Chasing the Moon and the Sun:
A Sailor Moon/Changeling Elseworld

Last Modified:  October 30, 1999

What is Chasing the Moon and the Sun?

It is a Sailor Moon Elseworld set in the month of December, 1999 in the Changeling universe from the Changeling RPG by White Wolf.  The Senshi have grown up and started to go out into the world, forgetting their past as the winter of the world settles into their souls.  But a new crisis arrives, forcing them to remember their past and face the twin dangers of the Fenris Wolf and the vampire clan known as the Giovanni.  The Fimbulwinter is upon us.

Where does Chasing the Moon and the Sun  fit in the Sailor Moon and Changeling Continuites?

It is an alternate universe, and trying to fit it into regular continuity will only hurt you. Even with Changeling, I've altered things by using the Western Changelings in Japan because I don't know enough Japanese myth to use native ones.

What is craniography?

A stupid practice from the 1850s to the 1920s of trying to study race by measuring skulls in meaningless ways.

Where can I get episode X?

Right here! For the low low price of absolutely...nothing!

This series will only have four chapters.  If it kills me.

Currently available episodes:


Episode 3 is in production.

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