohara = Ami              Ryo                 Greg
      3053-3245 * 3052-            3067-               3089-
                * 3456             3345                3401
                *                   *            [Became a Monk, wrote
         House Mizuno           House Urawa       the Celestone

                             House Ten'ou-Kai'ou

                         Haruka Ten'ou = Michiru Kai'ou
*                                 *                          *
Titania                       Oberon                    Glorianna
3059-                         3059-                     3075-
3345                          3401                      3387

A Timeline:

24,000-23,000 BC:  The Silver Millenium.

Mankind invents the etherships and flies to the stars.  Many
kingdoms form, led by powerful wielders of magic.  The Kingdoms
have to fight against the alien Things from Beyond that
constantly strive to destroy mankind.

Earth:  The bread basket of the solar system, Earth was the
homeworld and the only planet mankind could live on without
magickal aid.  There were two mighty kingdoms on Earth, the
Crystal Kingdom and the Dark Kingdom.
     The mages of Earth specialized in no specific areas of
study, but possessed a broader knowledge than the mages of the
other kingdoms.

     Earth Kingdom:  Also called the Crystal Kingdom.  Based in
Asia on Earth, with its capital, Crystal City, at the site of
modern Tokyo, future Crystal Tokyo.  Ruled by the Endymion
family.  Its symbol was a turquoise gem against a dark blue

     Dark Kingdom:  Also called the Kingdom of Atlantis.  A dark
and troubled land on the continent of Atlantis on Earth.  It was
here that the mage Metallia gave up her materiel existence to
create the Great Shield against the Things.  The Kingdom was
founded to guard against the Things' coming.  Metallia's essence
was slowly corrupted over the millennium.  The Kingdom fell prey
to evil cults in its last years.  The Kingdom's symbol was a
black shield.  The cults worshipping Metallia specialized in
destructive entropic ritual magick of a sort that was banned by
all other kingdoms.

Moon Kingdom:  On the Light side of the moon.  Ruled by the
Matriarchal Serenity dynasty and most powerful of the Four
Kingdoms.  Its symbol was a golden crescent moon, pointing
upwards against a blue background.
     The Moon Kingdom's magick was Planets Magick, which dealt
with transportation, scrying, healing, the mind, and energies.
(In Mage parlance, this covered the Spheres of Correspondence,
Life, Mind, and Forces)

Mars Kingdom:  Ruled by the Vulcan dynasty.  Warmongers and often
a source of trouble.  Very patriarchal and technology oriented,
along with Matter magicks.  Martian dreadnoughts were among the
most feared ships in the ether.  Its symbol was a crimson hammer
against an orange background.

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and points in between:
Colonized by the Four Kingdoms, but no independent kingdoms
exist.  Most colonies are only small outposts.

Yuggoth Kingdom:  Pluto, home of the Fungi from Yuggoth :)
Another source of trouble.  Home to aliens allied loosely with
the humans against the Things, wielding strange technomagicks.
They had no symbol as such.

Star Kingdom:  Ruled by the Astra dynasty.  Live on a mobile
planet that roams the solar system, called "Odysseus the
Wanderer."  Its symbol was a eight-pointed white star on a black
     The Astra Dynasty specialized in Star Magick which drew on
the power of the stars and tended toward divination, wards, and
shaping magickal forces.  (Masters of Spirit, Time, and Prime, in
Mage parlance.)

NOTE:  Gender in the Silver Millennium.
     The Silver Millennium was an age of general equality between
sexes (and races, more on that later.)  However, certain gender
biases did spring up in the royal lines.
     The Moon Kingdom was always ruled by a Queen Serenity.
(Magicks laid down by the founder of the line always assured a
female heir.)  The Star Kingdom, however, made the firstborn, no
matter what sex he or she was, the heir.  The Kingdom of Mars was
at the other extreme, with an extremely patriarchal system and
which all but disenfranchised any children beyond the firstborn.
(Hence, princes and  princesses of Mars often vied to marry into
the other royal families.  These marriages often were the only
things keeping the aggressive Vulcan Dynasty in check.)
     The Dark Kingdom was ruled by a Warrior-King, chosen by the
officer corps of the Army upon the death of the old King.  This
resulted in a long line of experienced, wise, practical monarchs
who took their duties seriously.  However, they could have blind
spots, as Queen Beryl's husband found out.
     The Earth Kingdom was ruled by a King, normally the first
born male of the royal line.  Guardians for the Prince would then
be chosen from among the noble houses of Earth.  The Prince and
the Guardians would be rigorously trained in magick, visiting
academies in all three of the Stellar Kingdoms, to better defend
the realm.
     The means that the Fungi from Yuggoth use to chose their
leaders, or if they even HAVE leaders, is not known.  The
colonists of the Outer planets had no kingdoms as such.  Instead
they lived in well fortified collectives.

Races in the Silver Millennium.
     No distinctions were made between the various races of Man.
However, there were other races living on earth, originally
(Dwarves, Gnomes, Elves, Faeries, etc.).  Friction sometimes
arose between mankind and these other races.  However, all fought
against the Things from Beyond.  In the Silver Accords, which
officially ended the Unknown Wars, the planets of Mercury and
Venus were given to these races.  The underground races (dwarves,
gnomes, etc) emigrated to Mercury, while the arboreal races
traveled to the glades and forested hills of Venus.  Both planets
immediately took up isolationist policies and only rarely traded
with mankind.  The only contact, aside from a few traders, that
these planets would permit under the terms of the accord was the
duly designated Sailor Senshi of their planet.  Sailors Mercury
and Venus would study under the Loremasters of Mercury and
Spellsingers of Venus respectively, and would always be welcome.

Year 1 of the Silver Millennium (24,000 BC more or less)
Victory over the Things from Beyond is declared when they are
pushed beyond Pluto and the Great Shield limits their power to
return.  The Silver Accords are signed between Mars, Earth, Star
Kingdom, Atlantis, and Yuggoth.  In return for their aid in the
war, Mercury and Venus were given to the dwarves and elves of
earth, respectively.  Both planets immediately adopted
isolationist policies.

Year 503 of the Silver Millennium (23,498 BC)
Queen Astra XI of the Star Kingdom founds the Zodiac research

Year 950 of the Silver Millennium (23,051 BC)
The first Youmas are invented by a secret Atlantean research
project as the ultimate disposable super natural warriors.

Year 966 of the Silver Millennium (23,035 BC)
Prince Endymion is born.

Year 972 of the Silver Millennium (23,029 BC)
Princess Astra is born on the first day of the year.  Later that
year, Princess Serenity and the girls who will become her Senshi
are born.

Year 977 of the Silver Millennium (23,024 BC)
Dr'achicar the shapeless infiltrates Odysseus while it is moving
through the Oort cloud beyond Pluto.

Year 984 of the Silver Millennium (23,017 BC)
Dr'achicar spawns.  In the process, it destroys the planet
Odysseus and wipes out most of the Star Kingdom's civilization.
Odysseus becomes the Asteroid belt.  The Zodiac saves a few
survivors and blames the disaster on the royal family, which had
grown lax and complacent during the centuries of peace.  Queen
Serenity gives refuge to the royal family of the Star Kingdom,
but all save the heiress, Princess Astra, soon sicken and die
from their injuries.  Queen Serenity hides the heiress among the
court ladies.

