Sailor Moon Z
Reader's Guide

Warning: This document is chock-full of spoilers if you haven't read all the currently released chapters yet. Huge, screaming piles of them. You have been warned.

Table of Contents

0. Introduction and Updates

I. Background/History II. Characters III. Places

IV. Things

V. Magic

VI. Obscure Cultural References

0. Introduction and Updates

A. Introduction to Sailor Moon Z

Sailor Moon Z is a fanfic set in the Sailor Moon universe. It was begun way back in 1996, when the two authors, John Biles and Jeff Hosmer, got together to discuss some fanfic ideas they'd gotten for Sailor Moon and decided to pool their plans into one story. John contributed the Zodiac, while Jeff created the Jadeite plot.

Sailor Moon Z is more or less set after the end of S, although there's some problems with trying to fit them into a perfect chronology, as the theoretical time frames of S and Sailor Moon Z overlap (Z starts with New Years of the last year of junior high for the Sailors, while S ends around the end of that school year). The only solution to this contradiction is to just pretend it isn't a problem, unfortunately.

Everything from the last two seasons of Sailor Moon goes out the window for this fanfic. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, neither of us had any access to those seasons when we started the story. Secondly, they contain cosmology which would make this story impossible. Thirdly, SS had too much Chibi-Usa, and neither of us likes her. Fourthly, we felt like it. There is no Galaxia in the Sailor Moon Z universe. Never was, never will be. No Asteroid senshi, no Nephrenia, no Pegasus, etc.

Other bits of continuity may be trampled upon in this story, either deliberately or accidentally. We have freely mixed and matched elements of both the manga and anime continuities, but the fundamental core of our backstory is from the anime, which we're both more familiar with. We've taken the idea of the Sailors having been engaged to the Generals back in the Silver Millenium from the manga, and I know we've borrowed some other ideas that just won't come to mind right now.

While Jeff is not addicted to cameos and OCRs, John is. If you don't like them, blame him.

Jeff writes the even number episodes, and John writes the odd numbered ones. They both wrote the Prelude together as more or less a round robin.  (The first half of Z24 was written by Jeff and the second half by John)

B. Related Fanfics

The Sailor Moon Z universe is part of a larger continuum of fanfics by Jeff and John (mostly by John), and thanks to the Council of Plutos concept, loosely part of an even larger 'multiverse', best seen and defined in The Crosstime Adventures of Athena and Sheila by Jeff Hosmer and Chris Davies, and in Trials and Errors by Jeff Hosmer and Sean Gaffney. Trials and Errors provides the best look at the Council of Plutos, as the Pluto of Sean's 'Made of Stone' universe faces trial for meddling in another Pluto's universe. The Crosstime Adventures of Athena and Sheila send Athena (Ami's Silver Millenium past life in Sailor Moon Z) and Sheila (the daughter of Haruka and Michiru in Chris Davies' Crystal Tokyo stories) across a dozen or so different SM fanfic universes, chasing Lina Inverse, who is hunting Silver Crystals in a quest to become a goddess.

Ichiwara Yuki and Steven Grant first make their appearance in Symphony of the Planets, by John Biles, which is set in the weeks of Winter Break before the events of Episode 1 of Sailor Moon Z. It is a set of five interrelated stories, each of which focuses on a different one of the inner senshi.

Forty years after Sailor Moon Z, the Sailor Senshi, bereft of their memories for reasons not to be spoiled here, appear in Dance of Shiva, by John Biles, which is a mega-crossover set in Mega-Tokyo in the mid 2030s, featuring Bubblegum Crisis, Tenchi Muyou, and Sailor Moon as the main elements. It's too complex for me to easily summarize in one paragraph. But it's full of crunchy goodness, I promise you.

There's another reference guide for the broader universe into which this series fits, the Galactic Encyclopedia, also maintained by John Biles, which you may find handy in seeing how Sailor Moon Z connects to the larger fanfic universe it's part of.

Finally, Crystal Tokyo and the Black Moon Crisis is the subject of Black Moon Rising, by John Biles, which deals with the Black Moon Crisis in Crystal Tokyo, as seen through the eyes of a girl, Arcadia N'goya, who is herself from a distant future in which Crystal Tokyo has faded into myth and legend.

C. Overview to this guide

This guide currently has six major sections, and might get a seventh if I ever muster the energy to do episode summaries. Don't stay up nights waiting for that, though.

You're reading Section 0 right now; it is the introduction to the Reader's guide, and also contains the update list.

Section I deals with the historical material we've created about the Silver Millenium--culture, history, geography, and everything else. It's pretty much invented whole cloth, as the canonical material says little about the Silver millenium.

Section II deals with the twelve billion characters we've used. Ideally, everyone with a speaking part is in here. To aid in reference, this is divided into five sections. Major and Secondary characters (our 'supporting cast') are listed alphabetically and have internal links from the table of contents. Minor characters form the third subsection. Antagonist characters, including a complete list of Zodiac members and Jadeite's eight new generals, form the fourth section, and characters of the Silver Millenium form the fifth.

Section III deals with all the various places we've created or borrowed; eventually it will be sorted seperately into present day and Silver Millenium locations.

Section IV deals with 'things', usually items of magic or high technology.

Section V sets out the basic theory of magic, and eventually will discuss more of how it is applied by various groups.

Section VI will eventually list and explain all of the obscure cultural references used in the series; this will likely take a loooong while to be completed.

Someday, there may be a set of episode summaries, but I'm not energetic enough to do them yet. 

D. Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions are laid out on the spoiler page, so you can jump there if you have questions, rather than wanting to look up a specific person, place, or thing. This is more an encylopedia than a FAQ. If neither this nor the spoiler page answers your question, you can email John at and he'll try to answer your question. 

E. Updates

Version 1.3 was posted on June 27, 2000 AD. It added internal links from the table of contents to the major and minor character entries, added this introductory and update section, and added the 'Obscure Cultural References' section. Still only updated through the end of Sailor Moon Z 17.

Version 1.4 was also posted on June 27, 2000 AD. It added material from Z18.

Version 1.5 rose from the grave on March 7, 2002 AD.  It added material from Z19-21.

Version 1.6 was posted on March 30, 2008.  It added materials from Z22-25. 

_I. Background/History_

_A. History of the Silver Millenium (a la SMZ)_

A really long time ago:

The Things From Beyond conquer the Solar System and enslave its inhabitants, ending a previous age which may have been the Hyperborean Age.  The people of Kalin-D throw the entire strength of their nation, man, woman, and child, at the leadership of the Things, slaying or banishing them so that the armies turn on each other, so that a portion of humanity may survive. 

The decades just before the Silver Millenium

The Tree of Life choses five children as its champions to free the Earth from the power of the Things. Serenity, Endymion, Vulcan, Metallia, and Astra go on a series of quests, grow in power, forge the Icons, and then lead a great revolt against the Things.

During the War of Liberation:

The Battle of Europa, against the Things.  Amber Squadron got slaughtered fighting the Things, but their attack drew off the ones who could fly, enabling Metallia to lead Diamond Squadron into the middle of their carrier beasts and slaughter them, Juno told her.  -- Z24

Year 1 of the Silver Millennium

Victory over the Things from Beyond is declared when they are pushed beyond Pluto. Metallia sacrifices her corporeal existence to create the Great Shield that limits their power to return. The Silver Accords are signed between the Moon, Mars, Earth, Star Kingdom, Atlantis, and Yuggoth. In return for their aid in the war, Mercury and Venus were given to the dwarves and elves of earth, respectively. Both planets immediately adopted isolationist policies.

Year 503 of the Silver Millennium

Queen Astra XI of the Star Kingdom founds the Zodiac research project.

Year 945 of the Silver Millennium

A crazed cult almost replaced the King of Mars with a Thing from Beyond. The entire city of Pallas on Mars had to be destroyed to root out the cult, which controlled the town, and had tried to replace him during a royal progress.

Year 950 of the Silver Millennium

The first Youmas are invented by a secret Atlantean research project in conjuntion with the Zodiac as the ultimate disposable supernatural warriors. Metallia's essence has become corrupted by the constant influence of the Things. A cult worshipping her has sprung up.

Year 966 of the Silver Millennium

Prince Endymion is born.

Year 972 of the Silver Millennium

Princess Astra is born on the first day of the year. Later that year,

Princess Serenity and her Senshi are born.

Year 977 of the Silver Millennium

Dr'achicar the shapeless infiltrates Odysseus while it is moving through the Oort cloud beyond Pluto.

Year 984 of the Silver Millennium

Dr'achicar spawns. In the process, it destroys the planet Odysseus and wipes out most of the Star Kingdom's civilization. Odysseus becomes the Asteroid belt. The Zodiac saves a few survivors and blames the disaster on the royal family, which had grown lax and complacent during the centuries of peace. Queen Serenity gives refuge to the royal family of the Star Kingdom, but all save the heiress, Princess Astra, soon sicken and die from their injuries. Queen Serenity hides the heiress among the court ladies.

Year 986 of the Silver Millennium

Senshi Mercury and Senshi Venus visit their respective planets. Senshi Mercury studies under the Dwarven Loremasters of Mercury. Senshi Venus learns from the Elvish Spellsingers on Venus

Year 988 of the Silver Millennium

Prince Endymion of Earth makes his first visit to the Moon Kingdom. The Zodiac begins laying its plans to finish off the Star Kingdom's Royal family, which is blamed by the survivors for the disaster. Prince Endymion begins a covert romance with Senshi Mars.

Year 990 of the Silver Millennium

Princess Serenity and her Senshi come of age, however her prearranged marriage to the heir of the Mars Kingdom falls through when he dies in a hunting accident. The hunt for a new groom begins. Endymion convinces Jadeite to "steal" Mars away from him, hoping to break off the relationship without hurting her. However, the match proves more successful than he expected.

Year 994 of the Silver Millennium

Prince Endymion falls in love with Princess Serenity. Lady Beryl of the Crystal Kingdom tries to slay the Princess in a jealous rage and is forced to flee to the Dark Kingdom. She seduces the king there and begins her rise to power.

Year 995 of the Silver Millennium

Beryl marries the King of the Dark Kingdom, then has him assassinated and takes over the kingdom with the aid of the Cult of Metallia. The Zodiac helps her improve "Youma technology" on the condition she supply them with some, and she creates the Seven Shadows. Zoisite proposes to Athena on Thaw 12.

Events of Z11.

Year 996 of the Silver Millennium

The Dark Kingdom invades the Earth Kingdom during the Grand Diamond Gala of the Moon Kingdom. Endymion and his Guardians return to Earth. Queen Beryl captures the Guardians and turns them to her service, making them the Generals of her armies. Endymion narrowly escapes to the Moon Kingdom. Manipulated by the Zodiac, the Dark Kingdom attacks the Moon Kingdom. A youma slays the Star Princess for the Zodiac. With the Seven Shadows and the Generals, Beryl and Metallia attack the Moon Kingdom, only to have Serenity's counterstroke banish them and the Dark Kingdom's populace to another dimension. The Outer Senshi try to awaken Saturn to save the Silver Millenium, but Saturn instead administers a mercy killing, making the moon largely uninhabitable. Atlantis sinks into the ocean, the last ice age begins on Earth, and civilization collapses. Mars and the outer colonies soon fall to attacks by the Things from beyond, with only a desperate few managing to evacuate to Earth. The Dwarves of Mercury dug deep and never ventured out again, while the Elves of Venus transported themselves to a pocket dimension called Avalon.

circa 25,000 years later.

Present Day.

_B. Kingdoms of the Silver Millenium_


The bread basket of the solar system, Earth was the homeworld and the only planet mankind could live on without magickal aid. There were two mighty kingdoms on Earth, the Crystal Kingdom and the Dark Kingdom. The mages of Earth specialized in no specific areas of study, but possessed a broader knowledge than the mages of the other kingdoms.

  • Earth Kingdom: Also called the Crystal Kingdom. Based in Asia on Earth, with its capital, Crystal City, at the site of modern Tokyo, future Crystal Tokyo. Ruled by the Endymion family. Its symbol was a turquoise gem against a dark blue background.
  • Dark Kingdom: Also called the Kingdom of Atlantis. A dark and troubled land on the continent of Atlantis on Earth. It was here that the mage Metallia gave up her materiel existence to create the Great Shield against the Things. The Kingdom was founded to guard against the Things' coming. Metallia's essence was slowly corrupted over the millennium. The Kingdom fell prey to evil cults in its last years. The Kingdom's symbol was a black shield. The cults worshipping Metallia specialized in destructive entropic ritual magick of a sort that was banned by all other kingdoms.
  • Moon Kingdom:

    On the Light side of the moon. Ruled by the Matriarchal Serenity dynasty and most powerful of the Four Kingdoms. Its symbol was a golden crescent moon, pointing upwards against a blue background. The Moon Kingdom's magick was Planets Magick, which dealt with transportation, scrying, healing, the mind, and energies. (In Mage parlance, this covered the Spheres of Correspondence, Life, Mind, and Forces)

    Mars Kingdom:

    Ruled by the Vulcan dynasty. Warmongers and often a source of trouble. Very patriarchal and technology oriented, along with Matter magicks. Martian dreadnoughts were among the most feared ships in the ether. Its symbol was a crimson hammer against an orange background.

    Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and points in between:

    Colonized by the Four Kingdoms, but no independent kingdoms exist. Most colonies are only small outposts.

    Yuggoth Kingdom:

    Pluto, home of the Fungi from Yuggoth :) Another source of trouble. Home to aliens allied loosely with the humans against the Things, wielding strange technomagicks. They had no symbol as such.

    The Gate of Time is to be found here when it isn't out cruising around causing trouble.

    Star Kingdom:

    Ruled by the Astra dynasty. Live on a mobile planet that patrols the solar system, called "Odysseus the Wanderer." Its symbol was a eight-pointed white star on a black background. The Astra Dynasty specialized in Star Magick which drew on the power of the stars and tended toward divination, wards, and shaping magickal forces. (Masters of Spirit, Time, and Prime, in Mage parlance.)

    A Saying of the Star Kingdom (Nephrite, Z11):

    "He who defies fate dies unhappy. He who accepts it dies anyway, but at least he enjoyed the ride."

    _C. Gender in the Silver Millennium._

    The Silver Millennium was an age of general equality between sexes (and races, more on that later.) However, certain gender biases did spring
    up in the royal lines.

  • The Moon Kingdom was always ruled by a Queen Serenity. (Magicks laid down by the founder of the line always assured a female heir.)
  • The Star Kingdom, however, made the firstborn, no matter what sex he or she was, the heir.
  • The Kingdom of Mars was at the other extreme, with an extremely patriarchal system and which all but disenfranchised any children beyond the firstborn. (Hence, princes and princesses of Mars vied to marry into the other royal families. These marriages often were the only things keeping the aggressive Vulcan Dynasty in check.)
  • The Dark Kingdom was ruled by a Warrior-King, chosen by the officer corps of the Army upon the death of the old King. This resulted in a long line of experienced, wise, practical monarchs who took their duties seriously. However, they could have blind spots, as Queen Beryl's husband found out.
  • The Earth Kingdom was ruled by a King, normally the first born male of the royal line. Guardians for the Prince would then be chosen from among the noble houses of Earth. The Prince and the Guardians would be rigorously trained in magick, visiting academies in all three of the Stellar Kingdoms, to better defend the realm.
  • The colonists of the Outer planets had no kingdoms as such. Instead they lived in well fortified collectives.
  • The means that the Fungi from Yuggoth use to chose their leaders, or if they even HAVE leaders, is not known.
  • "What are their laws?"

    "They have 12,456 of them. I only know three. Don't feed the Gurungis after midnight. Don't use open flame near them. Don't wear purple on Tuesday." (Z11)

    _D. Races in the Silver Millennium._

    No distinctions were made between the various races of Man. However, there were other races living on earth, originally (Dwarves, Gnomes, Elves, Faeries, etc.). Friction sometimes arose between mankind and these other races. However, all fought against the Things from Beyond. In the Silver Accords, which officially ended the Unknown Wars, the planets of Mercury and Venus were given to these races. The underground races (dwarves, gnomes, etc) emigrated to Mercury, while the arboreal races traveled to the glades and forested hills of Venus. Both planets immediately took up isolationist policies and only rarely traded with mankind. The only contact, aside from a few traders, that these planets would permit under the terms of the accord was the duly designated Sailor Senshi of their planet. Senshis Mercury and Venus would study under the Loremasters of Mercury and Spellsingers of Venus respectively, and would always be welcome.

    Elves respond poorly to anything they find boring, and they tend to be easily bored. They cannot break their oath, though they can bend it. Elves possess a powerful glamour that draws people to them, although it only works well if they are also attracted to that person. They are very impulsive.

    The Elves are governed by a council of Elders, who are well noted for solving problems by taking so long to find a solution that the problem dies of old age.

    Dwarves are noted for never breaking a written contract. They cannot, just as Elves are bound by their spoken word. They use the 'Balin' as their base unit of measurement: it is equal to 1.07 meters. Unlike the Dwarves of Earth legend, they have little use for the precious metals of Earth; it is lead which they crave; Mercury has so many precious metals, they don't know what to do with them, but lead has occult uses.

    Dworkin on Dwarven Security:

    "Well, if someone controlled the security system, we could expect dozens of rotating blades to dice us to ribbons in seconds upon entry, followed by the floor opening up, draining off the blood, then dumping our corpses in a pit, followed by jets of water to remove the gore. Then it would pop up into place. A full cycle takes about three to five minutes." –Z15.

    E. Dances and Music of the Moon Kingdom

    Battle-Hymn of the Kalin-D

    A song came to her mind, a song older than this age, older than the ice age, older even than the Silver Millenium, a battle song Nephrite had dug out of ancient archives and taught to Juno, a song of the Hyperborean age, or maybe even older still.  

    The people of Kalin-D had been a peaceful folk, poets, wizards, scholars, scientists, artists.  Until the Things came, ravaging the world and bringing the turning of another cycle.  And so they had risen up and turned their ingenuity to the creation of war machines and fortress and battle armors. 

    They fought bravely, wisely, and well.

    But it was not enough, for the greatest of the Things, the Great Old Ones, were on the march.  Unless they could be stopped, all would be destroyed.

    And so they had said their farewells and assembled their people, and loaded into their ships and thrown the entire strength of their people at the leadership of the Things, knowing they would die. 

    But by their death, others would live.  They might fall, but humanity would endure, for leaderless, the Things would become not armies, but monsters, rampaging about and attacking each other as much as they attacked humanity.  And so a portion of humanity would survive by the sacrifice of the Kalin-D.

    And so she sang.

    Life is but a dream
    And death    
    But the end
    Of the play

    Then let us play
    Our roles to the fullest
    Let us live our lives
    Not fearing death

    For the end of one story
    But makes room for another
    And the end of our story
    Begins life anew.

    Then let us play
    Our roles to the fullest
    Let us live our lives
    Not fearing death

    For the fear of death
    Is the fear of life
    It cannot own me
    Unless I let it. 

