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What is Symphony of the Planets?

Symphony of the Planets is a set of five interwoven short stories dealing with the adventures of the five inner Senshi over their winter break of their last year of Junior High. Each story stars a different senshi and has a different tone.

Where does Symphony of the Planets fit in the Sailor Moon Continuity?

Symphony of the Planets occurs during the winter break of the cast's last year of Junior High. (They would be freshmen in America. Three years of Junior High, Three years of High School, instead of 2 of Junior High and four of High school.) It's intended to be after S, although now that I know more about how the Japanese school system works, this would cause some problems placing it in time...dag nabbit.

What is your favorite color?


Who's this Steven Grant person?

Steven Grant makes his premiere in Symphony of the Planets: Venus, a fanfic by John Biles. You can link to the story right here: Symphony of the Planets:  Venus

Basically, Steven Grant is a British exchange student who met Minako during her Winter Break trip to Hokkaido. His family is currently in Korea (his dad is working as an executive at a plant there). He also has past links to Polly and Chester, two other exchange students who are more than they might easily seem. They do not actually appear in these stories, but in the sequel series: Sailor Moon Z Where can I get episode X?

Right here! For the low low price of absolutely...nothing!

Currently available episodes:

Why do you hate Usagi? You really give her a hard time in this story, even in her own story, Moon and Earth. You're always hardest on the ones you love. To put it in less poetic terms, I don't hate Usagi. I will admit I did play her for laughs. Some of this comes out of writing tons of Ranma fanfics, where everyone is played for laughs. Some of this comes from simply the fact that she got to star in the 'farce' episode. Some of this comes from the series itself, where Usagi's antics provide much of the humor.

But I don't hate her. I may put her through hell, wreck her date, force her to babysit Artemis, make her drive Rei up the wall...but it's all in the name of good, clean fun. Usagi is not at her best here, but then Usagi is a person who shines more when it is critical than when it is not. When the chips are down, she pulls through. The chips are not down for her appearances in these stories :)

I'll admit Makoto is my favorite sailor :)

Jupiter's Story seems to...not have much of an ending. I plead guilty. Jupiter's story does a lot of leading into Sailor Moon Z, which will resolve much of what it raises. It is more a vignette in many ways than a full story, unlike the others. My apologies.

Why didn't the Outer Senshi get a story?

I couldn't think of any good ideas. That simple. I may write one idea I got about Haruka vs. Speed Racer, though :P

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