Year 986 of the Silver Millennium (23,015 BC)
Senshi Mercury and Senshi Venus visit their respective planets.
Senshi Mercury studies under the Dwarven Loremasters of Mercury.
Senshi Venus learns from the Elvish Spellsingers on Venus

Year 988 of the Silver Millennium (23,013 BC)
Prince Endymion of Earth makes his first visit to the Moon
Kingdom.  The Zodiac begins laying its plans to finish off the
Star Kingdom's Royal family, which is blamed by the survivors for
the disaster.  Prince Endymion begins a covert romance with
Senshi Mars.

Year 989 of the Silver Millenium (23,012 BC)
Prince Fortitude leads an expedition out of the Solar System, the "Jurai",
which means "Wanderers" in the tongue of the Moon Kingdom, at the
command of his queen, taking Tsunami, the seedling of the Moon Kingdom's
Tree of Life.

Year 990 of the Silver Millennium (23,011 BC)
Princess Serenity and her Senshi come of age, however her
prearranged marriage to the heir of the Mars Kingdom falls
through when he dies in a hunting accident.  The hunt for a new
groom begins.  Endymion convinces Jadeite to "steal" Mars away
from him, hoping to break off the relationship without hurting
her.  However, the match proves more successful than he expected.

Year 994 of the Silver Millennium (23,007 BC)
Prince Endymion falls in love with Princess Serenity.  Lady Beryl
of the Crystal Kingdom tries to slay the Princess in a jealous
rage and is forced to flee to the Dark Kingdom.  She seduces the
king there and begins her rise to power.

Year 995 of the Silver Millennium (23,006 BC)
Beryl marries the King of the Dark Kingdom, then has him
assassinated and takes over the kingdom with the aid of the Cult
of Metallia.  The Zodiac helps her improve "Youma technology" on
the condition she supply them with some, and creates the Seven

Year 996 of the Silver Millennium (23,005 BC)
The Dark Kingdom invades the Earth Kingdom during the Grand
Diamond Gala of the Moon Kingdom.  Endymion and his Guardians
return to Earth.  Queen Beryl captures the Guardians and turns
them to her service, making them the Generals of her armies.
Endymion narrowly escapes to the Moon Kingdom.  Manipulated by
the Zodiac, the Dark Kingdom attacks the Moon Kingdom.  A youma
slays the Star Princess for the Zodiac.  With the Seven Shadows
and the Generals, Beryl and Metallia destroy the Moon Kingdom,
only to have Serenity's counterstroke banish them and the Dark
Kingdom's populace to another dimension.  Atlantis sinks into the
ocean, the last ice age begins on Earth, and civilization
collapses.  Mars and the outer colonies soon fall to attacks by
the Things from beyond, with only a desperate few managing to
evacuate to Earth.  The Dwarves of Mercury dug deep and never
ventured out again, while the Elves of Venus transported
themselves to a pocket dimension called Avalon.

20164 BC:  The Jurai establish their first permanent settlement on the
           world that becomes known as Jurai.

Circa 18,000 BC:  Washuu is born on Bryllia.

Circa 10,000 BC:  Washuu, Tsunami, and Ryalin (The first Jurai Emperor)
                  apprehend the renegade scientist Walyn and condemn him
                  to death. He swears to unleash 'a year of revenges, one
                  per century, until all three of them are destroyed and
                  all their blood.'  He seems to die real good, though.

Circa: 9,900 BC:  Washuu loses her first child to the relatives of her
                  husband, Angacil, who is also taken away from her.  She
                  recieves a hundred year old holo from Walyn announcing
                  this is the first day of his vengeance.  The child was
                  named Annadil, 'Beloved gift'.

Circa: 9,360 BC:  Washuu, Tsunami and Ryalin find Walyn and discover they
                  had only killed a clone. They have him executed again,
                  but learn that he has set little traps all over the
                  galaxy to go off, one per century, until his vengeance
                  is complete.

9,334 BC:  SHIVA unleashes the Sun-eater on Tridentis III, slaying Ryalin.

9,230 BC:  Washuu joins the Science Academy staff.

Circa 8,000 BC  Ifurita is deposited on Earth by the Eye of God,
                constructs a place in which to wait for Makoto.

7,657 BC:  A Micro-Black Hole almost eats the Planet Jurai.

5180 BC:  Washuu creates Ryouko.

4000 BC:  Washuu is transported to El Hazard by the magics of the Ancient
          Kingdoms and forced to construct Living Weapons.  Most of them
          backfire in interesting ways, eventually enabling her to escape.
          Before she goes, she creates Ifurita.

Circa 3000 BC:  Kagato traps Washuu and goes on a rampage with Ryouko.

2345 BC:  Juraiian forces encounter a planet eater and are destroyed.  A
          second expedition lead by Tsunami destroys the Planet Eater.  It
          is a very close fight.

50 AD:  Walyn's project, the BORG, is unleashed from suspended Animation
        in the Gamma Quadrant.

1260:  Youshou is born to Prince Azusa and his consort Funaho.

1279:  Galaxy Police apprehend Project X during an attack on the Science

1280:  Aeka is born to Prince Azusa and his consort Misaki

1285:  Sasami is born to Prince Azusa and his consort Misaki.

1288:  Youshou pursues Ryouko to earth and imprisons her, becoming
       stranded himself.

1347:  Project KAIN is unleashed, but due to an accident in his
       confinement chamber, he is unleashed in the wrong part of the
       galaxy and spends centuries looking for his target.

1359:  Juraiian forces encounter and destroy a Borg.

1559:  Galaxy Police apprehend Project Y in the restricted Earth Quadrant.

1600:  Youshou visits Russia, is saved from a near-burning at the stake
       after a dispute with a priest by Michael Romanoff, future Tsar of
       all the Russias.

1650:  Youshou returns to Japan and falls in love with a girl named Yuki.
       They battle the Dark Shade, one of Walyn's projects, and her own
       latent psychic potential is awakened.  He takes the name of Kasuga
       Katsuhito and founds a family of powerful espers, giving them the
       task of watching out for more of Walyn's banes.

1729:  Galaxy Police apprehend Project Z when it tries to assassinate the
       Juraiian Emperor.

1750:  Under the name Masaki Mikado, Youshou weds Hironashi Kyoko and
       founds the Masaki family.

1896:  KAIN is captured and imprisoned.  Three other projects of
       Walyn escape confinement and head for their original target...X, Y,
       and Z.

1904:  The Tunguska Incident.  Criminals X-5000677, Y-4303948, and
       Z-3984 crashland in a stolen GP cruiser.  X possesses a nearby
       monk, Rasputin.  Y heads for Japan in a series of bodies.  Z sets
       out to explore this world.

1906:  X helps to engineer the First Russian Revolution. (After the
       Russo-Japanese war)

1917:  Y finds Youshou and tries to assasinate him.  Youshou manages to
       defeat him, but he escapes.  Youshou heads to Russia.

