My(stara's) Little Ponies:   Friendship is Adventuring
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Map of Southeastern Equestria

This is a crossover series which combines My Little Pony:  Friendship is Magic with the D&D World of Mystara.  Why do this?  Because I can!

My(stara's) Little Ponies:  Friendship is Adventuring
A D&D (Mystara) / My Little Ponies:  Friendship is Magic crossover
by John Biles

Only fools, madmen, and adventuring parties go into the Malpheggi, the swamp beyond the Everfree Forest. It can be left as an exercise for the reader as to which of these categories Samus Marcus (a Thyatian swordsman, or so he says) and Ivan (his companion in trouble) fall into. When they are rescued by the registered adventuring party, the Elements of Harmony, a grand quest across the D&D world of Mystara begins. Together they face culture shock, international politics, romance, dungeons, and a dragon with a grudge as Marcus learns how to trust his new friends and make up for his past mistakes while the Elements of Harmony try to save Equestria from a threat which proves more... complicated... than they originally thought. Also, pie.  And hats.

Further Sequel Stories:

MAP: A larger map of Mystara-Equestria and surrounding lands where the story takes place.

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