    For I am the turner of the wheel
    I am the author of my story
    If today I die
    I will die unbroken
    I will die unbowed
    I will risk death
    For in doing so
    I master my life. 
    Then let us play
    Our roles to the fullest
    Let us live our lives
    Not fearing death

    -- Z24

    "The Empyrean Forge":

    That broke Aurora out of her daze and she looked over.   A blond man was standing in front of the band as it played the opening chords to "The Empyrean Forge," one of the best operas ever produced by her home planet.  As she watched, the nobles between her and the man pulling away to give her an unimpeded path to him, he began to sing the part of Hephaestus, the son of Vulcan and the first King of Mars.

    The words washed over her, their meaning clear even in the archaic tongue, as Hephaestus lamented his father's absence and the loneliness he felt on the throne.  Was there no one who would hold his heart?

    Then he paused, and Aurora knew what came next.  The serving maid Phrodite, who was spying on the King, would sing of her unrequited love for him, knowing that they would never be together.  The opera, when done in its full, unabridged length, went on for hours on their inability to declare the love they felt for each other, while politicians intrigued around them, until they finally admitted what they felt and she married him.

    -- Episode Z22

    Rei dreams of herself and Jadeite singing part of this Opera in Z22. 

    The Five Spoked Wheel

    This dance requires six couples. The most senior or highest in status form the hub of the wheel, while the other five form the five spokes. It involves complex movements and the interchange of partners by the five spokes, as they circle the floor clockwise.

    Seen to be performed by Queen Serenity, her consort, Princess Serenity, Endymion, and their respective bodyguards in the Prelude. They are interrupted by Pluto's arrival.

    The Great Cross:

    "As the night progressed, the time came for one of the most famous dances of the Moon Kingdom, the Great Cross. Two lines of dancers formed across the ballroom from west to east, while two more lines intersected those, running north to south. As the music played, the lines began to rotate and the cross began turning round and round clockwise until it reached it's original point. Then the women led and the wheel turned counterclockwise to its starting point again. As the Cross turned, the dancers also moved down their lines, creating an intricate and beautiful pattern. The dance was difficult to master. A single mistake on the part of one couple could send the entire dance into confusion. But the dancers were skilled and made the entire performance seem flawless." --Prelude.

    Typically performed at court occasions, as most of the time, you wouldn't have enough well-practiced dancers. Mastery of this dance was de rigeur for being truly accepted as noble inside the kingdom...only a noble had time to learn it. ^_^

    Interrupted in the prelude by an assassin's attack.

    Venusian Squill

    A dance for couples similar to the cha-cha, in which only the hands of the couples actually touch, and they move in mirrored motion to each other.

    General observations on Music and Dance in the Silver Millenium:

    The Moon Kingdom's music resembles that of European music in the 'classical' and 'baroque' periods. Similar instrumentation is available, although magical equivalents of 'synthesizers' also existed, but were rare.

    Courtly Dance tends to be highly formalized, often involving symbolism of fives and nines, with paired partners and some sort of rotation often involved.

    Folk Dances of the Moon Kingdom have yet to be shown :)

    _F. Creatures of the Silver Millenium_


    Byakhee are one of the servitor races of the Things from Beyond. They serve Hastur, one of the Great Old Ones. "They resembled giant winged ants in some ways, though with a head rather like a mantis, and basically bipedal in form, but with chitinous skin and a divided segmental body like an ant. Instead of legs on the middle segment, they had huge porous chitinous wings that shouldn't have been able to flap, but did anyway." (Z11)

    Canal Serpents

    Serpents who lived in the Martian Canals. One of them once nearly killed a Senshi of Neptune who panicked when it attacked. (Z17)


    A race of tigerlike predators on Mars. (Z11)


    Think Dune. Then run, run away. (Z17)

    Star Dragons of Jupiter

    Jupiter and its four largest moons have a spawned a strange creature capable of surviving the void of space and the stormy interior of the largest planet. They are built upon reptilian lines, resembling a large snake with four stubby but powerful legs and a large head mounted on a sinuous neck (actually, more like an extension of the body than a neck). Their skin was scaly and the color of mother-of-pearl which sparkled iridescently. Not surprisingly, these creatures were known as dragons.

    The life cycle of the Star Dragon is complex. Dragons are hatched from eggs laid on one of the four largest moons of Jupiter: Io, Ganymede, Europa, Callisto. The different terrain on the four moons gave rise to four different breeds of dragon: Ionian, Ganymedan, Europan, and Callistan. Ionian dragons are extremely fire-resistant and tough, but are not as intelligent as their brethren. Ganymedan dragons are burrowers and often live in large asteroids, tunneling extensive burrows for themselves and are extremely exclusive. Europan dragons are swimmers, preferring to live in or near water, and are the friendliest of the dragons. Callistan dragons live almost entirely in the void of space or among the clouds of the gas giants.

    After birth, the dragons fend for themselves on their respective moons for several years, until they mature enough to fly and escape to space. The dragons are intelligent (except for the Ionians) and reasonably social. They are like the lions of the plains, forming prides of a male and several females. Rogue males are common and they fight for females or for dominance of an existing pride. Males with a pride mate every few years in a dangerous mating ritual which involves the dragons copulating within the atmosphere of Jupiter, striving to finish the act before the atmospheric pressure crushes them. Star Dragons give birth to approximately three females for every male born. They metabolize almost anything, though they prefer organic food. A few have been known to travel to Earth and give rise to the legends of dragons there. Star Dragons live for thousands of years or longer, and are more likely to die of wounds from fighting each other than old age.

    While obviously intelligent (and often giving the impression that they understood human speech or thoughts) Star Dragons rarely talk to humans. This is not due to inability, but simply because they have little to say to Humans. Star Dragons are known to attack the Things from Beyond on sight.

    During the Silver Millennium, a dragon hatchling was considered a sign of good luck (except for the Ionians, but no one lived on Io anyway) and the settlers often left food out for them. No one ever considered them pets, mainly because the dragons would never stand for such an arrangement. There were also tales of elder dragons visiting anyone who mistreated a hatchling.

    Juno (Jupiter) had a Star Dragon friend on Europa. If Makoto ever visits there again, her friend may still be around.

    "With a roar, the Ionian Star Dragon slammed into Bob's side. Ionian Dragons are the most feared branch of the Star Dragon species. Not because of ferocity, though they have plenty of that, or power, though they are well-endowed in that regard as well, but because of their stupidity. Once an Ionian Dragon gets something in their heads, it is almost impossible to get it out. Since their thoughts run mostly along the lines of 'Food = Eat" it tends to go very badly for those who cross their paths, as Ionian Dragons have been known to chase their preyfor decades. They are so stupid they will even pass up easier ortastier prey and continue chasing their first choice. Add to this their nigh-immortality and incredible resistance to damage and you have one very nasty killing machine. Fortunately, as mentioned before, they reproduce only by accident, so this keeps their numbers down. But try telling that to someone an Ionian Dragon has selected as lunch and see if that makes their day any brighter." (Z14)

    _G. Games of the Silver Millennium._


    A game similar to chess. Mentioned in the Prelude.

    _H. Religion of the Silver Millennium._

    "The world is the site of the conflict of two great powers, the Lady of Light and the Lord of Darkness. Each is served by seven great gods who champion the Seven Virtues and the Seven Vices respectively. The conflict between those two powers drives forward time in its course, until the day of Decision, when one side or the other will win and reshape creation in its image. No one knows the day or the time of that battle, so we must always be vigilant. As time passes, the conflict sways back and forth. We live in a period of the dominance of Light which followed on the heels of the great age of Darkness, in which the worlds groaned under the slavery of the Things from Beyond."

    He pointed about the room. "There have been many holy ones who have shown us the way of righteousness, and the seven greatest each of men and women are depicted on the walls of this chapel. We hope to follow the paths they have marked for us, the seven-fold path of holiness. Love, hope, faith, fortitude, temperance, justice, and modesty are the SevenVirtues that we strive to follow." (Parias, Z11)

    The sacred book of this faith is known as the Book of Virtues (see the section on Items of the Silver Millenium).

    The marriage oath:

    I nodded and the words came to me. "By the Seven Virtues and the Ten Planets, by the Stars that chart our destinies, by the Power of the Lady of Light, I, Aino Minako, Senshi of Venus, do pledge my love to thee, until the Day of Doom comes again."

    Still kneeling, he then spoke in a voice deeper than his usual tone. "Against the Seven Vices and the Things That Dwell Beyond, against theforces that seek our ruin, even if against the Lord of Darkness himself, I, Steven Grant, proclaim my love for thee, until Time marks the End of All." Then his voice dropped back to a normal tease, "May I kiss the bride?" (Z12)

    _I. Astra's Theory of Destiny_

    Queen Astra I spent a long time developing an elaborate theory of how destiny works, dividing everyone's destiny into eight categories:

            "Warrior, Farmer, Magician, King, Merchant, Servant, Artisan, Scholar," Augur said.  "They each have a positive and negative aspect, so technically, it's sixteen destinies, 32 if you consider that each can also be aspected male or female."

            "That sounds complex," the junior Pluto said.

            "It is.  I usually have to consult books in order to make much use of it.  It was a system which was often either too simplistic or too complex.  I suppose that's a flaw inherent in any effort to systematize Destiny, though."  He thought a moment.  "Your powers would be under Magician.  Or maybe King because they're related to your royal heritage.  The Orb, if there's any clues at all, would also be in here." (Z19)

    This system was later abandoned in favor of the Zodiac, about halfway through the Silver Millenium.

    _J. History of Dark Tokyo_

    According to the precis, the "evil Juraian Empire" had come to Earth in the 2030s, over a thousand years ago.  Secure in their superiority, the Juraians had removed Earth's orbital laser satellites.  Unfortunately, those weapons were the only thing preventing a nuclear war from occurring.  Someone in the Middle East had pushed the button first, leading to a series of counter-launches that escalated into a worst-case scenario that nearly destroyed all life on the planet.

    It was then that the Dark Kingdom appeared.  Emperor Jadeite and his Queen had used their own precious energy to protect Japan from the nuclear holocaust and then, with their droids and youma, led a counterattack against the Juraians.  The war had raged ever since. --Z24

    _II. Characters_

    Format for Major Characters


    Paragraph describing character.

    Birthdate: (Using 1996 as the "present") Zodiac Sign

    Distinctive Features:

    Name: Translation or Explanation of in-joke, if any.


    Transformation: Transformation Phrases, current

    Powers: Powers, old and current

    Item(s): Notable items for character. NOTE: In Z, we are assuming that most of the gimmicky jewelry the Sailors use are junk that Luna and Artemis came up with to help their self-confidence. The powers come from the sailors themselves.

    Special Item: These are actual magical items the character has, or will have.

    A. Major Characters

    Aino Minako

    The prelude revealed that her past life was engaged to Kunzite. Minako is currently dating Steven Grant, an exchange student from Britain whom she met on vacation. In Z5, it is revealed that her previous life was named Innana, a daughter of a merchant family on Venus and that her relationship with Artemis goes back as far as that. In Z12, she and Steven impulsively married each other. In Z16, the Elves of Venus turned her into an elf.  In Episode 21, she visits Dia's estates on Venus, and finally more or less gets a grip on her Elven nature, as much as she ever will.

    Birthdate: October 22, 1980, Libra

    Distinctive Features: Long blonde hair, gets sayings wrong.

    Name: Minako of Love

    Aliases: Sailor Venus, Sailor V.


    Powers: Item(s): Special Item:

    Venus Bow (Z item, Found in Z16)

    Chiba Mamoru

    In the Prelude, it is revealed that Endymion had a relationship with Senshi Mars before he fell in love with Princess Serenity. It also showed that the four Generals were originally his Guardians before being subverted by Beryl. In Z1, Mamoru is in Osaka, as part of a study course in genetics and botany. He returns to Tokyo in Z2. His advisor is Dr. Hatamoto Genichi.  We learn in Z24 that he minored in acting (and is rather adept at it if he wants to be.)

    Birthdate: August 3, 1974, Leo

    Distinctive Features: Dark-haired, handsome.

    Name: Earth Protector

    Aliases: Tuxedo Kamen, Prince Endymion, Moonlight Knight, Endy-chan to Serenity, Mamo-chan to Usagi.

    Transformation: No phrase

    Powers: Throws roses, which act as both weapons and tools for dispelling other people's magics.


    Special Item:

    Endymion's Sword (Icon of the Crystal Kingdom)

    Hino Rei

    The prelude revealed that her past life was engaged to Jadeite after a relationship with Prince Endymion. Endymion arranged for Jadeite to woo her away and it worked better than they could have hoped. A memory crystal recorded the two singing together in the prelude. Z6 revealed Rei's past life was Aurora (Ari), the princess of Mars, a very materially-oriented person. Aries stripped Rei of her power in Z3, resulting in her losing confidence and the ability to become Sailor Mars. Rei regained her confidence in Z6 and a new, uncontrolled ability to teleport. In Z17, Rei visited Mars and gained her Talisman and also the Icon of Vulcan.  After the events of Z20, Rei now has her hair cropped very short.  In Z22, she falls into the hands of Jadeite and becomes an evil version of her past life, Dark Queen Aurora.

    Her father is a businessman, and her mother is a Catholic physicist. Her father was supposed to take over Grandpa's temple, but converted to Catholicism instead. This created a rift between her parents and her grandfather.

    Birthdate: April 17, 1980, Aries

    Distinctive Features: Long black hair. Sometimes wears a Shinto priestess outfit.

    Name: Rei of Fire. Rei can also mean spirit, soul, or nothing.

    Aliases: Sailor Mars.


    Powers: Item(s): Special Item:

    Vulcan Armor (Z creation, found in Z17), Hammer of Vulcan (Icon of the Royal Family of Mars, Z creation, Found in Z17)

    Kaiou Michiru

    Michiru is the intellectual voice of the Outer Senshi. While Haruka would prefer to act now and consider their actions AFTER they've been acted out, Michiru's strong conscience often gets the best of her, and she must try to make Haruka stop and think about what they're doing. She chides Haruka for tormenting the Inner Senshi girls (before they know they are Inner Senshi) and even seems to be a little jealous... ^_^. Michiru is extremely intelligent, and very skilled at playing the violin and painting. She is also well adjusted and seems to see everything in life as a new experience. She enjoys swimming immensely, and she once asked Ami-chan "Were you something from the ocean in a previous life as well?" Her dream is to become a famous concert violinist.

    As Sailor Neptune, she is also very serious, and like Haruka, willing to die for her cause. However, she doesn't want to see Haruka get hurt, and has often put herself at extreme risk to prevent that. In the Silver Millenium, she was Ishtar, a minor noblewoman from Earth who was the one fated to become the last Sailor Neptune of the Silver Millenium. She was in love with Marduk, a young noble from a nearby duchy, who followed her to the Moon and took the Silver Oath with her. Marduk was Haruka's past life.

    In Z8, we learn that Michiru's parents died while on a cruise with her, the day she became Sailor Neptune and slew the beast that sank their ship. She has a fear of drowning due to this.  After the events of Z20, Michiru is rather shaken up, due to having been turned into a monster during the visit to the TORG Realm...

    Birthdate: March 6, 1979, Pisces

    Distinctive Features: Green hair.

    Name: Ruler of the Ocean

    Aliases: Sailor Neptune, Neptunite (Z24, when brainwashed due to destiny re-alignment)


    Powers: Item(s): Violin :)

    Special Item: Deep Aqua Mirror (summons grail, anime/manga)

    Kino Makoto

    Prelude revealed her past life's engagement to Nephrite and name: Juno. In Z4, it was revealed that Juno was the daughter of farmers on Europa. She was taken from her parents in the Silver Millenium and was given no choice in becoming a Senshi. In Z6, it is shown that Juno dressed and acted rebelliously. Makoto went on a date with Chester in Z9, but the relationship has not gone anywhere, due to the events of Z10 and 11. In Z16, she and Clark Magusson kissed each other for reasons which neither of them fully understands. Post Z18, she and Clark have a sort of relationship (rather complicated by the fact that he's her Teacher...).  Post Z20, Makoto has a white streak in her hair, and seems to show some signs of having retained some of her other-self's Victorian education.  In Z22, she and Clark have a major fight and things remain unresolved when she vanishes at the end of 22...

    Birthdate: December 5, 1980, Sagittarius

    Distinctive Features: Very tall and athletic, long brown ponytail.


    Aliases: Sailor Jupiter


    Powers: Item(s): Jupiter Transformation Pen

    Special Item: Jupiter Staff (Z item, found in 18.), 'Hackmaster' Sword (taken from El Ravager in Z20, she passes it to Steven Grant in Z21)

    Meiou Setsuna

    Little is known about the secretive Sailor Pluto, except that she guards the gateway that makes time travel possible. She first appeared in Sailor Moon R, as the mysterious Senshi that gave Chibi Usa the Time Key. She is probably the second most powerful Sailor Senshi, and has the tendency to only appear in times of extreme danger, because she does not wish to involve herself in the time-flow. As a rule of thumb, when Sailor Pluto DOES appear, all hell is about to break loose very soon...

    As Setsuna, she is quiet and soft spoken. She is seldom seen in either form, though. She appears to have had dealings with Haruka and Michiru in the past, and works fairly well with them, including playing "getaway driver" for them by piloting in a helicopter to pick them up, and even bringing them back after their heart crystals have been removed....

    Setsuna knows almost everything that's going on at all times, somehow. It is from her that the Sailor Senshi discover the Holy Grail, and discover that only it can help them save the world... if it's not too late.

    In the Prelude, Pluto warned of the coming attack from the Dark Kingdom. In Z4, Setsuna became a Guidance Counselor at Tsunami High for her own reasons. In Z6, it is strongly hinted that Pluto has some feelings for Tomoe-sensei as she fights off the Gibberling invasion. In Z8, she renounced her status as standing outside of time for him, and they are now engaged.

    Birthdate: October 29, ????, Scorpio [Unlike all the other Senshi, Sailor Pluto has not been reincarnated.]

    Distinctive Features: Dark green hair, very beautiful.


    Aliases: Sailor Pluto, Garnet (In Dark Tokyo in Z24)


    Powers: Item(s): Pluto Transformation Pen.

    Special Item: The Garnet Orb (part of her Time Staff) (summons Grail, anime/manga)

    Mizuno Ami

    In the prelude, it is made clear that Senshi Mercury was engaged to Zoisite before the latter's corruption by Beryl. There are hints that Mercury, Venus, Zoisite, and Kunzite were all very close. In Z6, we learn that Ami's previous life was named Athena (Teena) and was from Mars, a cousin of Rei's past life. Athena was a flirt and interested in a engineering, rather than medicine. Athena spoke in a very archaic accent. Since the events of Z10-11, Athena has been awake in Ami's mind and making her life difficult. In Z9, she got back together with her first (and only) boyfriend, Urawa Ryo, after chance and Umino brought them back into contact with each other. They had sex for the first time in Z17.  In Z21, Ami finally comes to terms with her past self, Athena.

