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A Story of the Knight Sabres and MANY others :)

By John Biles

The story has 20 chapters: A prelude, 18 regular chapters, and the final chapter/epilogue.

The Teaser/Film Trailer ^_-: Teaser

Wherein Nene has a story to tell her daughter about the good old days on Earth, but Priss, of course, has to set the record straight.

Prelude: Meylia

Wherein we meet Celia and Macky's grandmother, Meylia Stingray, who wakes from a ten year coma only to find that all she has held dear has ceased to be, that someone wants her dead, and that there are secrets of her past she is just now learning. Meanwhile, the Knight Sabres investigate a report of rampaging the hospital.

1: COPS: Mega-Tokyo Edition

Wherein Daley suffers a tragic, though not fatal airport accident and Leon must suffer through the hell of a new partner, a strange woman named Mihoshi.

2: Queen of Swords

Wherein Nene and Priss go on a double date with Ryu Masaki-Hakubi (Nene's new boyfriend) and Leon.  The Queen of Swords, a new vigilante in town, makes a flashy entrance and brings new worries to Celia's life.

3: The Curtain Rises

Wherein Priss is about to make a big breakthrough in her career, throwing a major concert, little knowing that the curtain is rising on a much bigger story than hers.

4: Visitation Day

Wherein Ryu and Manami's family comes to visit, the plot thickens, and we discover why Ryoko really should never be allowed to run around loose on her own.

5: The War Begins

Wherein yet more boomers get blown to bits, two old friends return, and Ryoko finds out a few things, as Genom tries to clean up an old mistake and fails.

6: Princesses
Wherein Ryoko sets out to determine if Nene would be a suitable wife for her son and Nene learns the world is far stranger than it seems.

7: Reunions

Wherein Grandmother and Granddaughter Stingray are reunited, and others meet once more as well.

8: Blown Cover 
In which Andrea blows her cover and departs the ADPolice in a very messy way.  Our heros and heroines pierce a little closer to the heart of what is happening in Mega-Tokyo and many more boomers die messily.

9: The Art of Conversation

Wherin much talking is made and feasting upon the orangutan and...oh, wait, wrong story.  Wherein, Linna aquires a new boyfriend, Priss makes new friends and talks to Leon, Noa remembers the Millenial Riot, and Ryoko and Nene make an unexpected discovery.

10: Hearts of the City

Wherein our heros and heroines set out to prevent Z from using the Hearts of the City against them.  Too bad he beat them to the punch...

11: Delenda est Schilling

Wherein the Knight Sabres finally get to go onto the offense and take the battle to the enemy, in the search for the people who tried to have Celia assassinated.  Schilling Enterprises is in for a world of hurt.

12: Chrysalis

Wherein Linna and Priss face tests unexpected as Linna learns to walk in dreams, and Priss and Linna gain the chance to learn more about Priss' past.

13: In Memory Yet Green

Wherein Linna and Priss visit Tsunami's dream of the past and learn what was, what is, and what yet may be.  The Moon Kingdom now lives only in dreams, yet it may come again.

14: Breaking the Rules
 Wherein Nene must run the gauntlet of being Wasyuu's guinea pig, the rules of the Knight Sabres rather definitely go blort, Leon meets Priss' 'Family', and Linna learns that sneaking into Pluto's dreams is not quite as clever as it sounds.

15: Desperately Seeking Sailor Mars

Wherein omeone or something is out to find Sailor Mars, and Leon and Daley are out to get there first.  It would probably help if they actually had some idea where Sailor Mars is...(It would probably help if Sailor Mars even remembered that she IS Sailor Mars...)

16: Priss' Choice

Wherein Priss and her companions must pass the Wall of Sleep and venture into the depths of Subspace in search of the Silver Empyrean Crystal, and the sleeping Sailor Saturn.  But what will Priss do when she finds it?  For we know that power corrupts, and absolute power can corrupt absolutely...

17: The Dance of Shiva

Wherein Linna must face the wrath of SHIVA and dance with him who is the dance of destruction before the judgement of the fates as her friends do battle with X and Z for the fate of Mega-Tokyo.

18: The Lord of the Dance

Wherein Linna gives her reply to SHIVA's dance and the world faces the threat of nuclear apocalypse.

19: Ad Astra

Wherein we see the fates of our friends in the year to come and the time of joy that follows after the threat of apocalypse.  Yet in the end, the wheel must turn, again and again...For life and death are dances without ending.

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