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Angela Bedos Rezak   Art by Dan Root

What is 'The Summer People'?

The Summer People is a novel dealing with two college students in a sleeply little university town who discover that faeries are real, faeries are living in their town, and they've been dragged into the longest war in unrecorded history.

It is a continuing work, though I have a definite end in mind already.

When is this story set?

This story is set in the 1990s. Pick the year you liked best.

What British army had only one survivor at the end of its retreat to its home base? (Not counting people who were captured)?

The British Army that occupied Kabul 1839-1842, and was wiped out during its retreat.

Where is Thornton University?

Thornton only exists inside my deluded mind, but if it was real, it would be located just north of Georgetown, Texas. In fact, if it was real, it would sort of overwrite itself on Georgetown. It is a fictionalized version of where I went to college for my undergraduate degree. If the real town had any Sidhe, they didn't introduce themselves to me, unfortunately.

Where can I get chapter X?

Right here! For the low low price of absolutely...nothing!

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Episode 16 is under construction

Last Update: September 1, 1999

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