    Ami rooms with Sensei Udaigaku's granddaughter, Noriko, at Tsunami High.

    Birthdate: September 10, 1980, Virgo

    Distinctive Features: Short blue hair. Studies constantly.

    Name: Ami of Water

    Aliases: Sailor Mercury


    Powers: Item(s): Mercury Transformation Pen

    Special Item: Mercury Computer (anime/manga)

    Osaka Naru

    Osaka Naru is actually the reincarnation of the Star Princess, heir to the Astra Dynasty. When the Star Kingdom was destroyed, she was spirited away by Senshi Pluto and given the alias Lady Patience to hide her from the Zodiac. Lady Patience is introduced in the Prelude. Her page is Turquoise. In episode 1, Naru celebrates her sixteenth birthday. In episode 6, she begins to truly come into her power, when she revives Umino using the Silver Crystal. In episode 10, she becomes Sailor Odysseus. In episode 13, she realizes she her true heritage as Princess Astra.  In Z19, she visits the old Library of the Star Kingdom and learns more of her heritage and destiny.

    Birthdate: January 1, 1980, Capricorn

    Distinctive Features: Reddish brown wavy hair, monster attack attractor :)


    Aliases: Lady Patience, Princess Astra of the Star Kingdom, Sailor Odysseus



    Item(s): Transformation Brooch

    Special Item: The Orb of Destiny

    Ten'ou Haruka

    Personality: Extremely masculine. Her short blonde hair and imposing height make her almost INDISTINGUISHABLE from a boy. The fact that she breaks dress code and wears the male school uniform, that "Haruka" can be a male OR female name, that she rides and races with her motorcycle and screaming yellow sports car (doesn't have a real license, either ^_-) and her language is boyish in nature doesn't help either. Brash and sarcastic, she loves having fun at others' expense. Most of the girls who are the Inner Senshi have crushes on her at one time, believing her to be a very handsome and cool boy. Haruka delights in it and is more than happy to tease them, and Usagi is her favorite target... ^_^ As Sailor Uranus, she takes a much more serious turn. Utterly devoted to her "mission", she is willing to sacrifice her partner's life as well as her own if it means saving the universe.

    In both forms, she's very strong, and extremely agile and fast, and is a local track star among high schools. Her dream used to be to become the top Formula One driver in the world... but as she says, "That used to be my dream. Now my dream is to do something only I can do. For that, I'll sacrifice anything."

    In the Silver Millenium, Haruka was Marduk, a nobleman from Earth who fought a duel with the Elder Uranus to earn the right to be trained as a Senshi because of his love for Ishtar, Michiru's past life. Revealed in Z4 to now be attending Tsunami High with Michiru. Has been trying to find out how Noriko can be so tough since episode 9.  After the events of Z20, Haruka is rather shaken up, due to having been turned into a Monster during the visit to the TORG Realm...  Learns Virgo is her true mother in Z24. 

    Birthdate: January 27, 1979, Aquarius

    Distinctive Features: Extremely masculine.

    Name: Ruler of Heaven

    Aliases: Sailor Uranus


    Powers: Item(s): Special Item: Space Sword (summons grail, anime/manga)

    Tomoe Hotaru

    Personality: Tomoe Hotaru, daughter of Professor Tomoe Souichi, one of the ex-evil members of the now defunct Death Busters, seems to be at first glance, a cute, shy girl. Lurking inside her though is one of the most powerful forces in the universe.

    Hotaru was, like Haruka and Michiru, a student at the Mugen Gakuen High School. She had no friends, and was rejected by her peers for being "weird". One reason for this is her bizarre, unexplainable ability to heal injuries, which the other students find to be disgusting. Hotaru is reclusive, to say the least. She is seldom seen in public, preferring to reside in her dark house, and very pale, as well as physically weak. She can't sustain physical activity for very long. Then Hotaru meets Chibi Usa, who is the first person who has ever been kind to her. Little does Chibi Usa know what's in store... ^_^

    As Sailor Saturn, Hotaru is, in a word, frightening. Perpetually stoic and calm, she has no remorse, and no sympathy for anyone or anything. If someone stands in her way, they are cut down. Her goal when she appears is to wipe the Earth of every living thing, leaving it in a freezing, nuclear winter-like state known as "The Silence". It appears that Hotaru is separate from Sailor Saturn, and can't control her. When Sailor Saturn takes dominance, Hotaru is wiped out. But is Sailor Saturn truly evil? Or is she a vessel for some darker force? Was there ever really any question? ^_-

    In Z4, Hotaru is seen as a baby. She regains adulthood (and how) in Z6. She had a massive crush on a singer, Godai Otashii for a time, and now has a sort of relationship with Derith (an Elf from Venus) since Z12. NOTE: In Z, the Saturn Power is separate from Tomoe Hotaru. It is a power of life and death and is constantly being reborn in other hosts. After the defeat of Mistress 9, the Saturn Power took advantage of Hotaru's regression to a baby (or arranged it) to have her as a host body a second time. The Power is sentient and has its own goals.

    Birthdate: January 6, 1984, Capricorn

    Distinctive Features: Dark hair, pale skin.


    Aliases: Sailor Saturn, Firefly (Derith)

    Transformation: Saturn Planet Power, Make Up!


    Item(s): Saturn Transformation Pen

    Special Item: The Silence Glaive. (Anime/manga)

    Tsukino Usagi

    No special changes from manga/anime.

    Birthdate: June 30, 1980, Cancer

    Distinctive Features: Odango-style haircut with two long ponytails.

    Name: Rabbit on the Moon

    Aliases: Sailor Moon, Princess Serenity, Usako (Mamoru), Neo-Queen Serenity (in the future), Odango-Atama / Meatball Head (Rei), Moonbeam (by Ishtar in the past)


    Powers: Item(s): Special Item: Ginzuishou (Silver Crystal, anime/manga)

    Tsukino Usagi/ Small-Lady Serenity

    Chibi-Usa is gone in Z, presumably back to her future. (Where she will stay, I hope. :)

    Umino Gurio

    Umino is Naru's boyfriend, and is fairly fanatically devoted to her. He has many hobbies: computers, gaming, science, photography, and gossip. He is left out of the loop in the first five episodes, and feels a bit depressed for a while afterwards because of this. In Z3, he runs into his old enemy Goro, a bully who used to pick on him. He dies in episode 6, and Naru revives him with the Silver Crystal. He is in the Photography Club with Urawa Ryo.

    He was Lady Patience's pageboy in the Silver Millenium, Turquoise, and loved her then as well, dying in defense of her.

    He and Steven have become close friends, and Ryo is also moving into their circuit, as they seek ways to put their combined technical expertise to work helping the Senshi.

    Unfortunately for mankind, Umino still has his Tuxedo Umino Kamen outfit. Be afraid.

    Umino runs the weekly Senshi Torg game. This has been shut down after the events of Z20 for understandable reasons.

    As of Episode 21, Umino is now the White Knight.

    Birthdate: December 23, 1980. Capricorn.

    Distinctive Features: Wild hair, coke-bottle glasses, geeky behavior.


    Aliases: Turquoise, Tuxedo Umino Kamen

    Transformation: None

    Powers: He has a knack for getting the dirt on people.

    Item(s): His glasses, which he has NEVER been seen without.

    Special Item: None

    _B. Secondary Characters_



    First Appearance:

    Series of Origin:

    Silver Millenium Identity if any or stated:


    Name: Artemis


    First Appearance: Prelude

    Series of Origin: Sailor Moon First Season

    Silver Millenium Identity if any or stated: Artemis

    Age: Thousands of years, but most of it was in suspended animation

    Mostly unchanged. In Z5, we learn how he met Inanna (Senshi Venus) and that he is from Venus. In Z7, we see that he was often forced to play with the little children of the Royal household. To say the least, he didn't LIKE this. :) As of Z10, Artemis has relearned how to assume his human form. As of Z16, he's still on VERY bad terms with Queen Hecate, leader of the Venusian Cats. We also learn he was the bastard son of a noblewoman, and never knew his father.  Artemis avoided going on Ami and Minako's trip to Venus in Z21 due to wanting to avoid having Hecate cause trouble for them.

    Name: Steven Grant

    AKA: Steve-kun (Minako calls him this)

    First Appearance: Symphony of the Planets: Venus

    Series of Origin: Symphony of the Planets

    Silver Millenium Identity if any or stated: (revealed in Z21)  Officer Maglan of the Solar Patrol

    Age: 16

    Steven is a British Exchange student from Exeter in Devon, England. His parents work for a British manufacturing firm and are spending a year in Korea at a new plant that company has opened. Steven is currently dating Aino Minako, having met her during a ski trip in Hokkaido in December, 1995. Steven currently attends the high school from KOR, and his host family is the Kasugas :) He is aware of their...special abilities, but they think he doesn't know.

    Steven is a quiet, but friendly fellow. He has a deep insight into people deriving from his special power, but tries not to show it so he doesn't have to explain how he knows these things. He enjoys athletics, although he is not great at them. Steven is fairly confident with romantic relationships, although he hasn't had a lot of luck. His biggest flaw is a penchant for practical jokes that sometimes annoys people.

    As of Z12, Steven is married to Minako. Neither set of parents know, but they likely won't be too amused.

    As of Z21, Steven's past-life from the Silver Millenium as Officer Maglan, a member of the Solar Patro, l has been revealed.  Officer Maglan was engaged to his partner, Gwynnaefael, an Elf at that time, but he perished while assisting the mysterious Time Priest in stopping an attack on a refugee ship during the Fall of the Silver Millenium.

    Birthdate: September 1, 1980 (Virgo)

    Distinctive features: Brown hair, brown eyes, 5'10 and thus taller than most of our cast, plays practical jokes, very difficult to trick

    Name: Rather bland generic British name, if not quite on level of "John Smith"

    Aliases: Steve-kun :)

    Transformation: Doesn't transform


    Steven has two powers. He has the ability to see through disguises of all kinds. This includes telling if he is being lied to. He can also see what a person really looks like if they are disguised, although that doesn't necessarily mean he knows who they are :)

    The other one is his ridiculously good ventriloquism skills. He is a skillful mimic. He won't fool electronic analysis, but he is almost supernaturally good at ventriloquism.

    Items: His Motorcycle and International Driver's License.  In Z21, Makoto gives him the magical blade 'Hackmaster', which he retains for the rest of the series.  "Steven studied his blade curiously.  It looked solid, and cut through a wide variety of substances with ease.  It has some heft to it, though it was lighter than a sword of its size should be.  It felt real when he held it." -- Z21.  The sword guides its user's hands. 

    Quote: "I have no idea how that bucket got over your door."

    Name: Hibino Hikaru

    AKA: No aliases

    First Appearance:

    Series of Origin: Hime-chan No Ribbon

    Silver Millenium Identity if any or stated: None stated, if any.

    Age: 16

    Hibino is the head of the Daichi Fan Club, and she has completely fallen for Daichi. She has pursued him to the point of joining the Transdimensional Defense Club to chase him. She has shoulder-length brown hair, is (supposedly) attractive, and hangs around Daichi at every possible opportunity. She fantasizes quite a bit, and has an extremely high opinion of herself (she's stuck-up). Hikaru's family is made up of her father (who is a doctor), her mother (who is a nurse), and herself. But they also hire a helper to take care of their house. Hikaru was the only person besides Daichi to suspect that Hime-chan had more powers than a normal girl.

    Hikaru is now focusing on biology, as she hopes to one day be a doctor like her father. She is also in the school Journalism club, and is often seen with a camcorder or microphone and tape recorder. This may be the doom of her, for as of SMZ16 and 17, she caught Neptune and Mars kissing on tape, and this footage has come to the awareness of dark powers...

    As of Z19, she seems to be finally giving up on Daichi.  We hope.  She learns Sailor Venus' secret identity in Z19.

    In Z23, she obtains a ninja suit with gadgets designed by Sensei Udaigaku. 


    Hikaru actually does have a power...She always shows up at the worst possible moment when you wish she wouldn't, often shoving a camcorder in your face and asking questions like, "Where were you on December 15, 1994?" She also has a substantial allowance from her well off dad. She is also now studying martial arts, because it gives her an excuse to be around Daichi :)  She becomes the new Scorpio in Z25. 

    Name: Hudson


    First Appearance: Sailor Moon Z 5

    Series of Origin: Sailor Moon Z in current form, Aliens character was the inspiration.

    Silver Millenium Identity if any or stated: unknown

    Age: 30

    A wise-cracking gaijin mercenary whose ego is too big for his own good, Hudson was first seen working for Capricorn in Z1. Utterly fearless when faced with natural enemies, Hudson tends to lose it when faced with the supernatural. This is because he was part of a Zodiac patrol which was massacred by the Things in the outer planets. He sees Makoto transform in Z1, but she threatened to kill him if he ever told anyone...He took her at her word :) He seems to also be a favorite target for the White Knight to bop. :) In Z10, he shot Saturn in the head when the Saturn Force took her over, and as of Z17, is still in therapy as they try to bring him out of the coma she put him in.  By Z21, Hudson has recovered and is back in action, cranky as ever.  In Z25, he becomes the new Aries. 

    Name: Ichiwara Yuki


    First Appearance: Symphony of the Planets: Mercury

    Series of Origin: Symphony of the Planets

    Silver Millenium Identity if any or stated: An unnamed starship captain

    Age: 16

    Yuki is a friendly girl with long brown hair gathered in a pony-tail and blue eyes. She is the president of the new Senshi Fan Club at Tsunami High School. She first met Ami in her last year of Junior high when they went to the same cram school. (See Sy. of the Planets: Mercury). She is 5'4" and of medium build. She is also a member of the Archery Club and one of its best members. Just to make her life busier, she also worships various idols and is in the school choir, where she also excels. If she only would put all that energy into her homework... Then she wouldn't need Ami to help her with math all the time for one thing...

    Yuki is a friendly, outgoing kind of girl. The only thing she takes really seriously is her music. She sings, plays guitar, and writes songs. She hopes to be an idol singer one day. She spends most of her time trying to earn money to go to concerts when she is not working on homework or her own music. She also considers herself an "expert" on the Senshi and tries to find out as much as she can about them.

    As of Z13, she is dating Toriyama Kenichi (see Minor Characters).

    After the events of Z21, she seems to be a likely target for Zodiac action after she shouted out combat advice on how to beat them to several of the Sailors and was spotted.

    Birthdate: June 29, 1980 (Cancer)

    Distinctive features: Knows EVERYTHING about the Senshi that anyone who wasn't one might learn. EVERYTHING. If the Zodiac ever finds out she exists...

    Name: No joke, I have no clue what it means :)

    Aliases: Yuki-chan

    Transformation: She wishes. OH, does she wish.


    Yuki has no powers, except for a beautiful singing voice if you count that. She can do the break glass with high C trick, too. I guess you could count her unflappable high spirits as a power too :)   However, in Z25, she becomes the new Pisces. 

    Items: An endless array of fangirl support materials.

    Quote: "Oh cool! It's a youma like that one the Senshi fought at that jewelry store on March 28, 1994!"

    Name: Izuko


    First Appearance: Z1

    Series of Origin: Sailor Moon Z Original Character

    Silver Millenium Identity if any or stated: None stated, if any.

    Age: 30

    A quiet and competent mercenary, she is often teamed up with Hudson (to her annoyance) because of a compatibility between their signs. She dislikes Hudson immensely, seeing him as a loud-mouthed braggart with no redeeming characteristics. She tries to interrogate the Sailors in Z1, but is foiled by them. She has been used as a spy by Polly several times and hates it.  In Z25, she becomes the new Aquarius.

    Name: Kobayashi Daichi

    AKA: No aliases

    First Appearance: Z5

    Series of Origin: Hime-chan no Ribbon

    Silver Millenium Identity if any or stated: Unstated if any.

    Age: 16.

    He's very good at sports, is rebellious, and is often seen trying to avoid being caught by various teachers. He skips class a lot. Most of the girls at school seem to think he's cool... and there's even a Daichi Fan Club. It's not as strong as it once was...he's been dating Himeko for two years...But the club president is still rather... persistent :) Daichi is aware of Hime-chan's special abilities, and she has told him about Erika's return. He is very concerned for her and has started trying to learn martial arts to protect her. He is now the vice-president of the Transdimensional Defense club, probably because he is the cutest guy.

    He is about 3 inches taller than Himeko, and getting rather strong. He works out a little. He has short brown unkempt hair.

    Daichi's Powers:

    He's a really good soccer player, and has a lot of rebellious charisma :) He also now has a motorcycle, which he drives around illegally :)  In Z21, he gets to use some of Himeko's old magical items against Pyroxenite.  In Z25, he becomes the new Taurus. 

    Name: Koishikawa Yuu

    AKA: Club Treasurer Yuu, 'Hey, Yuu'

    First Appearance: Z6

    Series of Origin: Sailor Moon Z (Although his name is taken from two Marmalade Boy characters)

    Silver Millenium Identity if any or stated: None stated if any

    Age: 17

    Yuu is club treasurer. He is the club super-otaku and all around home elctronics nut. He is a spoiled rich kid who loves inviting a few hundred kids over to watch anime at his house...:) He has his own viewing room, enough VCRs to circle the globe, makes his own music videos, gets friends to help him dub and subtitle foreign tapes, sits in lines for days to get animation cels, etc. He leads the otaku faction of the Transdimensional Defense Club. He is short with neat black hair and always well dressed when not on Otaku business :) He thinks he is a great hero...he's wrong :)


    He's Filthy Rich.

    Name: Koteuchi Manami

    AKA: Idol Angel Mami

    First Appearance: Z3

    Series of Origin: Sailor Moon Z, but very heavily inspired by pre-SM magical girl shows.

    Silver Millenium Identity if any or stated: Possibly one of Endymion's non-warrior sisters. 

    Age: 16

    Koteuchi Manami is a cute black-haired girl with the power to transform into an adult, beautiful, charismatic idol singer, complete with magical microphone and theme music/background music :) She is originally from Kyoto, but her family moved to Tokyo when she was 10, so she has a distinct accent when she speaks. Her normal form is somewhat mousy looking, with shoulder-length hair and green eyes. She hopes to be a psychologist one day, and has a good understanding of how people think. When she was ten, her family went through some hard times, but she was chosen by a kami to bear the Sacred Song Transformation Wand, in order to help her family and to bring the joy of music to others. With the wand she can transform herself into Idol Angel Mami, who sings with the voice of the gods...she can easily sway crowds and evoke emotions, plus produce her own music. The wand becomes a microphone :) Idol Angel Mami looks much like Manami, but has waist-length black hair, is ridiculously gorgeous, and always exquisitely dressed. As she becomes older, the transformation is less pronounced, but those who don't know her still often can't tell it's her hair gets longer for one thing :)

    Manami speaks English very well and reads a lot of English literature, which is how she meets Ami in chapter 3. She also has an uncle who lives in the United States.

