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Welcome to the wonderful world of Ta'averen 1/2!

A crossover story between Ranma 1/2 and Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time Series. This collaboration comes from the twisted minds of John Biles (ranma@falcon.cc.ukans.edu) and Jeremy Blackman( (loki@maison-otaku.net)

Thanks also go to the following for their input during the formative period of
this project:

Excerpt from the Prophecies of the Ronin, written by Moemi Sedai in AB 200.

And the Ronin shall walk the edge between two halves, wielding fire and earth with one half, air and water with the other. He shall be born where he died, and be raised in a land not his own that he shall make his. A mark of shame shall he make a mark of pride once more. Both paths must he master, else she shall die and the world die with him, for her life is the hope of the world.

Excerpt from Commentaries on the Prophecies of the Ronin, written by Kirsten Sedai, of the Brown Ajah in 456 NE.

This passage is hard to interpret, especially since Moemi Sedai kept switching genders for no apparent reason in the last sentence...This is usually thought to be the result of scribal error,or perhaps Moemi Sedai's famed penchant for various ales, yet the references to wielding both halves of the one power make even less sense. No man can wield subin, no woman dubin. Thus, this prophecy seems unfullfillable. It does however, make clear the Ronin will be reborn on the Roninmount that marks his grave...

Like wow, new chapters, FINALLY. #4 and #5 have been added, now we see how long #6 takes...


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