1918:  Youshou (Uncle Sergei ^_-) helps the Archduchess Anastasia avoid
       being killed and souleaten by X, who is forced to flee.  Youshou
       takes the identity of Sergei Romanova and moves back to Japan,
       helping Anastasia learn to live a normal life.  She eventually
       marries and he sets her up as independently wealthy.  Her husband
       takes her name, which becomes a family tradition.

1922:  First Great Kanto Earthquake levels most of Tokyo

1941:  Azusa I becomes Emperor of Juraii

1944:  Genma Saotome, Keiko Mizuno, Nodoka Tanari and Soun Tendo are born.

1945:  Youshou marries Kimiko Tanari.  Y is defeated by Grandpa Kasuga and
       trapped in a ring, but then is lost when Grandpa is forced to flee
       the bombing of Hiroshima.

1952:  The future 'Master' of the ABCB is born.

1954:  Achika and Nobuyuki are born.  Not to the same parents :)  Goto is
       born.  Also not related ^_-.

1956:  Kimiko and Youshou have their second daughter, Meylia. Jigorou
       Inokuma and Happousai duel for three days, ending with Jigorou
       running for his life and making sure no one EVER finds out about

1962:  Quincy is born.  Kobayakawa Souchiro calls the Goddess Relief
       Office and wishes to become a mechanical genius so he can get a
       job and get married.  The wish is granted, and the knack, in fact,
       becomes hereditary in his family.

1963:  Redet Lum, Shinobu Miyabi, Ataru Moroboshi and various other
       lunatics are born.  Inaba of the Destiny Bureau is born.  Hayakawa
       Souchiro marries Meiko Morokami.

1964:  Kobayakawa Hayao is born.

1965:  Genma Saotome marries Nodoka Tanari.  Soun Tendo marries Keiko
       Mizuno.  Kobayakawa Miyuki and Tsujimoto Natsumi are born.

1967:  Isamu Ohta is born.  Kasumi Tendo is born.

1969:  Kimiko dies of Tuberculosis--January 3.  May 25--Ayukawa Madoka
       is born.  November 15--Kasuga Kyosuke is born.  Nabiki Tendo is
       born.  Fujisawa Masamichi is born.  Kumigami Takeo is born.
       December 8--Yawara Inokuma is born.

1970:  Masaki Meylia runs away from home.  Events of 'Tenchi Muyou in
       Love'.  Death of KAIN.  Ranma Saotome, Ukyou Kuonji, Akane Tendo,
       Shampoo, Mousse, Hikaru Gosunkugi, Rokubungi Gendou, Sayuri, Yuka,
       Kumon Ryu, Ozaka Daisuke, Sakurade Haruna, Fujisawa Hiroshi are

1971:  November 15--Hiyawa Hikaru is born.  Kiyone is born.  Mihoshi is

1972:  Dr. Benton Quest and Rachel Quest have their first and only child:
       Jonathon Quest.

1974:  Happousai trains two sisters in secret techniques so the poor
       orphaned children can defend themselves. Yamazaki Hiromi is born.

1975:  Kanuka Clancy is born in NYC.  Morisato Keiichi is born.  Genma and
       Soun imprison Happousai.  6 months later, he leaves with Ranma on a
       training trip.

1976:  Goto graduates from the Police Academy with honors.  Morisato
       Megumi is born.  Akane's mom dies.  Genma engages Ranma to Ukyou.

1978:  Shinohara Asuma is born. Shinobu and Ataru enter Tomobiki High

1979:  Masaki Tenchi is born.  Izumi Noa is born.  No relation ^_-.
       Juraiian forces defeat an Oni invasion fleet on its way to the
       restricted Sol system.  Prince Aswan somehow finds himself married
       to the daughter of the Oni emperor, Redet Lum. Kai'ou Michiru and
       Ten'ou Haruka are born. Ikeda Mitsuru and Shinobu-sempai are born.
       Katsuhiko Jinnai and Makoto Mizuhara are born.

1980:  On January 1, Osaka Naru is born.  Masaki Meylia weds Douglas
       Stingray. Ami Mizuno, Nanami Jinnai, Minako Aino, Urawa
       Ryo, Makoto Kino, Rei Hino and Gurio Umino are
       born in Japan.  Steven Grant, Polly and Chester, are born in
       England.  The year of destiny.  The demon Morgul captures
       Sailor Pluto, then attempts to destroy the Destiny Bureau.  Only
       Inaba escapes, and aided by Shinobu and Ataru, tries to undo the
       damage which has been done.  Events of 'Year of Destiny'. Kazuya
       Hasukawa and Shun are born.

1981:  Shinobu graduates from Tomobiki High School and attends Osaka

1982:  Spring:  12 year old Ayukawa Madoka meets 15 year old Kasuga
       Kyosuke (KK time travels)

1983:  Katsuhito Stingray is born.  Inaba and Shinobu get married.  Hotaru
       Tomoe is born.

1984-1987:  Events of KIMAGURE ORANGE ROAD.

1984:  Ayukawa Madoka and Kasuka Kyosuke meet for the first time at start
       of ninth grade.  Kasuga ends up 'dating' her friend, Hiyawa Hikaru,
       who is in 7th grade.  Ranma Saotome misses a duel with Ryouga

1985:  Ito Daisuke, Takeo's first boyfriend, dies in Yakuza related
       trouble.  She decides to become a cop when she "grows up."  Shinobu
       graduates from Osaka University with a degree in Sociology.  She
       goes to work full time at the Destiny Bureau with her husband.
       Kobayakawa Hayao graduates from Nekomi Tech with a double major in
       Physics and Engineering.

1986:  Shinobu completes her first major project at the Destiny
       Bureau.  Shinonome High School is closed down for one year due to a
       gas leak and fire.  Rokubungi Gendou changes his planned school to
       Furinkan High School.  He will come to regret this.  Events of
       RANMA 1/2 begin.  Kobayakawa Miyuki and Tsujimoto Natsumi become
       partners.  Events of YOU'RE UNDER ARREST OAVs begin.

1987:  Y finds his way to Japan and attempts to infiltrate and destroy the
       Kasuga clan, using a girl he believes to have a weak mind, Hiyawa
       Hikaru, only to find to his regret he has bitten off more than
       he can chew... 'She's Got the Power' story.  Rokubungi Gendou is
       caught in the usual madness at Furinkan High School and ends up
       with a girl-curse.  He transfers to the school attended by Kasuga Akane,
       and attempts to conceal his curse.  Events of 'Putting Your Heart
       in the Right Place'.  Jigouro Inokuma stumbles upon Happousai and
       forces his granddaughter Yawara to help him try to kick Happy's
       butt.  Events of 'Furinkan Summer'. Nabiki starts at Kyoto
       University.  Kunou attends Waseda University.  Usagi Miyabi is
       born.  Yawara Inokuma starts her University studies.  Events of YUA
       OAV 2.