    She is currently looking for a boyfriend. As of Z15, she is starting to see Seiji Matsumoto who is in the Manga Club with her. As of Z17, Hikaru Hibino and Obsidian are aware of her secret identity, though Obsidian doesn't really understand it.

    Name: Kumada Yuuichiro


    First Appearance: Z2

    Series of Origin: Sailor Moon

    Silver Millenium Identity if any or stated: Not stated, if any

    Age: 24

    Son of a wealthy family, Yuuichiro is seeking spiritual fulfillment. This led him to become a bum and later an acolyte at the Hino Temple. He has a lot of interesting skills picked up from his years on the road, but doesn't talk about his past much. He is in love with Rei, but often thinks he doesn't have a chance with her.

    Spiritually, Yuuichiro is caught in a karmic foul-up. As the events of the past repeat themselves in the present, he stands in Jadeite's place. Had Jadeite been reincarnated, he would have been Yuuichiro. Since Jadeite was not, Yuuichiro is missing something from his soul. He tries to fill his role as best he can, but his efforts are often less than perfect.

    In Z22, he follows the Senshi into the Dark Kingdom and spends Z22-5 trapped there, though Tethys finds him in Z23 and brings him into Aurora's service. 

    Name: Luna


    First Appearance: Prelude

    Series of Origin: Sailor Moon

    Silver Millenium Identity if any or stated: Luna

    Age: Thousands of years, mostly in suspended animation.

    Mostly unchanged. She fears that she is going senile because of her spotty memory. In Z5, a flashback reveals that she and Artemis are from Venus. In Z7, we see that she was the unofficial 'mistress of etiquette and protocol' in the Moon court and occassional unwilling plaything for Royal children :) In Z11, she relearns how to assume human form. In Z16, her mother, Queen Hecate shows up, and we learn she is the daughter of the Queen of the Venusian cats. She and Artemis are reviving their old relationship.

    Name: Clark Maguson

    AKA: Maguson-sensei

    First Appearance: Z5

    Series of Origin: Sailor Moon Z Original Character (created by Pearson Mui)

    Silver Millenium Identity if any or stated: Parias

    Explanation of Name: Clark's name is actually a huge pun. Clark is old French for "scholar,"as well as a really bad mispronounciation of "cleric." Maguson is "son of a wise man/magician," which describes part of his parentage in his past life.

    Age: 25 (Birthday September 30, 1970, which means he'll turn 26 by the end of Z)

    "a young man with dark brown hair, gray eyes, and glasses " (Z8). His real parents, Bernard and Marie, died in a car accident when he was a week old, so foster parents raised him. He has a sword they passed on to him through their attorney, Arthur Tournay. "Inside was a largish sword covered in strange, rune-like symbols. It was about four and a half feet long, not including the hilt, and was most definitely illegal anywhere in Japan. It was somewhat more slender than a typical broadsword, but with more substance to it than a saber. " (Z16)

    Attended Kyoto University with Haruna Sakurada. Replaced Amuro-sensei in episode 8, after Amuro left to work in the Ministry of Education. He teaches biology, and one English section, which Manami, Minako, and Makoto are in.

    As of Z18, he and Makoto have a romantic relationship, though they can't be public with it, as he is her teacher.

    Name: Nonohara Himeko

    AKA: Hime-chan, the Younger Pluto

    First Appearance: Z5

    Series of Origin: Hime-chan No Ribbon

    Silver Millenium Identity if any or stated: Not stated, if any

    Age: 16

    Himeko is a tomboyish girl 16 years old. She has short yellow hair with a big red Ribbon tied in it. She is a member of the Tsunami Drama Club, and the President of the Transdimensional Defense Club.

    Himeko's birthday is January 30, 1980 and her blood type is O. She is around 150 cm tall and weighs about 38 kg. She is in love with the club vice-president, Daichi. They have been dating for two years.

    Personality notes:

    Daichi says about Himeko, "You're the type who always gets upset very quickly. Calm down." Himeko enjoys sports and acting. She's even written a play herself once. She is still rather tomboyish, usually dressing in a male style, though not so effectively as say, Haruka :) She also has a rather short temper and is easily upset, though she is struggling to control this.


    Unlike many people, Himeko is aware of the existence of magic. When she was 13, she met a girl named Erika, who was her double from the Kingdom of Magic. For the next year, she helped test many magical devices for Erika, including a ribbon that could turn her into any other human for one hour, a magical heart wand that could make things big or small, a flying pen, and a palette that could stop time and make a duplicate of herself...though the duplicate was only as half as good as her at things (including 1/2 as tomboyish :) Himeko had many adventures and gradually fell in love with a boy named Daichi. He and her rival, Hibino Hikaru were the only ones who learned of her secret powers. At the end of the year, she had to give back the magical items, as Erika had now passed her tests. For the next year and a half, she lived a normal life, or at least as normal a life as anyone has...

    On her 16th birthday, Erika appeared to Himeko again. She told Himeko that she had seen Himeko would be in grave danger in the future, and that she had smuggled Himeko her old ribbon in the hopes it might be of some help to her. Himeko finally graduated from her old junior high and began attending Tsunami High, where through circumstances she doesn't quite understand, she was elected president of the Transdimensional Defense she's beginning to wonder if just maybe Erika's gift may be what is going to get her into the danger it's supposed to save her from...

    As of Z10, Himeko is now the Junior Pluto, a Pluto in training.

    In Z19, Himeko acquired her own Garnet Orb.

    Post Z20, Himeko has been rather shaken up by her actions in the TORGverse.

    Himeko's powers:

    The Ribbon & Pendant:

    Hime-chan has a purple ribbon and pendant combination that enable her to transform into any other human person in the world. It has to be someone real, but it can be anyone she's ever seen or heard of, living or dead, as long as they are/were real. The ribbon vanishes for the hour, but the pendant then begins ticking off the time until she will turn back to normal. While the ribbon does change her clothing...the pendant does not vanish and she has to hide it somewhere on her person. At five minutes warning, it begins flashing and beeping softly.

    Hime-chan's magical phrases are listed below.

    As the Younger Pluto:
    Hime-chan becomes a Pluto in training in Z10 and 11 after discovering she can use Pluto's Time Staff. She has the same powers as Sailor Pluto, but is much less adept at them.

    Name: Pokota

    AKA: Hime-chan's stuffed toy

    First Appearance: Z5

    Series of Origin: Hime-chan no Ribbon

    Silver Millenium Identity if any or stated: He was a real lion. How he ended up as a stuffed toy has yet to be revealed.

    Age: Unstated.

    Stuffed yellow lion, purple bow. Pokota is Hime-chan's stuffed pet lion. He can come alive and talk to her when no one who doesn't know his secret is around. Pokota is animated by a reincarnated spirit that knew Luna and Artemis back in the moon kingdom days. He was a lion then too, but a lot more impressive :) He is very brave, but occasionally forgets he isn't a real lion anymore :)

    Name: Tomoe Souichi

    AKA: Tomoe-sensei, Poppa

    First Appearance: Z4

    Series of Origin: Sailor Moon S

    Silver Millenium Identity if any or stated: None stated as of yet.

    Age: 36

    The main change to his canonical past is that he studied under Udaigaku-sensei when in college. In episode 6, he was infected by the Gibberling disease, but Saturn cured him. He is in love with Setsuna, and as of episode 8, they are engaged.

    He is currently working with a crystal lattice tachyon array, which enables one to scry distant places. "About a third of the plain white room was filled with a huge web of crystal, strung together with gold wires, silver cables, and large misshapen hunks of lead. Part of the lattice contained a huge flat crystal that showed shimmering images inside it, and a variety of more normal electronic wires ran into a large computer." (Z12)

    Name: Udaigaku Noriko

    AKA: Gives other people nicknames :)

    First Appearance: Z4

    Series of Origin: Sailor Moon Z (Inspired by Nuku-Nuku)

    Silver Millenium Identity if any or stated: None given

    Age: 16

    Noriko is Ami's roomate, and Sensei Udaigaku's granddaughter. She has long electric blue hair, deep green eyes, and a bouncy personality. An expert programmer, she is working on a Sailor Senshi fighting game with Yuki. She has the odd quirk of dropping the first syllable from everyone's name, and she calls virtually everyone -chan.

    She dated Haruka in episode 9, and demonstrated superhuman strength, which piqued Haruka's curiosity.

    In Z18, she is revealed to be a cyborg; her family died in a car wreck, and she nearly died, but her grandfather built her a robot body to house her brain.

    Name: Udaigaku Tatewaki, Ph.D--Physics and Cosmology

    AKA: Sensei

    First Appearance: Z4

    Series of Origin: Sailor Moon Z

    Silver Millenium Identity if any or stated: None given

    Age: In his sixties.

    "A tall, gangly old man, mostly bald except for two tufts of hair by his ears and a long, snowy-white beard. He was wearing a tweed suit, heavily patched around the elbows, with its pockets full to bursting with incomprehensible gadgets, and thick eyeglasses with something like a jeweler's loupe attached to the right lens. " (Z4)

    Dr. Udaigaku has been at Tsunami for five years now, and is noted for his research into high energy dimensional physics and paraphysics. He provides advice for the club, technical support, and portable nuclear generators as needed. His granddaughter, Udaigaku Noriko, attends Tsunami and is currently a first year student.

    His offices are located in the basement of the Science building and he is always available to students. Given his propensity for dangerous experiments, some of them come to wish he wasn't quite so available.

    In Z18, it is revealed that Sensei used to work for Mishima Heavy Industries in their robotics department, and long neglected his family until most of his descendants died in a car wreck. He managed to save his granddaughter's life by building her a robot body.

    Notable Publications:

    Name: Urawa Ryo

    AKA: "Greg Farshtey" (His TORG character)

    First Appearance: Z9

    Series of Origin: Sailor Moon First Season

    Silver Millenium Identity if any or stated: Tilerna the Time Priest (revealed in Z21)

    Age: 16

    All canonical information remains true. He is dating Ami Mizuno again, as of Z9. He is in the Photography Club with Umino. He has a suit of battle armor given him by the Dwarves of Mercury, but fears to use it because the dwarf who gave it to him was a complete nutcase, as seen in Z15.  He uses it in Z21, with rather mixed results.

    _C. Minor Characters_


    The Tomoe family newspaper boy, destined to be Prime Minister of Japan one day. Appears in Z8.



    In the Prelude, she identifies the conjunction that heralds Naru's birth.


    Lord Axok'zan

    An elven lord who is dispatched to test Senshi Venus' fitness to wield the Bow of Venus. He ends up trying to carry off Makoto by force after Venus shoots him with a love arrow and gets in a duel with Clark Maguson in Z16. "He was pale of skin and had jet black hair. He was always smiling, but when you looked in his eyes, the yellow eyes of a wolf looked back hungrily. His clothes were simple compared to his companion, being similar to a Japanese school boy's uniform, only in shades of grey. A sword was buckled to his belt in a plain leather scabbard." (Z16)


    Bob the Dragon

    "It was long and sinuous and the light of the sun and stars reflecting off its scaled silver hide. From this body extended four powerful limbs which ended in wickedly sharp claws, a long, whip-like tail, and a large head that sported numerous sharp teeth. Two large wings also extended from its back, flapping in mighty sweeps as it moved between the planets. That fact alone would be enough to send scientists into fits, as everyone knows there is nothing in a vacuum for wings to work with."

    "Like all intelligent creatures, it had a name. Actually, it had three. One was how it referred to itself. No one else knew that name,mainly because it considered everyone too stupid and undeserving to know it. (Star Dragons are big on ego as well as intelligence.) Its second name was what other dragons called it, a long and majestic sounding name, though some dragons sniggered that the twenty-third syllable sounded close to a vulgar euphemism for bodily waste. The third name was for those species too benighted to be born dragons. That name was Bob." (Z14)

    Bob is Derith's ally and mount. How they came to work together has yet to be revealed. He is a Star Dragon.


    The Bradies

    A gang of kids at Moon Hill Experiment House who model themselves after the Brady Bunch. They get along poorly with Minako and her friends, and in episode 7, Polly and Scorpio turn them into monsters who attack the school dance. Their current fate is unknown.


    Cameo Characters:

    These characters appear only briefly and play no particular role in the long-term plots. They are listed by series.

    Most of the cast of Beverly Hills 90210 and the Brady Bunch are mentioned in Z5 and Z7.

    Mel Gibson has a one line cameo in Z17. He sneezes.

    Kimagure Orange Road: Kyousuke, Manami, and Kurumi Kasuga (Z5), Hikaru Hiyama (Z5), Ayukawa Madoka (Z16 and Z18)

    Mahou Tsukai Tai: Aburatsubo (Z10)

    Marmalade Boy: Hotaru wears a T-shirt from this series in episode 8. Yet, Miki shows up as a real person in episode 17. For that matter, GASTAMAN (from the Marmalade Boy movie) show up in episode 8! Clearly, the plot of Marmalade Boy was somewhat different in this universe. Or perhaps the Authors didn't perfectly plan everything. Naah.

    Ranma 1/2: Mentioned multiple times; Shampoo and the Nekohanten appear by other names in episode 7; Furinkan High is mentioned in episode 9 by name and hinted at in episode 5. Tsubasa is alluded to in Z17, having married Ryuunosuke.

    Urusei Yatsura: Ryuunosuke's Father (The old man in Z17 who is fishing)



    Daichi's physical double from the Kingdom of Magic.  He is rather a prankster and troublemaker.


    The Captain

    "The Captain, a red-haired, red-bearded, red-faced man of indeterminate age, sat nearby in a crude wheelchair shaped like a boat." (Z16) A mildly deranged elf who brings the judges of Venus' fitness to Earth in Z16.


    Dia and her Elven Followers


    An elven lady who is dispatched to test Senshi Venus' fitness to wield the Bow of Venus. An old lover of Athena. Maternal half-sister to Derith Moontears. "Her skin was a light golden tan. It was readily apparent that this was her natural skin color because she was showing so much of it. She wore a red, sleeveless outfit which ended in a micro-miniskirt and left her back bare. A large triangle was cut out of the front of the dress, showing a generous amount of cleavage. Long, silver hair flowed down her back, accentuated her unearthly beauty. Two eyes like sapphires blazed with amusement as she smiled at the Captain." (Z16)

    When she was young, she was kidnapped but her cousin Derith rescued her. 

    Lady Dia plays an important role in Z21, when she invites Ami and Minako to her estate on Venus and tries to renew her old relationship with Ami.  In Z25, she takes in the families of the Senshi and becomes Osaka Hoseki's lover (Naru's mother). 


    A beautiful Naiad.  She is a friend of Nike and shares a room with her.  She and Nike challenge Ryo to a swimming race.  Dia assigns her to help Ami acclimate to Elven life.  Her feet get cold at night, so she wears socks when she sleeps.

    Chatelaine Milrinde

    A short, slender elf dressed in blue and white, who manages Dia's estate and carries a baton of office.


    A male pixie.


    A nightstalker who finds it amusing to use her powers to sneak up on people.  Assigned to help Steven acclimate to Elven life.  She was a changeling, an elven baby swapped for a human one to grow up in the mortal world.


    A beautiful Naiad.  She is a friend of Aria and shares a room with her.  She and Nike challenge Ryo to a swimming race.  Nike also races Ami and wins.  Nike is quite curious about Earth customs, as she's never met a human who wasn't raised in Arcadia.  She finds Ryo to be rather handsome.  She is assigned to help Ryo acclimate to Elven life.


    Dwarven Bureau of Investigation Team #45

    Mercury nodded. "Sounds good to me." She was about to knock on the next door when another 'bullet cart' roared up, and five dwarves, each dressed in a different garish and conflicting costume, leaped out. The tallest was dressed in red and looked disturbingly like a Dwarven Power Ranger. He had a long staff with a blade on the end. The second wore a somewhat similar outfit, although he had a long cloak and an open visor that revealed his face and looked somewhat like a bird beak. His costume was yellow, and he carried a long tube with several colored lenses on the end of it. The third was wearing a suit of platemail, but he hadpainted it red with gold trim. A sword hung at his waist, and some sort of glowing lens was attached to his chest plate. The fourth was wearing a blue bodysuit with red trim and a long red cape. There was a big red S on his chest. He had no visible weapons. The fifth looked hideously embarrassed and was wearing chainmail and a open helm, and carrying a glowing axe. He also had a small notebook computer slung from his belt. "Okay, team, let's spread out and investigate. And this time, let's NOT shoot everything that moves, okay?"

    This team of lunatics is lead by the hapless Dworkin, who does his best to ride herd over a squad of complete lunatics. They appear in Sailor Moon Z 15, and live on Mercury.

    Iron Dwarf gave Ryo a functional duplicate of his armor, scaled to a human. Ryo uses it in the battle with Amazonite's army in Z21.


    Lord Eien

    An elven lord who is dispatched to test Senshi Venus' fitness to wield the Bow of Venus. He is in love with Pluto, but she tricks him into swearing an oath that keeps him away from her after Z16. " a tall thin elf wearing a toga of Black and white, trimmed in imperial purple. His hair was long and as green as jade, and his skin was a dusky shade. It made him look like one of those scraggy pines you find on a mountain side, but for the incredible beauty of his face. He was obviously male, but if you took him by his face alone, he could pass for a female." (Z16)



    Himeko's double from the Kingdom of Magic.  She is the princess of that kingdom, a maker of magical items.


    Furuhata Motoki

    Mamoru's best friend and manager of the Crown Arcade.  Had destiny followed its proper course, he would have become Nephrite's reincarnation.  He comes to know this in Z25.  He has a red-haired sister named Unazuki. 



    Originally appearing in the Marmalade Boy Movie, they appear in SMZ8 as the younger brothers of some of the members of the TDDC. They consist of Alpha, Beta, Zeta, Omega, and Gastaman!. Real names unknown.

    Armed with water pistols, they somehow slipped past Pluto's time sense and hosed down the Outer Senshi. Perhaps one of the Three meddled?


    Ginza Takashi

    A rather incompetent astrologer who runs afoul of Usagi at the New Year's Festival and fails to influence the Minister of Education.


    Golden Ring Social Club Officers

    Onogiri Sayuri was president. Only three of the other four are named: "Yuka, a tall, thin brown haired girl handed out sheets of paper to everyone, while another officer, Rumiko, lit a candle. The third officer, Yameko, went and turned out the lights." (Z13)



    The Golems were the defenders of the Kingdom of Mars, as the Senshi were for the Moon Kingdom, and the Guardians for the Earth Kingdom. They were made by Vulcan, and inhabited by souls of humans who chose to take on the role for various reasons. By the time of Sailor Moon Z, only Obsidian survives. He appears in Z17, and several others appear in flashbacks in that episode.


    Grandpa Hino

    Still runing the Hikawa shrine and looking for cute acolytes. Seen running a booth at the New Year's Festival in Z1. Currently living at another temple while his is being repaired after the events of Z6.



    Work for Capricorn and are trounced by the Sailors and the White Knight in Z1. The same guards may or may not have been used in Z5.



