Bubblegum Complex Municipal Guide #1:
Security Clearances

Everyone in Bubblegum Complex has a security clearance.  You are born an Infrared, although the rules are usually only loosely enforced with children, aka Junior Citizens.  From there, you ideally work your way up the hiearchy to eventually become a high programmer.  Yeah, right.  In practice, you probably stay an Infrared grunt for life, unless you have a lot of talent, or more likely, you kiss butt well.

However, if you do make it to higher status, the order is

The higher your clearance, the more places you can go, the better food and clothing you get, and the more power you have.  Citizens of higher clearance can order ones of lower clearance to do just about anything, although if they belong to another service group, you may have a harder time of it.

Your clearance also controls what you are allowed to know.  You can ask Friend Computer anything, but your clearance level may influence the answer you get.

Those who violate their security clearance, such as wearing Green clothing when they are Red, are subject to accusations of Treason, which is punishable by Death.  In practice, it's punishable by being used to blackmail you into doing things.

In this series, Cel-I-AAA's position as an Indigo gives her access to vast privilege and information that others do not possess.  It also gives her more responsibility.  It also means that the Computer gives her more discretion, but also expects more of her.  Most importantly, it means almost 99% of the population is gunning to bring her down in order to get her job, or grovelling mindlessly in hopes of gaining her favor.

Clearance level can be related to job position roughly as follows:

If we compare it to housing:

Food by Security clearances