This is the home of my Sailor Moon fanfiction.

All characters are copyrighted/trademarked etc by their creators
(who mostly aren't me:) So don't sue me, I'm broke.

Canonical Sailor Moon

This is anything which fits reasonably smoothly into the canon.

Faith:  This story was going to deal with why Rei attends a Catholic school while living in a Shinto temple.  Instead, it was never finished.  INCOMPLETE AND LIKELY TO STAY THAT WAY UNLESS INSPIRATION STRIKES

Sailor Moon And Other Poems Page:  This is a page of Sailor Moon and other Poems I have written.  ALL POEMS COMPLETE

The Sailor Moon Z Continuity

Many of my Sailor Moon stories are part of an overarching mega-crossover continuity.  The stories found here chiefly deal with events in the lives of the Senshi in that universe.

Sailor Moon Crossovers / Fusions / Etc.

A lot of what I have done with Sailor Moon involves bending Canon into knots.


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