    A blue-haired Elven member of the Solar Patrol.  She was engaged to Officer Maglan, Steven's past life.  She resurfaces in Z21, hoping to resume their old relationship.  Gwynnaefael didn't get mad often or easily, but when she did, it tended to be pretty terrible. (Z21)


    Haruna Sakurada

    Usagi and company's homeroom teacher from Sailor Moon. She went to Kyoto University with Clark Maguson, and is friends with him. Happy to be rid of Usagi as of episode 2. Appears in 15 and 17 in connection with Clark. She was Sensei Wisdom in her past life.  In Z25, she comes to remember this and regains her old abilities. 


    Dr. Hatamoto Genichi

    Mamoru's advisor. Teaches Botany at Tokyo University. Never actually seen on-screen as of yet.


    Queen Hecate of the Venusian Cats

    Resembles Luna strongly. Queen of the Venusian cats. Not to be mistaken for the youma who helped deceive Sayuri in Z13. Appears in Z16. "The cat walked with a haughty demeanor that would put even other cats to shame. Her fur was as black as space. It seemed almost like starlight radiated from it as she moved. On her brow, a silver crescent moon sat, seeming to float over her golden eyes."

    In her human form:  tanned with long black hair and vivid green eyes, wearing an elaborate purple dress. 



    A member of the Greenwood High Social Club. Kimiko latches onto him at the social at the Imperial Gardens.



    Sensei's Artifical Intelligence, which started out as a chess playing machine. First seen in episode 4.


    Ido Takahiro

    Manager of the Five Roaring Spirits Hot Springs. He is an agent of Aries.



    A Mercurian Dwarf who is friend to many Mercurian Hounds (Z17)


    Lieutenant Commander Kazgro

    A black haired dwarf woman with a braided beard and sedate blue clothing. She is in command of Dwarven Bureau of Investigation Teams #41-50, including the notorious Team #45. She is a fairly skeptical dwarf, and questions Mercury and Uranus' identities at first. She appears in Z15.



    A boy in one of Minako's classes who tries to ask her out under the influence of her glamour in Z17.



    KLUNK is a boy band similar to SMAP, Menudo, the New Kids on the Block, and other bands of guys chosen for looks and dancing skills, rather than singing talent. Hotaru has a crush on their lead singer, Otoshii Godai. Their CDs include 'KLUNK Live From Kyoto' and 'Symphony from Saturn' (newest). They play a concert which Hotaru wants to attend in Z12.


    Koishikawa Miki

    An employee of Bobson's ice cream who makes several cameos.  In Z25, she tries to fight off Amazonite and her youma with ice cream to save her friends Kei and Suzu.  Her bravery impresses Amazonite who recruits her and turns her into a youma named Iodine, promising to protect Miki's loved ones in return for Miki's service.  They remain friendly after the reversion of the Youma to human status. 

    Miki as Iodine:

    Her new lieutenant was wearing the odd combo of a general-style wrap around jacket with a short skirt that came down only to her knees, a pink suit with green trim.  Lt. Iodine had lustrous violet-black skin and long slightly dark yellow hair and violet eyes.  Her body was taller and more muscular than before, but she still had the same odd hairstyle with little tufts of hair on the side of her head.  She held a very long spoon the size of a naginata. -- Z25



    A member of the Transdimensional Defense Club. One of Tethys' victims in Episode 8.


    Kurenai Goro

    A bully who maltreated Umino in the fourth grade. Everyone was scared of him. He encounters Umino again in episode 3, and they clash, but later are reconciled. Umino managed to drive him out of their old school with his gossip gathering skills. No relation to Tsubasa.



    Appears briefly in Z13. He is in Haruka's phys. ed. class. Tells Haruka to ask Noriko out if he likes her.


    Love Line Announcer

    A completely innocent man who just happens to sound exactly like Jadeite on the radio. :)



    Principal at Moon Hill Experiment House. A bit of a James Bond freak.


    On the Scene Investigative Reporter Masamichi Kyoyama.

    "He was tall and handsome, with neat black hair and soft hazel eyes, dressed in a nice suit".He does an investigative report on the Sailor Senshi in Z17 with footage that Hibino Hikaru recorded in episode 16. He works for Channel 10, which shows the Sailor V show.  In Z25, he provides live coverage of Jadeite's invasion of Earth.


    Matsuno Seiji

    "remarkably bland, with dark black hair, brown eyes, and a small nose. His clothing, the Tsunami uniform, was unremarkable as well. Only a small scar under his right ear made him stand out at all." First appeared in Z10 when he met Athena in Ami's body at a party. He believes Ami suffers from multiple personalities (this is what Setsuna told him). He is in the manga club, and is fairly good at it. A Sailor Mercury fan, he sent Ami an ecchi SV doujinshi with a 'Sailor Hermes' story in it in Z15. He is now starting to see Manami.


    Meiko (Meiko Miyamoto)

    A friend of Naru's in the Golden Ring Social Club in Z13. Goes to the Imperial Gardens with Youta. She was one of the five Golden Ring pledges with the most magical potential.

    In Z19, her family's apartment building burns down during one of Pyroxenite's atacks.


    Minister of Education

    The Zodiac attempted to influence him at the New Year's Festival, but their astrologer bumped into Usagi first. Also shows up in Yamamoto's office photos.


    Mizuno Kensuke

    Ami's father, a professional artist.  He appears in Z21 for the first time.  He learns Ami's secret in that episode.   In Z25, he starts dating a Dryad named Maya.


    Dr. Mizuno Miaka

    Ami's mother, a doctor who specializes in children's medicine.  A very hard worker and strict disciplinarian.  She responds poorly to find out Ami's secrets in Z21.  She has a bit of a temper and can be stubborn, but is very compassionate to her patients. In Z25, she starts dating a Nightshade named Starshadow.  She tells Ami she is going to spend a while in Arcadia studying Elven medicine.


    Derith Moontears

    "Humanoid, and human seeming at first glance, he is not a native of Earth. Instead, his almond-shaped eyes and pointed ears denote a more ancient race, steeped in magic and mystery, whose very name invokes the imagery of mystic glens and mischievous sprites. Our more enlightened observers would say, "It's a bleedin' elf!" Clad in a stout gray cloak, sky blue shirt and pants, and a pair of sturdy leather boots, he seemed to have stepped right out of some fantasy novel. His hair was a vibrant silver, flowing down to his shoulders, and a short, neat goatee. " (Z14)

    His eyes are blue with golden flecks. Friend and rider of Bob the Dragon, he met Hotaru in Z14 at Titan. Seems to be developing a relationship with her. He is a magical generalist, rather than a specialist, preferring versatility over expertise.


    Lucy Moneypenny

    Real name: Hitoya Noa. Principal's secretary at Moon Hill Experiment House.


    Moroboshi Ryo

    The most notorious lech at Tsunami, lives near Urawa Ryo in his hall.


    Namawara Kimiko

    "a tall, thin girl with long curly blonde hair that ran down to the bottom of her shoulderblades" A friend of Naru's from junior high during the time when Naru and Usagi drifted apart. Dislikes Usagi, who she thinks is lazy and worthless; likes Umino and thinks he is a good boyfriend for Naru. Joined the Golden Ring before her first appearance in Z7, and convinced Naru to join it in Z9. One of the five Golden Ring pledges with the most magical potential.



    Formerly a Guardian of Endymion and engaged to Senshi Jupiter, Nephrite was corrupted by Beryl and made a General of the Dark Kingdom. He led part of the attack that destroyed the Moon Kingdom and slew Senshi Jupiter. Imprisoned in the Dark Kingdom with the others, he waited out the millenia until the Dark Kingdom could once again attack the Earth. When he "died" in the anime, his essence was actually incorporated in the Great Shield by Naru's nascent power. He became the Guardian of the Great Shield, working (loosely) with Sailor Pluto and the Three to prevent the intrusion of the Things from Beyond. He has discovered the remains of the Dark Kingdom and Jadeite and taunts his former colleague at times.


    Onogiri Sayuri

    "She had long, dark red hair and a nearly perfect figure augmented by her excellent taste in clothing. She could inspire envy just by being alive." She was the president of the Golden Ring Social Club at Tsunami in her first appearance in Z13. She believed herself to be Hematite, daughter of Beryl. She was later revealed to be the reincarnation of Lady Charity, and her true destiny was to become the Istarii of Leo. Currently in the company of Leo of the Zodiac.


    Osaka-san Hoseki

    Naru's mother. Hosts Naru's 16th birthday party in Z1. Acts as peacemaker during the party and bakes "magic" rings into the birthday cake. Her first name means 'Jewel'.  She is greatly worried whether people like her will have any role in the age which is beginning.  She and Dia become lovers in Z25. 


    Otoshii Godai

    An idol singer who Hotaru has a crush on. He is the lead singer of 'KLUNK', an idol band. Their CDs include 'KLUNK Live From Kyoto' and 'Symphony from Saturn' (newest). "He was tall and thin with short messy blond hair and an odd accent that Poppa said reminded him of the time he had gone to New York City. However, Poppa also said that their music reminded him of the noises that the New York Subway makes when a train is running at full speed, and she didn't agree with that at all." (Z12)



    Potoka's sort of girlfriend, a humanoid cat from the Kingdom of Magic.  Same size as him.


    "Jill Pole"

    "This girl, Jill, was blond like Minako, but her hair was cut short. She had tanned skin and a fairly slim build." (Z5) Jill was one of Minako's two main friends at Moon Hill Experiment House. Her real name is unknown, but she was quite good at track and other athletic activities. She is a Girl Scout as well. She's modelled after the CS Lewis character from Prince Caspian and The Last Battle.



    Hikaru's physical double from the Kingdom of Magic.  Has a big crush on Camille.  She helps Daichi fight Pyroxenite in Z21. 



    The Mizuno family maid, who comes in once a week to clean the Mizuno house.  Switches from Monday to Saturday in Z21.



    Appears briefly in Z13. He is in Haruka's phys. ed. class. Asks Haruka if 'he' plans to go for two girlfriends.


    Sailor Sun

    There is no Sailor of the Sun. Now, sheathe your claws, Luna, see, I admitted it...


    Sailor V's Seiyuu

    She does the voice-acting for Sailor V in the Sailor V show; has the misfortune to be mistaken for the real one by Amazonite in Z9 and comes reasonably close to a maiming.


    Sayuri, Girlfriend of Kurenai Goro

    Not to be mistaken for Onogiri Sayuri, president of the Golden Ring Social Club. She shows up in Z3, where she is dating Goro, and tries out in the idol contest with a song from Starlight Express.


    "Eustace Scrubb"

    "a somewhat chubby guy, much more an intellectual than an athlete, or so Minako had thought. He wore glasses and had pale, soft skin, except for his hands, which were oddly calloused for an intellectual type. He was slightly shorter than Jill, which made him about the same height as Minako." (Z5)

    Jill Pole's boyfriend, and a better runner than Minako expected. Another friend of Minako's from Experiment House. Eustace is simply his pseudonym, as the school required everyone to take an English name. His real name is unknown. He is modelled after the CS Lewis character from the Chronicles of Narnia.


    Senshi Advisor Cats and One Dog



    A rather hansome senior who gets led on romantically by Minako in Z21 in one of her moments of Elven stupidity.


    Professor Tatewari Hiroe

    One of Japan's leading geneticists and plant biologists. Teaches at Osaka University. Mamoru had a six week internship with him prior to episode 2, when he returns.


    Teachers and Staff at Tsunami

    Ms. Serena Anderson

    New English Teacher. She's American and doesn't realize how far behind in English the students really are. Starts an English Language club that watches bad american movies at its meetings... She has weird tastes in literature :) Keeps trying weird experiments to help her students learn.

    Miss Hitomi Ashikaga:

    Japanese Language and Lit teacher: Noted for falling aleep during her own lectures.

    The Groundskeeper and dog

    Ohta Takashi. And his wonder dog Puzzle. Puzzle likes to chase cats. Ohta is deaf, big, and a bit creepy. Really he's just a nice shy big guy, but everyone is scared of him.

    Hayao Goichiro

    Teaches Math. In Z13, Minako and Hotaru follow him around because Minako is in one of her moods and he fits the Moriarity template. But really, he's just a hapless math teacher.

    Reiko Hanako

    Teaches Differential Equations at Tsunami. Ami is in her class.


    Ami's English teacher.  He's not very good at it, but he cares about his students.

    Clark Maguson

    See Secondary Characters. Teaches sciences and one English section (which Minako and Makoto are in).

    Hikaru Momonochi

    School Nurse. Think of how Hikaru Gosunkugi would look with 10 extra years. The school nurse is extremely shy around females and can get nosebleeds even thinking about getting near them, let alone treating them! He's pretty good at his job, but worries too much. Constantly reading self-help books and taking part in 12-step plans. Has a major crush on the School Counselor.

    The Principal:

    No one knows his name, appearance, anything...just the constantly shifting web of secretaries and Vice Principals.

    The Principal's Secretary:

    Her name is Yuriko Starr. Hard-working, finds it hard to deal with her generally absent boss. Only she knows what is going on with him, and she's not telling.

    Kuzuki Sensa(Sensa-san)

    The Dorm Mother of Perry Hall. Stern but fair.

    Meiou Setsuna (Sailor Pluto)

    See Major characters. Listed here because she is a Tsunami School Counsellor.

    Hiroe Tanamoto

    PE Teacher. Kinda like Miss Sakura, only more active. She constantly eats junk food (like Usagi) but never gains a pound. Has trouble keeping boyfriends because of her assertive personality, so classes tend to either be extremely easy (she has a new flame) or grueling punishments (she just got dumped again.) Mood swings does not begin to describe her attitude. Definitely the prettiest teacher at the school. Has a thing for tall, dark-haired men in tuxedos. :)

    Mr Akira Totomachi

    Really buff home room teacher that all the students have crushes on who is oblivious to their crushes.

    Dr. Tatewaki Udaigaku "Sensei"

    See Secondary Characters.

    Vice Principal Yamamoto

    A stern disciplinarian. If only the students ever paid any attention to him... Successfully faced down a Chaos Spirit in 16


    The Three

    A mysterious threesome of cowled, robed figures, the Three hold powers over the Past, Present, and Future. They have been charged with overseeing the maintenance of the Great Shield and have existed since the Founders created it. They oversee Nephrite's role in the Great Shield and advise/are advised by Pluto and the Fungi from Yuggoth. During the Silver Millenium, the Three were advisors to the Royal Family of the Star Kingdom. Wiseman of Nemesis aped their general appearance.  They are shown to possess the powers of the Three Fates in Z23.  Each of the Three is tied to a human anchor. In the present, Ryo, Yumeno Yumeni, and Steven are their anchors. 


    Queen Topaz

    The Beryl equivalent in the first season of the Sailor V manga in the Sailor Moon Z universe (no such being exists to my knowledge in the Sailor V manga in the real universe). Mentioned in Z9.


    Toriyama Kenichi

    First appears as Yuki's date in Z13. "A tall fellow with a broad grin and rumpled black hair. Haruka thought he was one of the five ugliest men she had met, not that she normally went around assessing male attractiveness. Most of it came from his nose, which seemed to have been bashed in and left to heal that way." He is a member of the Ohta Sakurin Memorial Society at Tokyo University, which is basically a fraternity/drinking club. A decent fellow, he is a fairly typical fraternity boy, more concerned with partying than studying. He is a first year student.



    A boy in Minako's English class who 'has a cute butt'. (Z21)


    Trans-Dimensional Defense Club

    A school club dedicated to pretecting earth from otherworldly monsters, the TDDC is not quite the joke it sounds like. Several of its members have powers of some sort, and Sensei is their faculty advisor. Still, if the club is the last line of defense if he Sailors fall, pray the Sailors live long and prosper. :)

    Members who have appeared:


    Arthur Turnay

    "A man in his mid-fifties entered carrying some sort of largish bag.Most of his hair was rapidly retreating from his scalp, and whatremained was a crown of salt-and-pepper. His lined, gaunt face brightened into a smile." (Z16)

    A lawyer who represented Clark Maguson's real parents, Bernard and Marie, and passed on Clark's sword to him.



    Motoki's younger sister.  Red haired. 


    White Knight

    The protector of the Astra Dynasty, the White Knight appears as a powerfully-built man on a white charger.

    "Time seemed to slow down as the horseman rode into sight. He wasclad in shining white samurai armor with a black circle on the chest. A white, eight-pointed star shone from the center of the circle. His horse was a pure white stallion, and he bore a white sword in his left hand. Theguard holding Ami watched as the knight raised his right hand, releasing the reins. A small glowing sphere appeared in the Knight's hand, and he said, "Harassing young girls seeking only to enjoy the fun to be found at a festival is truly ignoble. I cannot allow that, for I am the White Knight,defender of innocents everywhere."" -- Z1

    His exact identity and purpose, besides protecting the Star Princess, are unknown until the events of Z19 and Z21.

    As of Z21, Umino assumes the identity of the White Knight.


    Coach Roy Williams

    "His name was Coach Williams, but everyone called him Roy. He was the strong, silent, ugly as something the dog wouldn't eat type. He looked like he could crack pecans with his eyelids if he wanted to." (Z5)

    The tough as nails coach at Moon Hill Experiment House.


    Yamato Gendo

    "Tall with short black hair and really dreamy green eyes". Makoto's Legendary Old Boyfriend. Mentioned by name in Z17 after Yuki meets him off-screen at the Ohta Sakurin Memorial Club, where she went with her boyfriend Kenichi. He dumped Makoto by phone, we learn, when his family moved to Osaka. Yuki gives her his phone number.  In Z19, he goes on a date with Hikaru which is interrupted by youma.



    Meiko's date at the Imperial Gardens in Z13.


    Yumeno Yumeni

    One of the Rainbow Crystal carriers from the first season of Sailor Moon. She is a painter whose paintings show great insight into past events.  She is one of the Avatars of the Three. 

    _D. Antagonist Characters_



    A minor youma put in charge of the Droid attack on Sailor Moon in Z18.  He preferred that warriors face their foes face to face. 

    A female Youma named Agate has fire powers and is defeated by Yuuichiro in Z23. 

    Amazonite's Minions:



    A youma sent to Tsunami with Tethys.  She thinks Tethys is lying about them once being human; Tethys freezes her in ice.



    A short, black haired man who works for the Zodiac and appears in Episode 21.


    Changing Twins

    Two youma from episode 3. Blatantly based on the Wondertwins. One turns into animals, the other into forms of water.


    Chaos Spirit

    Placed in Venus' bow by the Elves as a test, it nearly defeats her before Yamamoto intervenes and destroys it with his orderly soul. (Z16). It speaks like Delirium of the Endless.


    "Charlie was a huge bald black man from somewhere in the US, Izuko thought.  You could count on Charlie, long as he was sober.  Fortunately, he didn’t drink on duty." --Z25

    A member of the Star Guard.



    A minor youma with water powers defeated by Yuuichiro in Z23. 

    Another youma of the same name, purple, is part of Tethys' force sent to Tsunami in Z25.  She discovers apples are tasty.


