Welcome to the Ranma-Right Place and Furinkan Summer home Page. You'll find here my very first fanfic and it's sequel.

Putting your Heart in the Right Place

Ranma 1/2--Putting Your heart in the Right Place

A 15 part series. Gosunkugi finally finds a tutor who can teach him real magic ...but only if he learns to put his heart in the right place. Before his quest is through, Nerima will never be the same!

Furinkan Summer

This is the sequel to Ranma--Putting Your Heart in the Right Place, detailing the further adventures of our cast of clowns in the end of their second year and second summer together.

I finally finished this after four years. I can hardly believe it.

Furinkan Summer #1: A Tale of Two Morons

Sequel to Ranma--Putting your heart in the right place.

Cologne's latest plan to win Ranma for Shampoo backfires when she uses Kunou and Kodachi as her pawns, and they unleash an ancient, powerful, love-starved kitsune on Furinkan...

Furinkan Summer #2: Ryouga's Big Teacher meeting day

It's teacher meeting day at Furinkan! Will Ryouga make it to the meeting... or Timbuktoo? Will Ranma actually study? Will Nabiki take over the world? If you don't read this, you'll never know.

Furinkan Summer #3: Prom Madness! Will you dance with me?

Everyone loves a dance! And everyone wants Ryouga to go to the dance with him. It's Ichiwara vs. Tendo in conflict to see who's gonna dance up a storm with the lost boy...assuming he can actually find the dance :)

Furinkan Summer #4: Graduation day! Will Nabiki's Graduation Present be the Death of her?

Ryouga's graduation present for Nabiki proves to have a ...higher price than expected. There may not be enough of Nerima left for anyone to graduate by the time an unexpeced and unwanted German Tourist, so to speak,is through with it...

Furinkan Summer #5: "Too many houseguests leads to many riots. Will Mousse and Shampoo pass their tests?"

Genma's parents drop in fro a surprise [unwanted] visit. Meanwhile, Mousse and Shampoo face the tests of adulthood...too bad the judge is Mousse's Great-Great Aunt, who thinks of Cologne as an insolent child and believes you can't trust anyone under 200...

Furinkan Summer 6--"Heeeere's Happy! But will anyone be happy to see him?"

Furinkan Summer 7--"Deceptions and lessons.  How much trouble can our heros and heroines stir up?"

Furinkan Summer 8--"Deceptions and lessons.  How much trouble can our heros and heroines stir up?"

Furinkan Summer 9--"Amazons in America.  Should we call the INS or the ASPCA?"

Furinkan Summer 10--"The Temple of the Angry Buddha.  Round 1, Fight!"

Furinkan Summer 11--"The Temple of the Angry Buddha.  Round 2, Fight!"

Furinkan Summer 12--"Will Akane kill Ryouga?  The Olsen Twins must die!"

Furinkan Summer 13-- "History Repeats Itself.  First as a Tragedy, then as a Farce."

Furinkan Summer 14--"Reckonings."

Furinkan Summer 15--"The Court of 'Ferocious Amazon Womens' or Rumbottle of the Old Bailey"

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