1988-1990:  Events of JQ:TRA

1988:  Ayukuwa Madoka and Kasuga Kyosuke graduate from High School and
       head to Waseda University.  Somehow, everyone graduates from
       Furinkan without destroying it.  Much. Fujisawa Hiroshi marries
       Sayuri after getting her pregnant.  Gendou Rokubungi begins dating
       Akane Kasuga, who doesn't care about his curse. Akane begins her
       college education at Osaka University, as does Ukyou.  Kodachi

1989:  School board deposes Principal Kunou in a coup.  Tendo Kasumi
       becomes new Principal, marries Ono Toufuu. Principal Kunou goes
       to Hawaii and buys a resort, which he names "Haircut Heaven".
       Gendou Rokubungi and Akane Kasuga graduate.  She convinces him to
       go to Sapporo University with her in Hokkaido. Kunou declares his
       undying love for Madoka, and Kyousuke soon wishes he just had
       Yusaku to deal with.  Hikaru Gosunkugi and Akemi graduate from High
       School and start college at Maho University.  Taiki Miyabi is born.

1990:  SCHAFT and Shinohara industries both move heavily into the robotics
       industry and begin the research that leads to the creation of
       Labors.  Hiyawa Hikaru graduates from High School and goes to
       New York City, meets Jonathon Quest. Ranma Saotome and Akane
       Tendo get married.  The ensuing riot destroys a 3 block radius.
       Nabiki Tendo marries Ryouga Hibiki, but she plans ahead and
       there is no riot.  Ex-Principal Kunou is arrested by a small
       army of Federal Marshalls after an investigation of his resort
       by Thomas Magnum, P.I.  Principal Kunou is sent to the Rex Fielding
       Institute for the Really Seriously Whacko in Arkham, Mass.
       Tatewaki Kunou puts Sasuke in charge of the new "Kunou Resort".

1991:  Katsuhito Stingray begins at Nekomi Tech. Ukyou Kuonji marries
       Shinnosuke.  Ranko and Kaneda Saotome are born, twins cursed
       from birth to change Gender.  After an accident, Hikaru goes
       back to Japan and enters Tokyo University. Two couples meet on
       a vacation in Hawaii at the Kunou Resort.  They end up switching
       partners and remarrying.  Events of MARMALADE BOY.  Kunou graduates
       and moves to Hawaii, finally marrying Mariko.  Hikaru Gosunkugi and
       Akane are wed.  They and their guests are carried off for several
       weeks to another dimension, which was NOT the honeymoon they had
       planned.  The Kami of Strength is murdered.  His position passes to
       Shinobu.  Yawara Inokuma graduates from college and goes
       to work at a travel agency.

1992:  Kasuga Kyosuke graduates with a degree in photography.  Ozaka
       Daisuke graduates from Nekomi Tech with a degree in engineering,
       goes to work for Shinohara Industries.  He and Yuka get married.
       Akane graduates from Osaka University, as does Ukyou.  Akane begins
       her acting career. Yawara Inokuma and Sayaka Honami attend the
       Barcelona Summer Games among Japan's delegates.  Sayaka wins many
       events, but is beaten by Yawara.

1993:  Ayukawa Madoka graduates with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Music.
       She founds the band, 'Hearts of Fire'.  Keiichi starts at Nekomi
       Tech. Gendou Rokubungi and Akane Kasuga graduate from Sapporo
       University and are wed.  He goes into stockbroking and she takes up
       lying^H^H^HLaw. Hikaru and Akemi Gosunkugi graduate from Maho
       University. Yuu and Miki graduate from High School.  They attend
       Tokyo University.  Yawara loses her job when the agency goes
       bankrupt.  She goes to work for Hibiki Travel Adventures.

1994:  Yuu and Miki are wed.  First reported sighting of the 'Sailor
       Soldiers'.  Many dream of a world-wide black out, but no concrete
       evidence supports this. Yawara Inokuma marries Matsuda Kousaku.

1995-6:  Events of the TENCHI MUYOU OAVS.  Events of AH!  MY GODDESS!

1995:  Kasuga Kurumi and Manami, as well as Komatsu Seiji and
       Hatta Kazuya graduate from college.  They stage a big double
       wedding.  Keiichi accidentally calls the Goddess Relief Office.
       Mugen Gakuen High School is destroyed under mysterious,
       never explained circumstances.  Supposedly a 'fire'.  Captain
       Goto heads the official investigation and begins to suspect
       something is rotten in the state of Denmark, so to speak.  He
       begins pressuring for creation of an 'unusual events' investigation
       division.  This division becomes known as 'U Division'.
       The 2nd Tokyo Tower Incident. Three young school girls dissappear
       mysteriously.  U division investigates, but is unable to solve the
       case. 'Hearts of Fire' has its first hit single, 'Red Hat
       Day.'  Katsuhito gets his Bachelors in Engineering.  He begins
       graduate school.  Kyosuke and Madoka have their first child, Kasuga
       Akira.  U division investigates mysterious destruction of another
       school (Tenchi's school).  Hiyama Hikaru graduates with a degree
       in History, begins graduate school.  Minki Gosunkugi is born.

1996:  Three students and a teacher vanish from Shinonome High.  U
       division discovers strange artifacts which are then mysteriously
       'stolen.'  A strange outbreak of rioting is never fully explained,
       nor is the apparent appearance of an 'angel' over the city.  The
       Senshi start High School at Tsunami.  Yuu Matsuura and Miki [?]
       are wed.  Akane Saotome makes her first film appearance, as a
       terrorist in 'Death by the Numbers'.  Yawara Kousaku is born.
       Hasukawa Kazuya goes to live at Greenwood Dorm at <>.  Events of

1997:  Masaki Tenchi starts at Tokyo University.  Morisato Keiichi,
       Belldandy, and their friends meet Tenchi and his lunatics at a
       TU-NT competition.  Wasyuu and Ifurita meet once more.  Events of
       "The Prodigal. Hikaru gets her Masters Degree.  Yuu and Miki
       graduate from Tokyo University.

1998:  The Borg destroy Washuu's homeworld.  Events of '<Untitled.  Tenchi
       vs. the Borg, basically :)>.  Suicide of Borg Collective.  Far
       across the Galaxy, the Borg backup copy is activated ^_-.  Project
       Bablyon begins. (Sea Wall for Tokyo bay).  Morisato Keiichi graduates
       from Nekomi Tech.  Masamichi Fujisawa marries Miz Mishtal.  Yuu
       Matsuura II is born in Tokyo.  Nanami Jinnai, Makoto Mizuhara, and
       Ifurita graduate from High School.  Makoto and Ifurita attend
       Nekomi Tech, Nanami goes to Tokyo University.  Kunou hosts the Ten
       Year Furinkan High Reunion at his Tokyo mansion.  Yuu Matsuura II
       is born.  Kazuya Hasukawa starts at Tokyo University.  Catherine
       Romanova rooms with Nanami Jinnai, and meets Kazuya Hasukawa.
       To Kazuya's horror, Ikeda Mitsuru and Tezuka Shinobu transfer to
       Tokyo University.  There is no escape.

1999-2000:  Events of MOBILE POLICE PATLABOR

1999:  SV1 and 2 are created.  X arranges for Goto to be 'kicked
       upstairs' to take command of SV2 to remove him from U division,
       which declines in effectiveness.  Events of Patlabor TV series
       begin.  Hong Kong assimilated into China.  Katsuhito Stingray
       graduates with his PH.D in Robotics.  He goes to work for Shinohara
       Industries.  Morisato Keiichi marries Belldandy.  Morisato Megumi
        graduates from Nekomi Tech. The Senshi go to College. By an odd
       administrative mix up, Hikaru and Usagi end up as roommates. ^_-.
       Nanami Jinnai and Ikeda Mitsuru begin dating.