    Flame Warriors

    A form of undead used by Pyroxenite in Z19.  "You burn people to death in a ritually prepared space, then at the next sunset, they rise as flaming  zombie warriors under your control."  Isis paused to have  a little milk.  "I think the local crypt keeper is going  to have an unpleasant surprise soon."..."Three hundred and twenty eight if every dead person  rises," Umino said helpfully....Naru nodded.  "Any idea how to prevent them rising, Isis?"  "Douse them in water before they rise.  Water is bad  for them for obvious reasons."



    "The Gibberlings had been an experiment in youma technology that Queen Beryl had played with and later abandoned. The "art" of crafting youma through Metallica's dark power was not an exact science. Beryl had used over half a dozen sick and twisted geniuses to mold living beings into youma. The Gibberlings had been their last and most warped creation. Or rather, the Gibberlings were the offshoots of that creation. The madmen had made what they dubbed a "youma virus." It infected healthy organisms with Metallica's power and mutated them into warped parodies of youmas. It then linked the victims into a giant collective intelligence. The virus had infected its creators and ran rampant through the Dark Kingdom before being bound by magic. It was a slow process in youma, but frighteningly quick in normal creatures, those lacking any type of magical resistance. First, were the minor mutations, like changes in blood chemistry or minor physiological transformations. Beryl and her generals had suffered from that stage of the disease. The victims changed into youmas, some with great power. More serious changes then took place, the agonies of which often unhinged the minds of the victims. Finally, the communal mind would link itself with its mad puppet. One could stop the virus in the early stages, but no one in the Dark Kingdom could reverse its changes. Queen Beryl had been furious and locked the Gibberlings in the deepest hole she could find. They remained there until this madman let them out." (Z6)



    A corrupt Venusian Cat Youma who served Hematite, and helped delude Onogiri Sayuri into thinking she was Queen Beryl's daughter. Slain in Z13.



    "Imps were annoying as hell, and Tethys hated them.  They would nudge your emotions, and then once you broke down, they'd drain your energy." -- Z22

    A petty kind of monster found in the Dark Kingdom.  Tethys saves Yuuichiro from one in Z23. 



    Formerly a Guardian of Endymion and engaged to Senshi Mars, Jadeite was corrupted by Beryl and made a General of the Dark Kingdom. He led part of the attack that destroyed the Moon Kingdom and slew Senshi Mars. Imprisoned in the Dark Kingdom with the others, he waited out the millenia until the Dark Kingdom could once again attack the Earth. After his failure to deal with the Sailor Senshi, Jadeite was imprisoned in a Crystal of Eternal Sleep. When Sailor Moon destroyed Beryl and Metallia, a part of the Dark Kingdom survived and he with it. Over time, Jadeite managed to project his Astral Form outside the Crystal and take over the Dark Kingdom.

    He now plans to subvert the future Crystal Tokyo and make it a Dark Tokyo of his own devising. He poses as the "Entity" in Z2, aiding the Zodiac against the Sailors, and arranges for Dark Crystals to be placed in the Crystal Points. He also gives the Zodiac a memory crystal that will spark Rei's memory of Senshi Mars's love for him, as part of his long range plans. He escapes his prison in Z6, but is weakened by his ordeal. He is still at large.



    Formerly a Guardian of Endymion and engaged to Senshi Venus, Kunzite was corrupted by Beryl and made a General of the Dark Kingdom. He led part of the attack that destroyed the Moon Kingdom and slew Senshi Venus. Imprisoned in the Dark Kingdom with the others, he waited out the millenia until the Dark Kingdom could once again attack the Earth. He and Zoisite had a relationship. He's still dead. :)


    L'knar Droids and Beetles

    "The latest droid was based on a denizen of the Dark Kingdom known as a L'knar Beetle. Covered with a diamond- hard black chitin, no vulnerable spots save its mouth (which it only opened when feeding) and with the ability to spit a corrosive acid, the L'knar was a persistent pest. However, it was only a foot long.

    The droid was seven feet tall. That and its bipedal shape were the only deviations from its model." (Z18)

    The droids are controlled by a youma, using a control item. They are incredibly stupid, but their armor grows stronger when hit...unless you use something like the Silence Glaive on it. Sapphire developed them.


    Three Mauve Youma

    Armed with magical chains that ended in handcuffs, they gave Saturn a hard time in Z19.  They were sent by Pyroxenite  to kidnap Hikaru.  Two die, while the third was sent back to tell the DK to back off (after giving Hikaru advice on her love life...)


    New Generals

    Jadeite, determined to have his own elite guard, recruited eight human-seeming youmas and instructed them in some of the powers of the Generals (why eight? Jadeite sees himself as twice as important as Beryl :). Each New General commands a segment of the Dark Kingdom's Army for Jadeite. Their power is about on par with the old Generals (Jadeite feels he has risen above them in power, and plays them against each other besides.) Unlike the old Generals, their powers tend to be more specialized.


    "The golden haired youma next to him also lived in his own world... but if Sapphire lived in a world of windows on the larger universe, Alexandrite lived in a world of mirrors. His looks and vanity matched that of Zoisite, save for his green eyes and less perverse tastes. Zoisite also would never have worn Alexandrite's gaudy green and gold uniform. Still, Alexandrite had his uses. Numerous rings and baubles glittered on the vain General's body for Alexandrite was in charge of the Artificers, the engineer youma who built the magical machines and weapons Sapphire devised. Jadeite had his own opinion of those who depended overmuch on tools, but Alexandrite's skill made him useful... for now." (Z18)

    Physically, he looks a lot like Zoicite, but with green eyes. He has the same androgynous look, and he speaks with an indeterminate voice he tries to pitch deeply, though it ends up sounding silly. He wears a green and gold uniform.

    Alexandrite is very aggressively hetero, and likes to seduce women, then abandons them once the thrill of the chase fades. This is largely a response to people accusing him of being gay like Zoicite, who he HATES being compared to.

    Alexandrite thinks magical items are the key to everything, and has carefully studied the talismans of the Senshi. His ultimate goal is to gain control of an Icon, which will likely be the death of him.

    As it is, he has several magical items he commonly uses. His gloves enable him to lift up to a ton. His umbrella which he always carries (the handle has a carved dragon's head) is impervious to bullets and most physical attacks, and has a poison needle in the tip. He also wears a ring which will return him to his stronghold if he passes out. He often carries one or more wands which generate some kind of energy attack, which he uses in preference to his own energy reserves.

    Alexandrite perishes in Z20, slain by Steven/Dag Nabbit.


    "Next to him sat Anthracite, a burly, black-haired youma with a disfiguring scar running across his eye and into his short beard. His uniform was black with silver trim and his power was terror. A master of psychological weapons and a skilled torturer, Jadeite kept him on a short leash. The scar was a legacy of the long ago battle against the Crystal Kingdom of Earth, when the young Prince Endymion had shown who was the more skillful swordsman. Jadeite knew of his General's lust for revenge. He dangled it before him like bait on a hook, using it to keep Anthracite under control." (Z18)

    One of the cruelest of the New Generals, Antracite believes in ruling through terror. His powers tend to relate to fear and terror and he feeds on the energy it brings him. He appears to be a powerfully built man with dark hair and a short beard and a scar covering one eye. Wears a black uniform with silver striping. Despises Endymion for scarring him in combat during the fall of the Moon Kingdom.

    In Z25, he is defeated by Yamamoto and the people of Tokyo and Tsunami High, who then laugh at him until he wants to die of humiliation.  He ends up imprisoned in a coffin on Mars.


    "Sitting directly to his right was Amazonite, a red- haired, muscular beauty in her form-fitting blue uniform with purple stripes. She had a striking resemblance to his old Queen. That was not why he had chosen her as a General, no matter what the rumors said. While no strategist, she was strong and aggressive, a good front- line leader and fighter... as long as someone else made the plans." (Z18)

    A female general, Amazonite's powers revolve around energy manipulation and fighting prowess. She sees herself as an honorable warrior and longs to take on the Senshi in a fight. Has red hair and golden eyes. Some people say she got the job merely because of her resemblence to Queen Beryl and Jadeite finds it amusing for her to serve him. Her uniform is blue with purple striping. She gave Yuki her autograph in Z9.  Defeated in Z19 and 21, she's starting to get pretty frustrated.


    "The same could not be said of the General next to her. Hematite was utterly nondescript, easily forgettable with his brown hair and brown eyes... even a brown uniform that seemed to blend into the background. But behind that bland exterior were layers of deception and guile. The perfect spy." (Z18)

    Hematite is a spy. He loves Earth and spends hours researching it and exploring its customs. His power is illusion and shapechanging and he is an accomplished liar. He is also something of a Casanova. He has brown hair, brown eyes, and seems unremarkable when in his "normal" form. His uniform is brown with dark brown striping.

    He escapes the defeat of the Dark Kingdom, hiding in the TORG realm, where he becomes Brown Mask, one of Mobius' minions.


    "Next to him sat the oldest youma any of them had ever seen. Magnetite was hunched over, yellow-skinned and wrinkled, his yellow uniform hanging loosely over his emaciated form. His hair was stark white, though short and mostly covered by a conical cap. He kept a gnarled wooden staff -- one of the few pieces of wood left in the Dark Kingdom -- in his aged hand at all times. But his dark, silver-flecked eyes showed that a keen mind still lived beneath the aged exterior. Neither a fighter nor a plotter, Magnetite had served as Beryl's majordomo, and was perhaps the only one besides Jadeite and Anthracite who could remember the glories of Atlantis. Not all youma had long life spans. Most were even shorter-lived than humans unless Metallia had gifted them with her energy. Magnetite was one of the exceptions. Jadeite kept him for his encyclopedic knowledge of the past and his skill at running the youma breeding vats. Sailor Moon's victory had decimated the Kingdom and Jadeite desperately needed the troops Magnetite could furnish him." (Z18)

    Magnetite, unlike the other generals, is old enough to remember Atlantis. He was Beryl's majordomo, and while weak in power, he is rich in knowledge of the past. Jadeite keeps him largely from respect and because they both hailed from Hyperborea. Magnetite is old and hunched over slightly, leaning on a long mahogany staff, with pale yellow flesh and dark eyes flecked with silver. His hair is short and white, usually hidden by a conical cap. His greatest magical talent is that he can find anything he has ever touched, no matter where it goes.

    Jadeite has put him in charge of the Youma Breeding Program, to help replenish the ranks of the fallen. He pursues this quite efficiently, though he knows that the time scale he has to work with is really too short.


    "Control was the core of the next man at the table. Marcasite was pale of skin and hair, with gray eyes and a gray uniform. He was passionless and manipulative, a former student of Nephrite who used the power of the stars to his own advantage but with none of the fatalism of his teacher. Marcasite was also the only General with an actual victory under his belt, having struck at the Sailors on a beach trip and destroying Mercury's computer. It was because of his abilities that Jadeite had made him one of his chief strategists." (Z18)

    Marcasite is a cold, manipulative snake. He seems almost uninterested with Earth and is constantly studying the plots and counterplots among the New Generals. He reasons that Jadeite only really needs one right-hand man and wants to fill that position himself. He used to serve under Nephrite and has mastered some of Nephrite's astrological abilities. He believes Nephrite to have been the ideal General, and is puzzled by how he threw it all away in the end. Marcasite has pale skin, silver hair, and grey eyes. His uniform is grey with white stripes.

    With the defeat of the Dark Kingdom, he becomes the king of the surviving youma in the Dark Kingdom, which he renames the Kingdom of Nemesis in Z25. 


    "The last General, sitting at Jadeite's left, was perhaps the most flamboyant of them all. With a ruby-red uniform with gold piping, and copper-hued hair, Pyroxenite seemed to embody fire... and like fire he could burn out of control if not watched carefully. Madness and anarchy lurked behind the youma's blood-red eyes, but it was a cunning madness that Jadeite could use... and whose unpredictability made him a useful trump against the plots of the other Generals. Jadeite's power could keep Pyroxenite on a short leash... but the other Generals' could not. While Pyroxenite hated humans with a rabid intensity, he seemed not to mind if a few -- or all -- youma had to be killed along the way as well." (Z18)

    Pyroxenite is completely insane, a rabid dog of a youma who hates all humans for exiling the youma and wants to kill them all. He is, however, a cunning killer, who has elaborate plans to assassinate the major leaders of Japan and destabilize it in preparation for the assault. Unlike the other generals, he appreciates the power of technology, and uses sniper rifles and explosives, as well as magic and monsters. He has lined his uniform with kevlar as well.

    Pyroxenite has been training a corps of assassin youma who can pass as humans, who are in the process of gaining jobs that will enable them to get into key institutions and kill the leaders. Pyro himself plans to nerve gas the entire Diet. Youma are immune to nerve gas, he's found, but humans die quite nicely.

    Pyro has also been experimenting with necromancy; even better to make your victims work for you...if a body is left behind.

    Pyroxenite dies in Z19.


    "Sapphire had blue-grey skin, dark blue hair which was short and snarled, brown eyes, and constantly wore a jeweler's loupe as an accessory to his blue, black-trimmed General's uniform." (Z17)

    "Sapphire was sitting next to him, scribbling away on his crystal pad. The only other non-fighter in Jadeite's Generals, the blue-skinned, blue-haired, blue-uniformed youma was a genius whose droids offered to solve the Kingdom's manpower shortage... if they could ever work out the bugs. He lived in his own little world, Jadeite thought, with no thoughts for what lay outside it save as problems to be solved." (Z18)

    Sapphire is more an inventor than a general, perfectly happy to work in his laboratory, creating monsters for other people to unleash because after 10,000 years they're free, and it's time to conquer Earth. Indeed, he often seems blissfully oblivious to the actual uses to which his monsters will be put.

    He is responsible for the breakthrough to droid magitechnology in Z18.


    Onyx, Opal, and Pearl

    Dark Kingdom Agents slain by Sailor V in the past.



    A youma, part of Tethys' force sent to Tsunami High with her. 



    A winged, muscular youma who appears in Z2 and is defeated by the White Knight and the Senshi. Planted the crystals which enabled Jadeite to gather enough energy to break free.



    A female Youma put in charge of the droid attack on Sailor Jupiter in Z18. She is quite displeased when Parias shows up; she hadn't been briefed on him.



    An evil god of subspace who seeks vengeance for ills done him in the past.  Appears in Z20 (which is set in subspace); see Dance of Shiva for more details...



    A minor Youma put in charge of the droid attack on Sailor Neptune in Z18. He gets mad that they forgot to inform him she had a new power.



    She is the youma from the love cruise episode of first season Sailor Moon. She is captured by the Senshi in episode 8 and taken to be imprisoned by Sensei, who is studying her, and now treats her almost as a daughter.  She is taken to the Dark Kingdom as a guide by the Senshi in Z22 and their defeat frees her.  Jadeite assigns her to assist Magnetite.  In Z25, she discovers Magnetite and Beryl are her parents and she is the heir to the throne of the Dark Kingdom.  She becomes the Icon-holder of the Shield of Metallia and helps to free the Youma from their millenia of bondage to the Dark Power.  In the world that might have been, her human name was Theresa and she was Sensei Udaigaku's research assistant.  (And used the superhero name 'Eclipse'). 

    Tethys as Eclipse:  And then the darkness lifted and among the wrecked warriors stood a pale-skinned woman with long black hair and eyes hidden behind a pitch black visor.  She held a wand in each hand and wore a pitch black blouse with a bright emblem of a dark moon eclipsing the sun standing out on it over her heart and black leather pants.  She held a wand in each hand, an obsidian rod tipped with a large onyx at the end, a black metal shield floating in the air near her.  "So much for that invasion," she said confidently.


    A member of the Star Guard sent to the attack on Tsunami High in Z23.


    Utgaard-Loki, King of the Frost Giants.

    Actually an elf impersonating a frost giant. He took control of a mine on Mercury using his illusion powers in Z15, but Ami and Haruka defeated him. His current fate is unknown, as is his real name.


    A kind of petty vermin monster found in the Dark Kingdom.  As Jadeite draws in more energy over the course of the series, such vermin become more common in the Dark Kingdom.  Youma find them a tasty snack.


    A member of the Star Guard sent to the attack on Tsunami High in Z23.



    "The Zodiac?" Naru asked, suddenly alert. All the present day folk were now listening alertly. "What do you know about them?"

    Mars was taken aback. Before she could answer, Serenity spoke up. "Some sort of think tank the Star Kingdom formed, to study the stars. They fell into disfavor on Odysseus when they tried to use their predictions to rig the elections. Queen Astra, I hear, was going to disband them, but Dr'achicar spawned before that could happen. They all died then, anyway." (Z10)


    First appears in Z3. Wears robes of blue.


    Hot headed and impulsive. First appears in Z3. He has power over fire.


    "She was a short woman with long red hair done in an ornate hairstyle that looked like a crab was sitting on her head. She was wearing a black and red jumpsuit that showed that despite her size she was no little girl." (Z10) There is reason to believe she is closely allied to Leo.


    He has power over machines. In Z1, he was running the New Year's Festival and attempting to influence the Minister of Education. "He was tall and lanky, wearing a simple jumpsuit that seemed more suited to a garage than a library. Indeed, there were places on the jumpsuit where it seemed that oil and grime had dug into the fabric so deeply, it would take a siege to get them out," (Z10)


    Gemini is two people, red haired twins: Chester and Polly Amberson. They have a wide array of powers, including flight and energy beams, but must cooperate to use their powers to their full extent. Chester is dismal and grim, Polly is flighty and still has a crush on Steven, who she used to date. Polly joined the Golden Ring Social Club.


    "His blond hair fell to his shoulders, resembling the mane of the namesake of his sign. Piercing blue eyes, set on both sides of a craggy nose, scanned the grounds for any other interlopers" (Z10) Allied to Cancer. Takes Sayuri as his Istarii in episode 13.  Leo has the power of command.


    Blue eyed with ash-blonde hair bound with a ribbon.  She typically wears robes.  Libra's powers are related to the concept of balance.  Her master plan in Z21 misfires completely.  She is murdered by Scorpio in Z22, though it looked like a stroke when her body was found.


    Green haired, wears Turquoise robes. One of the Zodiac who have had dealings with 'The Entity' (Aka Jadeite). Her powers let her control spirits.


    "Saggitarius, who had joined them after they picked up Polly, shifted nervously, his hooves clattering.  He was the eldest of the current Zodiac, strangely ageless, and the only one who wasn't human.  He was a centaur, and if his stories and the records were true, he had seen thousands of years go by.  No one was sure why he was still alive, though he claimed his father had been a god." -- Z23. 


    A snippy brown-haired female. Very suspicious, wears her combat uniform all the time; Polly thinks it makes her look like one of the Power Rangers. Uses the pseudonym Sonada Megumi in episode 7 with the Bradies. She also uses the identity 'Q' in her dealings with the head of Moon Hill Experiment House. "A woman with brown hair gathered in a bun in the back and black rimmed glasses perched on her nose stood before him. She was dressed in a black business suit-dress." (Z7)  She murders Libra in Z22. 


