Mai Hime:  Future

Akira gives Takumi a shave with her Element

Art by Alan Gutierrez

In the year 2028, the events of the Festival are 23 years behind the Hime.  They have become adults and gone out into the world, taking on jobs and some of them have children.  Most have tried to live a normal life; some have wounds that still haven't fully healed. 

But the next generation does not know the events of the Festival, only that their family has a secret and that for some reason, their parents keep checking their bodies for...something.  That some shadow lies over the past. 

And they want to know the truth, whatever that may take.

The Next Generation:
Next Generation

Natasha (with Rapier), Erica (with phone), Dan (with whip), Shun and Kagami (down on the steps together), Kasumi (in dress), and Crystal (with Shinai) at Rosewood.

Art by Alan Gutierez

Ongoing Series

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