2000:  Shanghai is mysteriously destroyed.  The cause of the blast is
       never identified. (It was a cute Sanjiyan ^_-).  Millenial Riots
       mark the last confirmed appearance of the Sailor Soldiers until 2034 AD.
       Cologne dies in Shanghai and Shampoo becomes a Councillor of the
       Amazons.  Hiyama Hikaru gets her Ph.D. in History and becomes the
       new Professor when her advisor retires.  She marries Jonathon
       "Jonny" Quest.  Kazuya Hasukawa marries Catherine Romanova.

2001:  Masaki Tenchi graduates from Tokyo University with a
       Bachelor's in Political Science.  Masaki Tenchi recognized by
       Emperor Azusa as second in line of succession.  He marries Princess
       Aeka and Ryouko.  X attempts to kill Kasuga Kyosuke and is defeated
       by the Kasugas, who go into hiding.  Their friend, the 'Master' of
       the ABCB is slain during this incident.  Tezuka Shinobu outsmarts a
       group of would-be Oni invaders, led by Redet Schon, Lum's daughter,
       but is forced to marry her and is carried off to outer space.

2002-2012:  The Pattern War in El Hazard.

2002:  Ozaka Daisuke leaves the employ of Shinohara Industries and founds
       his own robotics company, GENOM.  Katsuhito Stingray follows him
       when he leaves.  Makoto Mizuhara marries Ifurita.  They graduate
       from Nekomi Tech, as does Nanami from Tokyo University.  The
       Pattern War begins in El Hazard.  Ifurita, Makoto, and Nanami
       return to El Hazard.  Ikeda Mitsuru, who was not aware of Nanami's
       past, manages to follow her there.  Taiki Miyabi enters Juuban
       Middle School and nearly drives Miss Haruna insane.  Catherine and
       Kazuya Hasukawa graduate.  He starts law school, while she
       starts Romanova Computing, a small computer consulting firm.

2003:  Jinnai is captured by Enlil's armies and supposedly
       brainwashed.  However, his will proves stronger than Enlil
       suspected.  Kodachi walks the Logrus.  Usagi Miyabi enters
       Tsunami High School.

2004:  Kobayakawa Hayao recieves a Nobel Prize in Physics for his work in
       developing the GUT.  Certain of his theories later prove important
       in the development of Fusion Boomers.

2005:  Noriko marries Katsuhito Stingray.  Izumi Noa marries Shinohara
       Asuma.  Again, no relation ^_-.  Taiki Miyabi enters Juuban High
       School.  Usagi Miyabi graduates from Tsunami and enters
       Tokyo University.  Kobayakawa Hayao becomes Chairman of the Physics
       Department at Nekomi Tech.  Redet Shinobu is born.  Kazuya Hasukawa
       graduates from law school and qualifies for the bar.

2006:  Japan creates the USSD.  Daley Wong is born.  Enlil's armies over
       run Roshtaria.  Fujisawa, Miz Mishtal, Afura Mann  and Fatora are
       captured. Fatora tries to assassinate Enlil and fails.  He freezes
       her in place with the Pattern and uses her for a coatrack.

2007:  Leon McNichol is born.  Goto Kiichi marries Nagamo Shinobu.  Ranma
       meets Ken.  They fight to a standstill, levelling Ranma's house.
       Akane locks him in the closet for a week.  Taiki Miyabi starts at
       Tokyo University.  Dr. Hikaru Hiyawa is his advisor.

2008:  Shinohara Moemi is born.  Ifurita sells her services to the Keeper
       of the Mirror of Wisdom for a decade in return for his help.  Kunou
       hosts the Twenty Year Furinkan High School Reunion at his resort in
       Hawaii.  Kodachi returns to bedevil the event.  Events of "How Not
       to Have a High School Reunion".

2009:  Reika Chang is born.  Shayla-Shayla, Alielle, Nanami, Mitsuru and
       Makoto forge Angacil in the Font of Worlds.  Jinnai contacts Lord
       Ober and makes a deal with him.  Usagi Miyabi graduates from Tokyo

2010:  Sylia Stingray is born.  The Alpha Cygni Crisis.  Emperor Azusa is
       nearly mortally wounded.  He finally forces Youshou, Tenchi, and
       company to leave earth and move to Jurai full time.  Lord Ober's
       forces invade El Hazard.

2011:  Shinohara Asuma, jr. is born.  Jinnai's armies go over to Lord
       Ober.  Enlil and Ober war across the face of the world.  Makoto and
       company successfully escape the Font of Worlds. Minki Gosunkugi
       enters Furinkan High School.  Taiki Miyabi graduates from Tokyo U
       and enters work at the Destiny Bureau.

2012:  Linna Yamazaki is born.  Makoto and company liberate their friends
       and confront Ober and Enlil.  End of the Pattern War.  Makoto,
       Nanami, and Ifurita remain in El Hazard.

2013:  Priss Asagiri is born.  Masaki-Hakubi Ryu is born. (June 30)
       Nanami Jinnai finally marries Ikeda Mitsuru.

2014:  Nene Romanova, heir to the throne of Russia if only she KNEW, is
       born (June 17). Masaki Manami is born. (also June 17).  Minki
       Gosunkugi graduates from Furinkan and starts at Ryugenzawa

2015:  Genom begins strategic purchases and buyouts which will put it in a
        position of power after the 2nd Great Kanto Quake. Irene Chang

2016:  Macky Stingray is born.  A rising corporate executive named Quincy
       encounters X and they make a deal...Kasuga Akira graduates from the
       Police Academy and is assigned to SV2.

2017:  Superconductive rail lines replace subways in MegaTokyo

2018:   The son and daughter-in-law of Chinese syndicate leader Dr. Chang
        Chongk die in a suspicious traffic accident; the suspects, Gulf &
        Bradley Corp., are found not guilty due to lack of evidence.
        G&B and the Chang Group enter into a long-standing hostility.
        Minki Gosunkugi graduates with a degree in forrestry and is hired
        by Shinnosuke and Ukyou Kuonji.  Twenty Year Greenwood Reunion.
        Naturally, aliens attack it. (They're after Shinobu-sempai and his

2020:   The first Boomer is built by Dr. Stingray.  Shampoo becomes an
        Amazon Elder.  Miki Gosunkugi marries Youta Kuonji.

2021:   The Griffon line of sports cars is introduced by HMJ to the
        overseas collectors market.  Noriko Stingray divorces Katsuhito
        Stingray.  Meylia Stingray suffers head injuries and is checked
        into a hospital in Tokyo, where she stays in a coma for thirteen
        years.  Quincy successfully ousts Ozaka Daisuke as head of GENOM.
        Dr. Stingray visits the old Masaki home.  Noriko Stingray moves
        to the United States.

2022:  Katsuhito Stingray murdered by Brian J. Mason.  Dan Hibiki is born.