    Tall and heavy set, uses the name of 'Mr. Taro'. Has power over money and the earth. Cannot be moved unless he lets you move him.


    "She was tall and willowy. The only clothing she wore was a silken sky-blue kimono with a dark blue sash at the waist. Her honey-colored hair was done up in the traditional Japanese style, despite her Caucasian appearance." (Z10) Maintains the library of the Zodiac. Lover of Capricorn.  Haruka's true mother.

    The Star Guard:

    The Star Guard are heavily trained, heavily armed commando squads which are used as muscle by the Zodiac when dealing with the Things From Beyond. Hudson used to be one.

    Obsidian on the Zodiac (Z17)

    "<In the year 503, Astra XI founded the Zodiac research project. Before that, the Star Kingdom had lacked a corps of specialized warriors like the Senshi, relying instead on the Royal Family's astrological skills and on the high level of magical talent that most inhabitants of the Wandering Planet possessed to deal with threats. And there were many threats, for the Wandering Planet tended to be drawn to threats that needed to be defeated. Still, by that point, the days of constant battle were gone, and true threats were long and far between.>

    Mars sat down. This was clearly going to take a while. Neptune, on the other hand, remained standing, keeping watch.

    <The Zodiac proved very useful, but at the same time, there were constant disputes; it never worked as smoothly with the Royal Family of the Star Kingdom as the Senshi did with the Moon Kingdom. I don't know why. There was some sort of scandal which I can't remember clearly anymore, in the 970s, and I believe the King disbanded it or exiled them or some such thing. They tried to rig some sort of election, I think. Anyway, they tried to warn him that some sort of disaster was going to happen, but he thought it was a trick. That they were just making something up to get back in his good graces. Estrellar VIII wasn't too bright, anyway, but he was the eldest and the eldest, be they male or female, always inherited the throne. So he didn't listen to them.>

    Mars shuddered. "Why didn't they go to the other kingdoms?"

    <They weren't trusted; the Zodiac had a long reputation for manipulating people into things. Not bad things, necessarily, but no one likes to be tricked or coerced. And we were all hideously overconfident. There hadn't been a major incursion of Things for centuries. The Great Shield was strong. What could possibly go wrong?>

    He sighed and stared at the ground. <And so, nine out of every ten inhabitants of the Star Kingdom died when a Great Old One hatched out their planet. The Zodiac saved many of those who did survive; I don't know if they tried to fight the creature and failed, or if they had known WHAT would go wrong. But then they vanished. I didn't think they still existed. Or the Royal Family of the Star Kingdom. It was my understanding that every last member of that family died that day or soon afterwards; that the Royal Family of the Star Kingdom was extinct. That was the beginning of the end. Twelve years later, Beryl began her war, and within a year, everything came apart at the seams. The total destruction of civilization.> "

    The Zodiac's Point of View:

    "You have something we want. Something we desperately need. The Star Princess. Her family brought about the destruction of the Star Kingdom through their neglect and forfeited their right to wield the Star Power. Odysseus was destroyed because they would not act, and we could not act because they drove us away."

    Neptune frowned. I bet the Royal Family would tell another tale.

    "For twenty five thousand years, we have guarded the Solar System with only half our power, for when the Royal Family died, they took half the Star Power with them. For generations, we have fought and died so that ordinary people could live free from the Things from Beyond. So that when mankind one day returned to the other planets, they would not find them filled with armies of Things just waiting to destroy them." Her voice was stern now, her stance that of a teacher or perhaps an angry mother.

    "A grand conjunction is coming, a moment of decisionwhen the world may be plunged into a new age of darkness like the one that scourged the earth for thousands of years fromthe fall of Hyperborea to the rise of the Five Wizards. Indeed, the entire century that is coming will be a time of crisis whose end remains unclear. We do not wish to provoke a quarrel with the Senshi; we know you never failed in your duties unlike the royal family of the Star Kingdom. There are greater evils out there. Some force is seeking to break through the dimensional barriers again; we do not know its name, but we will oppose it to our last breath. I hope you will stand by us on that day, but we will do what we must." She sighed. " (Z17, Virgo)



    Born in Hyperborea in the Silver Millenium, the son of a potato farmer. Formerly a Guardian of Endymion and engaged to Senshi Mercury, Zoisite was corrupted by Beryl and made a General of the Dark Kingdom. He led part of the attack that destroyed the Moon Kingdom and slew Senshi Mercury. Imprisoned in the Dark Kingdom with the others, he waited out the millenia until the Dark Kingdom could once again attack the Earth. He and Kunzite had a relationship. He's also still dead. :)

    In Z11, we learned that Zoisite loved sailing.

    _E. Silver Millennium Characters_

    Duke of Andali

    An elven lord who traffics in magical watches. Has a rivalry with Count Quendolen of Langoli. In Z5, the Count's men try to have him assassinated, but Inanna thwarts them.



    One of Queen Astra's younger brothers.  He was eaten by a rat-thing during the fall of the Star Kingdom.



    The young child of the Elder Venus. Made Luna and Artemis' lives difficult because he liked to 'play with kitties'.


    Lord Arch

    Aurora's uncle, the Ambassador from Mars.



    In the Prelude, he tries to kill Lady Patience, but is foiled by the Senshi and a bit of bad luck. Revealed in Z3 to have been the Aries of the Silver Millenium. Had power over fire.


    Lady Charity

    An elegant and intelligent redhead, one of Sensei Wisdom's best students. She was later reincarnated as Sayuri Onogiri. She was Princess Serenity's cousin and next in line for the throne.



    One of the younger children of the Queen of the Star Kingdom, younger brother to Astra.  He had short red hair, brown eyes and a big nose.


    Elder Senshi

    In the Silver Millenium, the Senshi were an institution. Each Queen Serenity had eight senshi for protection of both herself and her kingdom. By the fall of the Silver Millenium, the duties of the Senshi had largely been formalized. Senshis Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter guarded the person of the Queen. Senshis Uranus and Neptune patrolled the Solar System for threats. Two senshi were extraordinary cases, however. Senshi Pluto, the guardian of the Time Gate, was apparently immortal and never changed. Senshi Saturn was easily the most powerful of the Senshi, but she was kept in a state of suspended animation most of the time. Every generation, a powerful potential magus was chosen to serve as host to the Saturn Power. The host would remain asleep, waking only for dire emergencies or when her end was near. Even in suspended animation, the Saturn Power would slowly burn out its hosts. All Elder Senshi (except Saturn and Pluto) were charged with selecting and training their successors.


    Enlil and Enki

    The sons of Duke Hammer. Sent to Earth with the Martian refugees in the last days of the Kingdom of Mars. Enlil was engaged to Ninhursag, the youngest daughter of the King and Queen of Mars. Enki was cunning in word magic.


    Five Ruling Wizards

    "Once, men huddled on Earth and feared the things that flew between the stars and ruled portions of their world. But then the stars changed and a new age began. The Five Wizards arose from the peoples of the Earth and made war upon the Things from Beyond. They wrought the Great Shield to protect the system, and they made peace with some of the races they had met, giving to each their own world."

    "Each of the wizards founded a kingdom and took up a task. Vulcan was the maker, who forged Talismans of Power and the five great Icons ofthe Kingdoms. Astra was wise with the power of the stars. To her fell the task of patrolling the solar system and watching for intruders. To Endymion fell the task of feeding the people of the planets, for he ruled over Earth, the most fertile of the worlds. Serenity was a healer and a leader, to her fell the task of leading the peoples of the Solar System and healing the ravages of war. Finally, to Metallia fell the hardest task of all. She became one with the Great Shield and..." (Endymion/Mamoru in Z13)

    "From five different tribes they came. Serenity, from a tribe of healers and farmers. Endymion, from a tribe of guardians and hunters. Vulcan, from a tribe of artificers and makers. Astra, from a tribe of diviners and mystics. Metallia, from a tribe of warriors and watchers. Each was the most powerful mage of their tribe and they came together in acommon cause against the Things."

    "Astra determined the time and place of their strike, Vulcan's hammer struck the blows that forged it, Endymion guarded their backs, Serenity healed the wounds left by the Things, and Metallia gave her soul. Together, they created the Great Shield."

    "With each blow of Vulcan's hammer, the Great Shield expanded, pushing out, out to where even the rays of the sun could go no further. Before it, the Things fell or were pushed back, unable to withstand its terrible purity. A soul had been freely given to drive them back, and no force is more powerful."

    "All the tribes rejoiced, believing the war was over, but the Four Who Once Were Five knew that humanity could not let down its guard, or else the Things would return. So each took some of their power and created their own protectors and items of power.

    "Endymion mastered the power of the Earth, found in the crystals She produced. He took his people far to the east, until they settled on an series of islands on the Ocean of Peace. There, where the power of the Earth flowed freely, he built the Kingdom of Crystal. To protect his people, he named Guardians, empowering them with magical crystals.

    "Vulcan took up his hammer again, and with it forged the first ships that could sail the sky. He and his tribe left the mother planet and traveled far into the night, until they reached a planet whose color matched the flames of his forge. There, his people prospered and built the mighty fleets that would patrol the skies, watchful for the return of the Things from Beyond.

    "Astra mastered the power of the Stars, and knew the destiny of all. For her tribe, she took the Wandering Star as her home, where they would watch for the signs of the time of doom that is to come. To her chosen protector, she bequeathed the power of the stars to guide his sword and be his shield. Thus was born the Eternal Warrior, the White Knight. From the sky fell the Orb of Stars, in whose depths destiny can be plumbed, and she took it with her to guard against the final days.

    "Serenity consulted with Vulcan and Endymion, and together they forged the Empyrean Silver Crystal, whose great and terrible power was to be their weapon of last resort. She took her tribe to the Moon, where the Crystal's power could not harm the mother planet, if it were used. The power of the Planets was hers to command, and she gave their power to her Senshi. In each generation, a Senshi would be born with the ability to draw upon the power of their planet, to be trained and nurtured by their Elders until they in turn would find their successors.

    "Metallia's tribe stayed on the continent of Atlantis, vowing to keep watch over the Great Shield their leader had given her soul to create. To lead their armies when the time of doom came, Generals were appointed because of their great power and ability. To the tribe of Metallia was left the forbidden knowledge of Death, which they guarded from misuse. In times of need, Metallia still spoke to them, from the Shield that housed her soul, offering guidance and support to her people." (Princess Serenity, Z10)

    Astra's father was named Thoth. (Z19)  She was a tall, long-haired redhead, with a slightly large nose.


    Lady Faith

    One of Queen Serenity's ladies in waiting. Dances with Lord Forge during the promenade before the Great Cross is performed.


    Lord Forge

    A petty noble from Mars, younger son of an aging noble. Lady Patience admits he is a good dancer, and not bad as Vulcan nobles go, but is boring and on the hunt for a landed wife, as he expects to inherit little and get kicked out by his brother.


    "The Furies"

    Lady Chastity, Lady Sophia, and other noblewomen who tried to police the sexual morality of the Moon Court.


    Lord Generosity

    A lord with whom Athena once had an affair while his wife was having an affair with Sir Bauxite.



    Tall, blonde, and attractive, she was Aurora's aunt and sister to the last king of Mars. She used to read Aurora bedtime stories. During the last days of Mars, she created a device which enabled her to enslave the Elder Mars, whose power she tried to use to defeat the Things and save the last remnants. Instead, she was locked in a nightmare where all of the fallen relived their deaths every night until she was defeated in Z17 by Mars, Neptune, and Obsidian.


    First Mate Kei

    First Mate of the Lovely Angel. Second in command to Captain Yuri. Appears in Z11. Past life of Kei from Dirty Pair. She is from Lemuria.



    Youngest sister of Aurora. Sent to Earth when the Silver Millenium fell with her young fiancee, Enlil, and his brother, Enki.



    Clerist of the Moon Kingdom Palace. Carried a magical sword. Past life of Clark Maguson. Age 30 in Z11. "My job is to preach, to counsel, to inspire, and to guide. I lead the faithful in the sacred rituals that mark the changings of the seasons and the great days of remembrance of the deeds of the virtuous." Born on Callisto.


    Count Quendolen of Langoli

    An elven lord who traffics in magical watches. Has a rivalry with the Duke of Andali. He tries to have Duke Andali assasinated in Z5, but Inanna thwarts it.


    Royal Consort

    Queen Serenity's husband and father of Princess Serenity. Looks remarkably like Tsukino Kenji. :) Formerly a very minor noble on Earth, he attracted Queen Serenity's attention through his loving heart and devotion. Approved his daughter's marriage to Prince Endymion in the Prelude.


    Seleceus, last White Knight of the Star Kingdom

    Elder brother to Queen Astra.  His face was mature, somewhere in the range of forty to fifty, with wrinkles starting to form upon his brow, a  thick red moustache starting to turn grey, and dark brown  eyes under thick eyebrows. (Z19)


    Lord Tranquility

    The younger Jupiter dated him for two and a half years, but it didn't work out.


    Turquoise the Page

    Lady Patience's page. Umino's past life. In love with Lady Patience; died by her side. Has the same birthday as Nephrite, Ember 23rd. 10 years younger than Nephrite.


    Lady Vestia

    Endymion's first fiancee, cousin of Aurora. Drowned in a canalboat accident.


    Sensei Wisdom

    She was the teacher of the younger senshi, Lady Charity, Lady Patience, and Princess Serenity. She was Miss Haruna's past life. "Her family had been tutors to the royal family of the Moon Kingdom since the beginning of the Silver Millenium. The first of them was said to have been a younger sister of the first Queen Astra of the Star Kingdom." (Z5)


    Younger Senshi of the Silver Millenium

    Mercury - Athena. Engineer and real party girl. Engaged to Zoisite. Originally from Mars. Cousin to Senshi Mars. Equipment: The Mercury Computer

    Venus - Inanna. Daughter of rich merchant family, close friend of Mercury and Artemis. Engaged to Kunzite. Equipment: The Aphrodite Bow

    Mars - Aurora "Ari". Princess of Mars. Slightly snobbish noblewoman. Engaged to Jadeite. Cousin to Senshi Mercury. Once dated Endymion. Equipment: The Vulcan Armor.

    Jupiter - Juno. Daughter of farmers on Europa. Juvenile delinquent and somewhat withdrawn. Engaged to Nephrite. Equipment: The Lightning Staff

    Saturn - The Saturn power is actually separate from its host and has great destructive powers. The current host, Honoria, is a magus of great healing powers and usually kept in suspended animation to contain the power of Saturn. When empowered by the Grail, Saturn is capable of destroying all life in the Solar System. Equipment: The Silence Glaive

    Uranus - Prince Marduk. The only male senshi. He loves Senshi Neptune and challenged the Elder Senshi Uranus for a position beside his love. To her shock, he passed the test of the Senshi. Wears white armor similar to Endymion's. Will do anything for Neptune. Equipment: The Space Sword. Part of the Grail.

    Neptune - Ishtar. Beloved of Prince Marduk. She is just as devoted to him as he is to her. Equipment: The Deep Aqua Mirror. Part of the Grail.

    Pluto - There always was a Pluto, there always will be a Pluto. Originally, Pluto was an apprentice to Serenity, Founder of the Moon Kingdom. She guards the Gate of Time and is immune to the effects of Time. She works closely with the Three. Equipment: The Time Staff. Its Garnet Orb is a part of the Grail.


    Captain Yuri of the Lovely Angel

    "She was tall, with long bluish black hair, blue eyes, and a pleasant smile. Her uniform was dignified, but bulky, with several layers of white and red vests, shirts, and pants, topped with a red jacket that looked like it must be very warm in the winter and miserably hot in the summertime. Strangely, though, she did not sweat. There was a ceremonial looking sword hanging from her belt, and next to it a short crystal rod tipped with an opal." (Z11)

    Past life of 'Yuri' from Dirty Pair. One of Serenity's most trusted agents.

    _F. TORG Characters_

    Umino runs a TORG campaign, in which the Senshi and Senshi auxillaries all play. (Well, most of them, anyway.) They are up against one of the Gaunt Man's henchmen, Alexandrite, trying to get the Tears of Apeiros, a set of eternity shards, one from each Cosm.

    The characters are:

    The Alternate Selves of our Heroines and Heroes:

    In Z20, the Senshi are trapped as their Torg characters in a pocket universe in sub-space.  The following people are also trapped and take on other personas:


    The Black Cat (Staff):



    A ronin ninja friendly to the Rauru Bloc. 


    Delg Ironthane:

    "Delg, a curious figure with greasy mechanic's overalls, a long beard, numerous tools, and a battleaxe, grinned, his teeth a startling contrast with his coarse black beard. He was a dwarf from Aysle and, like most of his kind, had an insatiable curiosity for technology."  -- Z20

    Leader of the dwarves who operate out of Heathrow Airport.



    "The waves crashed against the beach in their endless rhythm. Sitting there, an old man, with skin as black and weathered as ancient obsidian, watched their eternal motion with a satisfied air. He was clad only in a loincloth, with a series of pouches hanging from it. He reached into one pouch and pulled out a rope with seven knots in it. Running his fingers over each knot in turn, he grunted in satisfaction. Then he pulled out another rope, this one with fourteen knots and shook his head." -- Z20

    A shaman from Australia. 



    Humanoid Lizard-men native to the Living Land.  They were the original worshipers of Lanala (Jakatts). 


    Fake High Lords:

    Alexandrite chose some of his youma to play the roles of the 'High Lords' of the different invading realms in the Torg pocket universe:


    Father Christopher Bryce:

    "The man was middle-aged and dressed in the stark black clothes of a Roman Catholic priest, complete with collar. He had reddish-brown hair and a beard, and was going bald on top. He seemed somewhat taken aback by Makoto's tirade."  -- Z20.

    A friend and adventuring companion of Tolwyn of House Tancred.  He is one of the protagonists of the TORG novel trilogy.  He is a Jesuit. 


    The Gaunt Man: 

    "Clad in simple, tattered clothes reminiscent of the Puritans of the 17th century, and carrying a cane topped with a dragon's head, the Gaunt Man resembled a cadaver more than a living being. His skin was gray and drawn tightly over his bones, and he was tall and gangly. The source of his moniker was readily apparent. Alexandrite had saved this, the most powerful of the "High Lords," the would-be TORG, to be his puppet. After all, he wanted the final defeat of the Senshi to be by his hands, even if at one remove. No youma was going to steal his glory."-- Z20

    High Lord of Orrorsh, he is a golem in the TORG world created by Alexandrite, who planned to use him to destroy the Senshi in Z20.  Not so much a puppet as Alexandrite thinks.  He possesses a scrying mirror named Wicked.


    George O'Malley: 

    A British stormknight and pilot who takes Makoto/Maggie, Hotaru/Luthien, Usagi/Angelina, and Steven/Dag Nabbit to Bannockburn.  Brother of the now dead Tom O'Malley, an adventuring companion of Tolwyn and Christopher.



