Galactic Encyclopedia
100th edition, 5002 AD/Federal Year 1008/Serenity Year 2000,
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Works of Fiction Set in This Universe
by Dr. Christopher Robin
Professor of  Literature,  Milne University

This page contains links to various fictional works set in this universe.  Their historical accuracy is often variable, but you will find them quite entertaining, I hope.

Chronologically, the stories occur in this order:
Symphony of the Planets Christmas Vacation 1995
Sailor Moon Z 1996
Dance of Shiva 2034 (Mostly)
Black Moon Rising 3060 and 4524 (Mostly)

The Story "Ranmapunk 2033", while seen by some scholars as a historical document, is now considered by most to be a story of what might have happened if the various martial artists of Nerima met the Knight Sabres. You can find it at this location.