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A World of Pulp Adventure

World originally created by John Biles, Stefan Gagne and Jeff Hosmer
World revamped for the now long defunct anthology project by John Biles, Mike Loader, and a flock of other authors.

The story of this universe is somewhat complex.  It started out as a conversation in which Jeff, Stefan, and I sat around discussing ideas for an original universe we could share.  Unfortunately, Jeff and I had different tastes from Stefan and it fell through, and then Jeff lost interest also.  We developed this in 1995 or so.

Later, when Mike was crazy enough to try to gather a bunch of fanfic authors in order to put together a shared-world anthology, we revived the world and gave a focus for our stories--the Free City of Trier.  I'm surprised Mike can look at text today without beginning to kill and kill again.  It didn't work out for a variety of reasons, leaving the world behind like a beached whale.  This happened around 98-99.

Completed Stories set in this universe:

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