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A Story of the Knight Sabres and MANY others :)

By John Biles

Page last updated:  September 1, 2004

Welcome to one of the more deranged stories ever written. The Dance of Shiva is a mega-crossover fic set in 2034, for the most part, featuring the series:

With minor parts, settings, and cameos from: This story is linked to the author's Sailor Moon Z continuity (co-written with Jeff Hosmer) and there will likely be other stories written in this continuity.

The story has 20 chapters: A prelude, 18 regular chapters, and the final chapter/epilogue.

Click  here to jump to the Story summary page, which contains links to the Story timeline, lots of pictures, and summaries of the episodes. Eventually, it will link to HTMLized versions of the episodes with internal graphics and stuff. But that may take a while. It does have the summaries, and some other goodies, though.

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John Biles

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