2023:  GENOM agents attempt to assassinate Dr. Kobayakawa Hayao.  He goes
       into hiding, building a new identity as 'Doc Raven', with the help
       of his sister, Natsumi, who arranges for records on Kobayakawa
       Hayao to 'disappear'.

2024:  Construction of Genom Towers around the world begin.

2025:  The Kanto Quake...Accident?  I think not.  Z goes dormant for
       a few years after pulling this one off, though.  Douglas Stingray
       dies in the Quake.  Shinohara Asuma quits SV2 to become head of
       Shinohara Enterprises after his father dies in the quake.  Noa
       retires with him and she founds the 'Alphonse Brewery', near
       Tokyo University, by buying the old, now damaged SV2 base and
       renovating it.  Priss loses her parents.  Death of Daisuke and Yuka
       Ozaka.  Yuu I and Yuu II Matsuura recieve the contract to build
       Genom Tower.  Ranko Saotome perishes when she is trapped in a
       burning building while trying to save its inhabitants.  Youta
       Kuonji dies due to the Quake while at the grocery store during a
       trip by he and Minki to visit her parents.

2026:   SDPC establishes orbital station Genaros-1 as a transfer point
        to the moonbase.  Jeena Malso loses an arm fighting Boomers.
        Ranma and Akane visit Shampoo and Mousse in Japan.  Minki Kuonji
        meets Yuu Matsuura II when he recieves the contract to build a new
        home for her parents.  Doc Raven opens his garage.

2027:  The Special Vehicles Units are expanded and combined with other
       units to become the Advanced Police Special Crimes Control unit.
       First Boomer Rampage kills 12, 25 injured.  Tokyo Police Department
       Officer Leon McNichol transfers in as a Front Line officer in 3rd
       Squad, and is partnered with Jeena Malso; District 3 HQ is in a
       warehouse.  Leon dating TPD officer Iris Cara.  Shinohara Moemi
       becomes part of the first cadet class of the ADPolice Academy.
       Linna's parents slain in boomer incident.  Linna moves in with her
       uncle a veteran of the SV2.  Four rogue boomer escape from Generos.
       The line of Griffon sports cars is discontinued.  Linna
       Yamazaki wins title of Tohato All-Raisin Princess in the All-Raisin
       Beauty Pageant.  A reporter is mysteriously killed after he
       suggests that Genom caused the 2025 quake.  Events of ADPolice
       Files 1-3.  Ono Kasumi retires as Principal of Furinkan High
       School.  Noriko Stingray marries Andrew Feeple in Los Angeles.

2028:  Goto Kiichi retires, not entirely voluntarily from his post as head
       of ADPolice.  He begins writing his memoirs, 'Patlabor:  The Rise
       and Fall of SV2.'  Genom Tower is still under construction on the
       old site of Mugen Gakuen Park.  Genom's old headquarters is seized
       by terrorists; uncontrollable Boomer involvement brings on an
       orbital strike by the USSD.  SCHAFT goes bankrupt.

2029:  Linna Yamazaki places Second, Women's Division, Tai Chi Chuan
       Forms competition at World Kuosho Tournament.  Priss Asagiri begins
       her singing career.  Publication of Goto's memoirs.  Failed
       assassination attempt sends him into hiding.  Nine Genom executives
       fired in the Easter Massacre.  Genom perfects its augmentation
       procedure, produces a group of 'special intellectual assets'.
       Minki Kuonji marries Yuu Matsuura II.

2030:  Shinohara Moemi graduates from the Police Academy and joins the
       ADPolice heavy weapons department (The Labors and Mech division).
       Celia Stingray begins construction of hard suit prototypes.  Miki
       Matsuura is born.

2031:  Ryu starts at Tokyo University.  Celia recruits the Knight Sabres-
       Priss, Linna, Nene.  Nene joins the ADPolice.  Knight Sabers first
       job - White hardsuit seen flying over the New Roppongi District;
       signature Knight Sabers found scrawled in pavement next to
       decapitated Boomer head; AD Police deny connection to the
       so-called 'Knight Sabers'.  Events of Grand Mal.  Sylia opens the
       Silky Doll.  Events of Grand Mal.

2032:  Manami starts at Tokyo University.  Y establishes contact with Z.
       They begin hunting for Youshou's bloodline.  Hiyawa Hikaru becomes
       Ryu's advisor. BGC 1 - 4.  Zone Corporation begins work on
       2nd-generation Boomers.  USSD satellite 'misfires', destroying
       MegaTokyo's Aqua City.  Irene Chang is murdered.  Brian J. Mason is
       killed by the Knight Sabers.  The US Dept. of Defense holds a new
       weapons competition -- six companies compete, including Genom and
       Gulf & Bradley.  The winner was the GD-42, a combat robot built by
       Kyuusei Industries.  The Griffon's rampage.

2033:  BGC 5 - 8
       March 26:  Genom and G&B enter into a partnership.  The chairman of
       G&B is killed that same night.
       A series of "vampire" style murders occur in MegaTokyo.  USSD
       satellites are hijacked, attacking Genom Towers across the world
       June 8:  Vision's tour of Japan begins
       June 9-14:  A mysterious Battlemover makes several attacks on Genom
       facilities in MegaTokyo  (Actually, the GD-42)
       December 17:  Lisa Vanette photographs a Knight Saber
       December 20:  The Knight Sabers upgrade their Hardsuits
       December 21:  ADP building attacked by rogue Boomers  (Actually Dr.
       Miriam's creations)

2034:  Events of 'The Dance of Shiva'.  Yuu Matsuura II recieves the
       contract to build Tokyo Park on the ruins of GENOM Tower.  Andrew
       Feeple is transferred to the new Japan Branch of US Robots and
       Mechanical Men, which hopes to expand.  Noriko accompanies him
       reluctantly.  US R&MM sells thousands of its 'positronic robots'.
       Celia Stingray founds the Stingray Group, a robotics corporation.

2035:  Ryu graduates from Tokyo University.  Nene duels Duke Ryalin (A
       Juraiian) and is formally introduced to the Emperor.  Mackie starts
       College at Nekomi Tech.  Competition between US R&MM, Gulf
       and Bradley, and the new Stingray Group heats up.  Noriko Stingray
       walks into the Silky Doll and is startled to encounter her
       mother-in-law and daughter. Events of 'Mothers and Daughters'.  Urd
       introduces Linna to Taiki Miyabi.

2036:  Manami graduates from Tokyo University.  Udaigaku Noriko is elected
       mayor of Mega-Tokyo.  Hakubi Sylvie becomes one of the

2037:  Ryu and Nene are wed.  Priss and Leon are wed.

2039:  Mackie graduates.  Celia Asagiri-McNichols of House Serenity is

2040:  The war with the Fomorians.  Events of 'Danu's Children'.  Shampoo
       defeats the Chinese Army (Yes, that's Shampoo, by herself,
       defeats the Chinese Army) and becomes High Matriarch of the
       Amazons.  Dan Hibiki "perfects" the Maximum Taunt.

