Bubblegum Complex: The Story of the Trouble Sabres
A BGC/Paranoia Fusion

Work in Progress

This is the story of the Trouble Sabres, a small group of clones led by Cel-I-AAA-(1-6), the heads of Experimental Underwear Research at MTA sector R&D, fighting a never ending struggle against Quinc-U-GNM-1, head of MTA sector PLC and other horrible awful commie traitors against the Friend Computer who must die SCREAMING! [pant, pant] I feel much calmer now that I've had some Sleepy Sleepy pills.

This story is a fairly frantic comedy set in the darkly humorous dystopia of the Paranoia RPG, starring the Knight Sabres' alternate selves. It loosely follows the narrative structure of the BGC OAVs, but given that Bubblegum Complex makes Mega-Tokyo look like Heaven, things are rather...different :)

Rules of the Trouble Sabres

  1. No divulging the secrets of the Trouble Sabres. Yes, Nene-R, that precludes making a Trouble Sabres Official Home Page.
  2. No use of Trouble Sabres equipment for personal agendas. Yes, Nene, that includes not wearing your skinsuit to get into Violet clearance cafeterias. Avenging Loved Ones is acceptable. However, no one below Indigo Clearance is allowed to know what Love is.
  3. Members will not accuse each other of treason and terminate each other on flimsy pretexts. Members will not accuse each other of treason and terminate each other on solid pretexts. A pretext is a reason that is....Look, Priss, just don't shoot us every time you get aggravated, okay?
  4. Members may not secede from this organization. No, 'secede', not 'succeed'. What, am I the only person in this group cleared to use a dictionary? Once you join, you can't quit. Is THAT clear enough for you?
  5. Members who damage the equipment of this organization unnecessarily will have it painted black so everyone thinks they are Infrared. We would fine you, but no one but me has any money.
  6. Members may not kill every bot that moves. No, Priss-Y, that includes bots that don't move too.
  7. Members may not join Amway.
  8. Members may not do anything really stupid. Subclause 1 says that this includes strangling Nene, even if she annoys you. Subclause 2 points out that the word Members does include you, Priss-Y, especially when bots are involved. Subclause 3 states that Cel-I-AAA decides if you did something stupid.
  9. Members must sever all outside ties, such as the secret societies you belong to. Well, the secret societies you might belong to, if such treasonous things existed. Look, we're committing treason already, okay? Oh heck, stay in your societies, but use that connection to our benefit, ok? Making the Trouble Sabres perform a mission for your society is right out.
  10. Members may not get involved with a man. Not that any of you but me would know what that means, but still...and if Mack-Y offers to teach you, Cel-I-AAA may beat him with a stick.
  11. Violation of these rules is to be punished by Clone Termination. Well, maybe. Better idea. We'll force you to watch the Teela-O-MLY show until your brain turns to Cold Fun. And if you're Priss-Y, you'll have to hug a bot the entire time.
  12. No scrawling our name into the concrete with a laser.
  13.  No pretending you have an R&D device that doesn't exist, just to get some nookie.

There are currently three chapters, and this story is still under production:

And here is the Bubblegum Complex Guide to Sector MTA

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