The Hidden Bailesu Lemon Archive

If you've found this, either I've given you directions, or you're clever enough to find this without any directions. Either way, welcome to the Bailesu Lemon Archive, which holds everything lemony I've written that I've ever actually shown anyone.

Those inclined to notice such things will see these are all lemon comedies; those looking for mind-control bondage Pokemon rape fics will have to look elsewhere.

Those looking for technical accuracy might as well look elsewhere also. I'm a virgin, and while I have the delusion of knowing what I'm talking about, my real purpose here is to make you laugh. With those warnings in mind, enjoy!

Oh, another note. All three of these stories involve some degree of Self-Insertion, though I don't get any sex; rather, the stories all involve a certain amount of 'fourth wall breaking', with segments set at Giant Wombat Studios, my mythical film company, which 'filmed' these stories.

I have a few other lemony works in the works, but whether any of them will actually be finished is another story entirely.

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