2041:  Mackie and Manami are wed.  Tendo Nabiki suffers a heart attack and
       dies.  Her husband, Ryouga Hibiki, vanishes after her funeral, on
       the way home.  Dan Hibiki becomes only human ever to have
       successfully taunted a boomer to death.

2042:  Celia Stingray and Ryu are wed.  Dan Hibiki is thrown out of the
       Mega-Tokyo Challenge after nearly causing a heart attack with his
       Maximum Taunt.  He swears revenge.

2043:  Dr. Mei'ou Setsuna and Dr. Tomoe Soichiro are among the founding
       faculty of Tokyo University's new magic department, the first in
       the world.

2048:  Miki Matsuura enters Tokyo University.  Dr. Mei'ou Setsuna is her
       advisor.  The first infiltrators from Tharkold arrive.

2049:  Noriko Stingray dies in a traffic accident.

2050:  Agents of Tharkold try to provoke a war between US R&MM, the
       Stingray Group, Shinohara Industries, and Gulf and Bradley to cover
       their invasion.  Events of 'Janus'.

2051:  Hakubi Sylvie becomes Mayor of Mega-Tokyo.

2052:  Miki Matsuura graduates with a double major in magic and

2057:  The Tomoe/Mei'ou/Udaigaku experiment conclusively establishes
       that the mana level is rising.  Celia Asagiri-McNichols graduates
       from high school.  She attends Maho University.  Her advisor is
       Dr. Takeo Takakura.

2061:  Ryu and Nene's first child, Himeko, is born.  Hakubi Sylvie becomes
       Minister of Technology in the Cabinet.  Miki Matsuura directs the
       repairs of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.  Celia Asagiri-McNichols
       graduates from Maho University with a degree in magical physical

2063:  Chronos project begins at Yale, meeting multiple failures in
       efforts to summon and control the Archetype of Time.  Dr. Weissman
       is selected to head the Cronus project at MIT.

2064:  Dr. Henry J. Wise meets the Tomoe/Mei'ou family at the
       International Temporal Magical Studies Conference.

2065:  KALI sends the Sun-Eater after the Earth.  Its deathstroke nearly
       sucks most of our heroes into a black hole, from which they
       do not escape until 2066.  The Springs of Jyusenkyo vanish for no
       apparent reason.  The gates of Shamballa close.

2066:  The Coming of the Winter Queen--Kali takes her revenge, unleashing
       the Winter Queen and freezing the Earth over.  While she is once
       again cut off from her minion, the Sailor Senshi are defeated and
       forced into a thousand year sleep...The earth is frozen over.  A
       magical veil falls over the Solar System.  Those outside it can no
       longer find it.  Juraiians on the planet and their allies escape in
       the Great Exodus.  Phineas and Angelica Ransom found the kingdom
       of Albernia.  Shinnosuke and Akane both die fighting monsters in
       Japan, saving their spouses and children.  Ranma and Ukyou are
       frozen in the Ice.

2068:  The Amazons reach the Amazon Forest.  Shampoo makes the Bargain
       and becomes the Mouth of the Forest.  Amazons take up residence

2604:  Emperor Azusa I of Juraii abdicates.  He lives on until 2805.
       Tenchi I takes the throne as the head of House Hakubi-Masaki.

Tenchi I   2604-3192 (Abdicated at same time as Serenity I)

2300-2325:  Khunds Invade Jurai.  First Khund War.

2302:  Youshou dies at the battle of Rigel III.

2790-2805: Houses Aer, Fyr, Shaloma, and Daiko revolt against Tenchi,
           trying to restore the power of the Great Houses.  They are
           crushed, stripped of their titles, and their lands used to
           create or strengthen Houses Stingray, Serenity,
           Stingray-Masaki, McNichols, Yamazaki, Makibi, Kuramitsu, Direl,
           and Pastel.

2992:   Events of 'Arise from your Slumber'.  Beginning of the Crystal
        Millenium.  Ukyou and Ranma meet again in the wreckage of Mega-

2996:  Defeat of the Winter Queen's main armies.  Ifurita and Makoto
       return to Earth and lead the Assault on Kali, perishing, but
       slaying her.

2998:  The final battle with the Winter Queen, who is defeated at the
       North Pole.  The Winter Queen is slain in battle with the Star
       Princess, Queen Serenity and King Endymion.

2999:  The last of the Winter Queen's forces flee the Earth.  The great
       Purification occurs.  All those not willing to submit to
       Purification go into exile on the 'Counter Moon' Nemesis, also
       known as the 'Black Moon'.  These refugees are aided by a reclusive
       sorceror known as 'The Walking Man' or 'the Wiseman' in their
       escape.  He also aids them in withdrawing Nemesis into another
       dimension, that same one into which the Dark Kingdom had been
       banished.  The various tribes and bands elect Prince Demand as
       their leader.  Miki Matsuura designs the Crystal Palace.

3000:  The Battle of Jupiter vs. the Devourer of Worlds. With aid from
       the Juraiian Empire, the Devourer is defeated.  Reunion of
       NQ-Serenity and her sister, Priss. [Events take place on Easter

3001:  Construction of the Crystal Palace is complete.

3011:  Ranma Saotome weds Ukyou Kuonji.  The ensuing riot destroys a 10
       block radius and nearly lands them both in jail.  They both join
       the Troubleshooters as public service atonement.

3040:  Michael, Gabrielle, Raphaelle, and Uriel are born on Nemesis.

3044:  Jenni Ognatz is born.  Imra Ardeen is born.

3052:  Usagi, jr. aka Small Lady aka Chibi-Usa aka Serenity II is
       born.  Ami, jr.  aka Ami-chan aka Chibi-Ami is born.

3055:  Ian Tomoe is born.

3056:  Barbara Mei'ou is born.

3056:  Nene becomes the Juraiian ambasador to Earth.

3060:  The Black Moon Crisis.  Events of 'Black Moon Rising'.  Well,
       some of the events :)

3092:  First edition of F'ekre'FDID'i's Survey of Planetary ley lines.

3192:  Tenchi I and Serenity I both abdicate and retire to private life
       to enjoy their last dozen or so decades :)

3234:  Ranma and Ukyou retire from the Troubleshooters and vanish into
       the Galaxy, seeking adventure and someone who isn't a walkover.

Ryu    I   3192-3492 (Died in the Sixth Khund War)

Tenchi II  3492-3603 (Slain in the Uprising of the Flame)

3595-3620:  The Uprising of the Flame.  The Society of Eternal Flame
            claims the ruling house has become watered down with outland
            blood and upholds the claims of House Flaem to the throne.
            In 3609, Duke Danakin of House Flaem captures Juraii and
            kills Nene I.  However, Nene's brother Ryu, aided by Dowager
            Empress Celia Stingray-Masaki and two unidentified martial
            artists, escapes to the Crystal Millenium, where his cousin
            Serenity VI helps him regroup and aids the counterattack.  In
            3613, they recapture Juraii and execute Danakin II.  It takes
            until 3620 to suppress the last bits of resistance.  Danakin's
            son, Danakin swears fealty to the throne and is reduced to a

Nene   I   3603-3609 (Legitimist Empress--Captured and Slain by
                      Danakin II)
Ryu    II  3613-3802 (Ended the Uprising of the Flame, asassinated by
                      disgruntled survivors.  Had no children, resulting
                      in civil war.  House Stingray-Masaki takes the

3802-3805:  Brief war of succession brings House Stingray-Masaki to the
            throne with aid of Solar forces.

