Parallel Lives
A WOT/Ranma 1/2 crossover story

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Picture by Danny Valentini. Commissioned at Katuscon 5.

A Work in Progress

From Parallel Lives #8

"Do you remember Ishar Ahmid Cho?"

Happousai blinked. "Who? Wait...there was a book. Or something." He stared at his pipe, seeking its wisdom. "Ahh, yes. He thought all of history was a repetition of certain stories; that certain kinds of stories are told over and over, with the names of the players changing, and often the scale of events, but that if you knew the right stories, you could examine any situation and know how it would come out, because each story could only end in certain ways. A lot of vague meaningless claptrap." He shrugged and took a puff from his pipe. "If he's right, you can't change the way the story ends. If he's wrong, then it doesn't offer any useful guidance." A second puff; a second thought. "What's that got to do with anything?"

"Part of his theory was that certain people were linked, playing out similar roles in similar stories, and that by manipulating the person playing role A in story X- -version 1, you could influence the outcome of story X, version 2 by affecting the person playing A in version 2."

Happousai's head throbbed. "Can we skip to the part that makes sense?"

"I'm going to see about doing some rewriting."

The Pattern of Ages is a pattern of stories, of tales told a million times as History becomes Legend becomes Myth then becomes History once more. Everyone lives a million lives that never intersect aas the story of their lives plays itself out in all the worlds of IF. Normally, those lines remain truly parallel, never touching, but sometimes, something goes awry and two people living the same lives but different, because they are the same person, but different, come into contact.

A Ranma 1/2 and WOT crossover, inspired by a Tiny Plot on AnimeMush, although this story has gone farther than that Plot ever did :)

For anyone not familiar with the Wheel of Time, I have penned a brief introduction to the setting and books, though you can find a very good index to Wheel of Time pages at this site.

There are currently fifteen chapters, and this story is still under production:

Last Update: February 4, 2003.
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