JE:House Stingray-Masaki
Celia  I   3802-3905  (Assassinated by members of house Flaem)

3848:  The Great Fire destroys a quarter of the Imperial Library.  Duke
       Rossi attempts to reconstruct damaged records, but often simply
       guesses what sounds good.

Ryu    III 3905-3955  (Died in Eleventh Khund War)

3930:  Dr. Gregory Stingray is born on Mars.  Monica Nichols is born on

Celia  II  3955-3965  (Deposed after blowing up her husband by her

Azusa  II  3965-3976  (Assassinated by members of house Win after
                       his humiliation in the Alpha Vi crisis.)

3970:  With the aid of Pluto, Dr. Gregory Stingray makes the crucial break
       throughs that enable him to build a practical astrological science
       capable of operating on a galactic scale.  He names it

3971:  Agents of the cult of Jadeite attempt to assassinate Dr. Stingray.
       He completes his projection of the future and begins to take
       measures to prevent the rising darkness.  With Dr. Monica Nichols,
       his wife Amy, Dr. Andrew Motoki, and Captain Priscilla Hakubi-
       Masaki, he founds the Society of the Senshi of Wisdom.  At the same
       time, Pluto begins to recruit agents and members for a second
       parallel society to watch over the first one, the 'Inner Senshi'.

3973:  Serenity IX hears of Dr. Stingray's 'Astro-history' and decides to
       appoint him as Prime Minister.

3974:  Juraiian agents attempt to kidnap Dr. Stingray and are thwarted by
       the Sailor Senshi.  Relations between Jurai and the Crystal
       Millenium begin to worsen.

3976:  The Alpha Vi Crisis.  Near outbreak of war between Jurai and The
       CM.  Dr. Stingray successfully predicts that the Crisis will end
       with Civil War in Jurai.

3976-3994 The War of Houses.  Civil War ends with House Serenity taking
          the Throne, but the armies of House Flaem and House Win
          invade the Solar Empire/Crystal Millenium and conquer part of
          it.  The Khunds launch the 12th Khund War, leaving the new
          Emperor unable to aid the Crystal Millenium.

3985:  Serenity IX dies.  Her fourth daughter, Miki, takes the throne as
       Serenity X.  She marries Prince Seiya of Cygni Beta, and retains
       Dr. Gregory Stingray as Prime Minister.

3990:  The Encylopedia Society is founded on Finis Astra.  It begins work
       on the Galactic Encylopedia, under the presidency of Dr. Monica
       Nichols.  Captain Priscilla Hakubi-Masaki is stationed there with
       a unit of elite Imperial guards.

JE--House Serenity
Leon    I  3992-4120  (Assassinated by agents of the Dark Circle)

3992:  Defeated forces from the Juraiian Civil War cross the border into
       the Crystal Millenium.  The 1000 year Jubilee is interrupted by the
       news of their arrival.  Finis Astra is cut off by the invading
       forces, but repels an assault.  The fall of the Crystal Millenium
       begins.  Federal Year 1.

4092:  Finis Astra Encylopedia company takes over publishing
       F'ekre'FDID'i's Survey of Planetary ley lines.

Prisc.  I  4120-4256  (Dies at Battle of Juraii, but wins the
                       Second War of Houses)

Tenchi III 4256-4410  (Abdicates in a moment of frustration, becomes
                       a monk)

Leon    II 4410-4432  (Dies in first use of N5 bomb, developed by

Leon   III 4432-4478  (Methodically destroys Khundish Empire with
                       N5 bombs.  Assassinated by a Khund)

4432:  Andrea McNichols is born on Titan.

4472:  Demand II conquers the earth and carpetbombs Crystal Tokyo.  Fall
       of the Solar Empire.  Serenity XVIII detonates a N5 bomb in
       Nemesis' system, destroying it.  She is assasinated by the remains
       of the cult.  The Solar Republic deposes Serenity XIX.  Andrea
       McNichols becomes first President of the Republic and exiles
       Serenity to Deimos.

Leon   IV  4478-4501  (A wise and benevolent ruler, he is sadly exposed
                       to actually be a renegade Kami who has been
                       impersonating the real Leon Serenity, who died
                       two days after birth, and forced to return to
                       the heavens)

Nene   II  4501-4603  (Benevolent, but inept, She is defeated by the
                       Dark Circle and slain)

4504:  The Solar Republic joins the Federal League.

4508:  Arcadia N'goya is born on Sirius.  Marcus Gelbenwald is born on
       Earth.  They are Haruka and Michiru's reincarnations, respectively.

4524:  Arcadia N'goya barely survives an assassination attempt by the
       Black Moon Cult, and flees.  She is rescued by Makoto Gelbenwald
       (Guardian of Earth) and his wife Rita (Sailor Jupiter), who take
       her to Earth, where they hope to train her to become Sailor
       Uranus.  However, an attack by the BMC and a Time Key send her
       through time to SY 68 in Crystal Tokyo...

4603-4620:  Priscilla II of House Serenity (Empress of Juraii)
            (Under heavy pressure from the Dark Circle, she
             abdicates and becomes the first President of the
             Republic of Juraii, which joins the Federal

4620:  End of the Line of Juraiian Emperors. Dr. Stingray makes his sixth
       appearance by recorded, timed video in Stingray Hall.

4957:  Dr. Jonathon Hakubi invents a method of transportation between
       locations, worlds, and dimensions known as 'Portal Stones'.
       Rumors connect his successes with the discovery of the now
       abandoned home of the legendary Dr. Wasyuu Hakubi.  Her final
       fate is unknown.

4999:  The Federal League destroys the Borg, completing Galactic
       Unification.  Work begins on Portal Stones capable of spanning

5002:  100th Edition of the Galactic Encyclopedia is published.

Patlabor page:

Kyosuke is capable of teleportation, telekinesis, premonition, slight
telepathy, soul switching, time travel, and hyponosis to himself. Manami
can perform teleportation and telekinesis. Kurumi is capable of tele-
portation, telekinesis and hypnosis. Akane can teleport and make her
target see illusions of her as someone else. Kazuya has the powers of
telekinesis, telepathy, and soul switching. The grandparents can pretty
much do everything.  In addition, Kyosuke has shown he is capable of
destorying objects with angry outbursts of power, as demonstrated in
Episode 48 and the OAV Hurricane Akane.

Sakaki Seiichuo--Head Mechanic
Shiba Shige--Second in command mechanic.
Kumigami Takeo--Rear for Unit 2
Yamazaki Hiromi--drives Unit 1
Shinshi Mikiyasu--drives Unit 2

The Accessory brigade
Unit 2-Noa
Unit 3-Hitomi
Unit 4-Yusaku
Unit 5-Hikaru
Unit 6-Umi
Unit 7-Youta

Name  : Mihoshi Kuramitsu
Age   : 23
Height: 168cm

Name  : Kiyone Makibi
Age   : 23
Height: 174cm