    "Gospog were one of the ubiquitous weapons of the High Lords, supplied by the Gaunt Man to his allies. The gospog were half-plant/half-undead creations used as shock troops by the invaders. The High Lords would take the bodies of those killed by their troops and plant them in fields, 10,000 to a field. A gospog seed would be planted with them. After a time, 10,000 first-generation gospog would arise, shambling, plant-like undead. Then they would plant 1,000 corpses with gospog seeds, and get 1,000 second-generation gospog. These new gospog would be tougher and stronger than the first generation, and also could have their appearance and powers be tailored by the High Lords to fit their personal reality. This process continued until one fifth-generation gospog was produced by the fields. Then it could begin all over again."  -- Z20



    A former companion of Himeko/Sakura, sent to kill her by the Black Moon clan, but she dies at Himeko/Sakura's hands instead.


    Captain James "Sea Dog" O'Halley:

    Captain of a Tramp Freighter on the Nile, he helps to smuggle Umino, Naru, Cheshire, and Stinger Ace into the Nile Empire.


    Jeremy Wagner:

    "Dressed in camouflage pants and a ratty t-shirt, he didn't seem like the sort to lead a resistance community, until one saw the age-old hardness in his eyes."-- Z20

    Leader of the Resistance community the Senshi visit in Washington State.


    John Bigboote

    "Welcome to Heathrow!" boomed a voice. The welcoming committee had arrived. Twelve feet tall if he was an inch, the man who greeted them looked like he could bench-press semis... which made their luggage rather inconsequential. "Anything to declare?"-- Z20

    A friendly giant at Heathrow Airport.


    Kansas Jim:

    A Nile hero, modelled on a real life TORG player of note.  (Among other things, he produced the 1.5 edition of TORG). 


    Lapin Delune:

    A blonde frenchwoman who finds Rei after her plane crashes in Cyberfrance. 



    "Clad in dark camos and with short black hair and circles under her eyes, she had seemed to Umino like a poster child for Goth commandos. But she carried herself with an air of absolute assurance, making as little sound as Hime-chan did and always seeming to know where she was going."-- Z20

    The Senshi's guide while operating in the Living Land.  Part of the resistance community the Senshi visit.


    Nigel Thomas:

    The Air-tower operator at what is left of Heathrow Airport.  He is meticulously neat and precise in a world gone mad. 



    "The Gaunt Man stood there for a moment, then spoke. "Show me Parok," he said. In a moment, a red-skinned, winged creature, the leader of the Gaunt Man's Ravagons, his elite hunters, appeared.

    "What do you wish, Sallsboratza?" the hunter asked respectfully. To the Ravagons, the Gaunt Man was their Sixth Irishantza or prophet of their religion. They followed him with a fanatic's fervor.

    It was all, of course, a lie. The Gaunt Man had wanted the Dark Hunters to serve him, so he had taken on the role of Sallsboratza to gain their cooperation."  -- Z20


    Pere Valentin:

    "Pere Valenetian, the head Inquisitor for Rouen himself! Clad in simple dark robes, his glowing cyber-eye seemed to peer right through her flesh. A circuitry-embossed cross hung from his neck, and she didn't have to see the rest of him to know that much of his flesh had been replaced with metal. "-- Z20

    "It was just after the invasion and the Tech Surge," Mamoru said. "My brother and I had volunteered for the Hospitallers. Cyberware was some strange new miracle that we embraced whole-heartedly. Why not? The Church assured us that it was holy. It was holy, and our cause was just. It seemed so simple then.

    "For a few months, we were fine. We crushed heretics, bringing them before the Inquisition for the crime of daring to believe other than what 'Pere Jean' told them. I... I truly thought I was saving their souls. Instead, I was damning my own.

    "My brother always had the hotter temper of us two, and he had his own beliefs. Louis could never simply believe in what others told him. He had his own moral compass to follow. One day, it got him into trouble.

    "We were hunting down a group of Algerian Muslims and Louis and I found them. They were armed and fought back. Pere Valenetian, may his soul burn for ever, was leading our unit that day.

    "We fought and killed almost all of them that day," he continued, a small tear escaping his eye, "except one small girl. Louis rescued her from the burning building and let her go. The sins of the father, he thought, should not be visited on an innocent child.

    "Pere Valenetian disagreed. He had Louis tried as a heretic for his act of mercy, and Louis burned at the stake with the little girl he tried to save."-- Z20

    Noted for abusing his powers to get women as well.


    Sammael / Sam

    "Sam's grin never wavered as he spoke, but Haruka found herself stepping back, instinctively sensing great danger. "I am Sammael, the highest of those who flit around the throne of God, created above the seraphim. I am Lucifer, the Morning Star, the most brilliant of all the denizens of the empyrean. I am Iblis, the proudest of all God's creatures." He bowed. "But I am usually just called 'the Devil.'" -- Z20

    A Godnet Entity of great power.  Cuts a deal with Haruka/Harry to recover Michiru/Michelle's soul from the GodNet. 

    (Actually an aspect of the Gaunt Man...)



    Flying giant starfish native to the Living Land.  They are worshipers of Lanala (Jakatts). 



    "It was over seven feet tall, covered with muscles that rippled ominously beneath leathery skin. Two metallic wings sprouted from its back. One eye glowed crimson through the shadows covering its face." -- Z20

    Invaders from Tharkold, a race of demons who have mastered cybertecnology as well. 



    "Everyone spun and stopped cold at what they saw. Hime-chan hung limply in the claws of one of the biggest, ugliest monsters Umino had ever seen, even worse than the demon that had almost caught him in the alley. It sported more cybernetics than that one, and he groaned as he realized who it was. He had seen the picture in his rulebooks, after all."  -- Z20

    "Once a servant of the High Lord of Tharkold, Thratchen had been trapped on Earth when the psychics of the Soviet Project OMEN had thwarted the first Tharkoldu invasion of Russia. An opportunist and schemer, Thratchen had made itself useful to the Gaunt Man, the leader of the High Lords. And then, when the opportunity had presented itself, it had betrayed its master, helping a band of heroes trap the would-be TORG in a energy maelstrom, and set itself up as Regent of Orrorsh, the Gaunt Man's realm of horror and evil.

    For all its successes, however, the power of TORG eluded Thratchen while the Gaunt Man's prison weakened. The second, successful, Tharkoldu invasion, this time in Los Angeles, gave Thratchen a way out, and it fled to his fellow demons, swiftly regaining its position as a Prince among them. But this setback did not diminish Thratchen's hunger for knowledge and power."  -- Z20

    Sent by Alexandrite to deliver a message to the Senshi, he turns Himeko/Sakura into his puppet with a subdermal slave chip. 


    Tolwyn of House Tancred:

    "She was a tall, statuesque woman with long black hair and startling green eyes. Full plate armor covered her, yet she moved with ease and power. A long scarlet cape fluttered behind her, and a very large sword with a hilt large enough to serve as a mace lay strapped to her hip."  -- Z20

    Leader of the Armies of Light and friend and ally of Father Christopher Bryce.  She is one of the protagonists of the TORG novel trilogy.


    _G. Dark Tokyo Characters_


    Abh Nobles:

    "Like Jurai, the Abh claimed to be descended from the ancient Silver Millennium.  But where the Juraians had left the Silver Millennium as part of an organized colonization fleet, as a safeguard against a looming disaster, the Abh had been a ragtag fleet of space travelers left homeless by that same disaster.  They rarely set foot on the surface of a planet; instead, they claimed that space itself was their home.  The Abh had survived and prospered in the depths of space, using genetic engineering to alter their genotype and optimize themselves for their new home.  Their genetic tinkering had also given them a special ability to cybernetically link with their ships and fly them as extensions of their own bodies." --Z24



    Tall and slender with three eyes and purple skin.  One of Jadeite's aides, who reports the Arena revolt to him. 


    "Balas was pink.  Her hair, skin, and eyes were all varying shades of pink.  She even wore pink clothes, for kami's sake.  If her hair had been in rabbit-ears instead of a page-boy cut, she would have almost thought the diminutive youma was Chibi-Usa." -- Z24

    Magnesite's pink-eyed, overly human youma daughter.  He keeps her close for her own protection as she's not strong enough to flourish in Youma society.  Hotaru thinks she is a twit.  Slain by Anthracite.



    "Her opponent was a large, muscular creature possessing orange fur, sharp teeth and claws, and numerous battle scars.  His sword was made of metal and was razor sharp.  The number of cuts she had across her body attested to that.  The only reason she was not dead was because he had chosen to play with her -- a trait he shared with the felines he resembled.", "When the droids and youma had attacked his home, he had led the long -- and ultimately doomed -- fight against them.  Indeed, he had lasted the longest in that struggle... which was why he was here." -- Z24

    Slain by Minako in Amazonite's arena.  Her first foe.


    Droid J24601 / Kai

    Sent to arrest Stanley, he ends up reprogrammed into a companion by Stanley after being damaged by one of Tuxedo Kamen's roses.



    Gahnite was a humorless youma with blue skin and green hair in a pageboy cut.  She wore a complicated leather uniform with many buckles that still managed to show a fair amount of skin.  It reminded Hotaru of something she had seen Haruka-papa hiding in her closet.-- Z24 

    "She looked very human, but her mind more vicious and cruel than most youma.  If she had gained any human traits, it had been their endless capacity for evil."-- Z24 

    She assists her father Magnetite's experiments but does not see their value, eventually betraying him. 


    Hippolyta 5M17H

    A short-haired blonde human slave in the moon artifact claiming team.  Befriended by Makoto.  Nicknamed Lyta.



    A perky AI who serves Dark Queen Aurora


    Intelligent Races of the Dark Tokyo Period:


    Jurai Nobles:


    "Karmen was a short woman with tanned skin and deep green eyes, with permanent scars on her face from punching too many youma while being too valuable to simply kill.  Her voice was tight with anger."  Commander of Indigo Squadron during Makoto's attack on the LEXX. 


    The LEXX:

    "Yes, my Queen."  Ifurita vanished, and in her place appeared a holographic representation of what appeared to be a wingless dragonfly.  Whatever it was, it sported a huge "head" with large "eyes."  Behind it was a long "tail" that appeared overly straight and rigid compared to the organic curves of the "head."

    "This, your Majesty, is the Lexx.  It is, without a doubt, the most destructive force in the universe.  It is a living starship, combining aspects of droid, youma, and Silver Millennium technology.  The ocular parabola," here the 'eyes' of the dragonfly lit up, "can emit a fusion of Dark and Silver Power on a scale capable of destroying an entire planet or destabilizing a sun."-- Z24

    "The key to the Lexx is an energy matrix which fuses with the controller's aura.  Then you simply give the LEXX verbal orders and its AI carries them out.  Thus, you need no fancy bridge crew, just the captain and however many commandos needed to man the fighter escort.", ""I now pass the key to you.  If you should need to pass it to another, you need but concentrate and it will move to the target of your choice."  He made a gesture like tossing a softball and a glowing sphere of energy flew across the room into Jadeite's hand, then suffused his body and faded from sight.  Jadeite felt a tingling." -- Z24

    A perky, cheerful spaceship of mass destruction, intended to destroy the forces of Abh/Jurai.  It resembles a wingless dragon-fly.  It treats orders very literally as earlier versions had too much of a tendency to rebel.  Created by Sapphire, Magnetite, and Aurora as a gift for Jadeite.  Eventually falls under the control of Stanley and Athena.  After surviving the destruction of Dark Tokyo, it now resembles a giant butterfly with rainbow wings.


    Minako's Foes in the Arena:



    "One of them, a purple-skinned youma with four arms and red hair, seemed to be glaring at Minako a lot.  Minako suspected that the hair was a dye job, because green roots were showing.  She really wished that youma parents visited a color coordinator before having children.  Some of them were eye-watering in their color combos."-- Z24

    A disgraced subordinate of Amazonite who hopes to ambush and kill Minako to regain favor.


    "N'goya was a tall, skinny black man with a determined look in his eyes."  Commander of Violet Squadron during Makoto's attack on the LEXX.  His real-world equivalent would be an ancestor of Arcadia N'goya


    A yellow-skinned youma assistant of Amazonite who tries to turn her from her self-destructive path.


    "Another youma came up behind them.  He was wearing a red extravehicular activity suit that made him appear to be a high-tech knight."-- Z24

    Commander of the Youma force overseeing the slave labor on the moon which is gathering old artifacts.  Slain by Makoto. 



    "a youma who could almost have passed for human.  Her skin was a bright neon pink, however, and her eyes were featureless pools of red, with no iris or white noticeable.  Her ears were pointed and her black hair bore a prominent white-streak.  Magnetite considered her one of his best creations, despite her lack of combat powers, for her brilliant mind."--Z24

    One of Magnetite's 'daughters'.  Highly intelligent but with few emotions.

    Stanley 7W33D13

    The blue light on the second one's faceplate glowed brighter and shot out a beam that scanned the helpless man.

    "Stanley 7W33D13," it stated.  "Droid Worker, Factory #139.  Status:  Surplus to requirements."-- Z24  Stanley was nearly executed twelve times before the story begins.

    Athena studied him, realizing to her suprise that he was quite possibly the least sexy man she had ever met in a long life of meeting men of every stripe and shade.  He even beat Umino, which she hadn't thought possible.  No, Umino radiated great intellect, which could sometimes be sexy.  This man...was almost enough for her to want to become a monk. -- Z24

    A hapless inhabitant of Dark Tokyo, who becomes entangled in the adventures of the Senshi in Dark Tokyo, eventually becoming Captain of the LEXX. 


    Stanley's Refugees:

    Those folk hapless enough to take up following Stanley after his acquisition of Kai.



    "Her guest was a young female with inky-blue skin and long ears that matched Minako's own.  She appeared to be about 14 to 15 years old, by human terms.  The girl was wearing a thin white gown that hid absolutely nothing.  She lay on the bed in an awkward pose that was obviously supposed to be alluring but for the girl's lack of experience"--Z24

    A dark elf given to Minako as a 'companion' in the Arena.  Also intended as a spy.  She eventually sacrifices herself for Minako.

    _III. Places_

    Armory on the Moon

    An old Moon Kingdom armory which is used in Z25 to get Hawk Fighters for the attack on the Zodiac Base.  Also used by Makoto to get Hawk Fighters and other gear in Z24 in the Dark Tokyo Pocket Universe.  Its lock was keyed to Senshi and members of the Royal family.


    Bobson's Ice Cream

    [Marmalade Boy Location]

    An ice cream store. Manami and Hikaru go there in Z17 and are attacked by a youma.


    Channel Ten

    A TV station in Tokyo which shows the Sailor V TV show. Appears in Z9, when the Sailor V seiyuu put on a show which Amazonite crashes looking for the real Sailor V. Also shows the popular soap opera, 'One Life to Lose'.


    Chapel at the Moon Kingdom Palace

    "The chapel was a huge crystal dome with a round altar in the middle and statues of the Seven Virtues along the walls. The room was marked off into five segments, each with a triangle of benches for worshippers during ceremonies." (Z11) Presided over by Parias.


    Crystal City

    [Silver Millenium Location]

    This was the capital of the Crystal Kingdom of Earth. It stood on the present location of Tokyo, by the shores of the Ocean of Peace.


    Crystal City Naval Academy

    [Silver Millenium Location]

    Ether ship pilots trained here during the Silver Millenium.


    Dark Kingdom

    "Like an iridescent soap bubble, a realm floated in the strange reality of the Beyond Realm. The Realm was in the flux between existence and nothingness. Life existed there, a testimony to its adaptability if nothing else, but, it was strange and abhorrent by anyone's standards. Born of substance and nothing, forever torn between them, the crazed native life lashed out blindly to end its pain. Some possessed great powers and others possessed great intelligence. The worst had both. Inside this realm, substance held sway. It was a dark world of labyrinthine tunnels that endlessly twisted and curved around and between great chambers. It was like a dark heart, frozen in mid-beat but not dead,waiting to start again." (Z6)

    Beryl and her armies were exiled here by Serenity 25,000 years ago. Jadeite now rules here admidst the wreckage of past glory.


    Dark Tokyo Locations:

    Dark Tokyo is a subspace pocket universe created by Aurora and Jadeite to imprison the Senshi in Z22-4. It is destroyed at the end of Z24.



    One of the moons of Jupiter. The Lightning Staff was hidden here. During the Silver Millenium, this was a farming world, and Juno, Makoto's past self, was born here.


    Fifth Seikei Bank of Tokyo

    A fairly normal bank in Tokyo controlled by Taurus.


    Five Roaring Spirits Hot Springs

    This used to be a shrine/sacred springs, and is now a tacky tourist trap with a giant mechanical Buddha. The Senshi visit it in episode 3.


    Ganpeki Academy

    A school that Tsunami plays against in episode 9. Never actually seen.


    Grand Hall of the Zodiac

    This is the great domed hall whose floor is tiled to remember a twelve spoked wheel with a sign of the zodiac in gold at the end of each spoke, and a circle in the middle for the Ascendant One. First seen in episode 3.


    Greenwood Academy

    A boys' school. In Z13, the Golden Ring has a social with them at the Imperial Gardens.


    The Heart of the Flame

    "Fire engulfed Sailor Mars, but she was used to fire.It held no fear for her. It was warmth, and light, and life. The voice inside her mind continued to chant in the language she now knew to be the Silver Tongue. As the chant continued, the fire began to form into things beyond pure flame. Walls formed, a ceiling and a floor as well. And high in the air, out of reach, floated the one thing not made of flame besides herself. A huge hammer. The Hammer of Vulcan, the Icon of the Ruling House of Mars." (Z17)

    The spiritual place where the Royal Family of Mars hid their Icon when it needed to be safeguarded. Rei recovers the Hammer of Mars from it in Z17.


    Hikawa Temple

    Rei, Grandpa Hino, and Yuuichiro's home. It has a sacred fire. It was heavily damaged in episode 6, and has been under repair since then.



    [Silver Millenium Location]

    Homeland of Zoisite in the Silver Millennium. Also home of King Kull, who fought the Snake Men of Leng. Now Greenland. Was part of the Kingdom of Atlantis. The center of the civilization which preceded the Dark Age of the Things before the Silver Millenium.


    Imperial Gardens

    A large garden in Tokyo maintained for the Imperial Family. A real location. Some of the park staff know Mamoru.


    The Kingdom of Magic

             The junior Pluto moved back and forth between the three books she had out on the table.  These books make it sound like Vulcan hid some stuff away in case more talismans would need to be made, but I can't figure out where he hid it, she thought.  Some sort of pocket dimension, with craftsmen and tools and lore and necessary components and everything.  Hmm, maybe Mars could use Vulcan's Hammer to find it.  He must have used it to create the pocket dimension. I'll ask her when we get back.

            Cassandra hopped up on the table.  "How'd you get over here?"

            "I've just been sitting here consulting these books."

            Cassandra glanced at them.  "Oh, that legend."

            "Know anything about it?"

            "Legend claims Astra told him to prepare a hidden magical place where his lore could be preserved until it was needed again, so he recruited some of his best apprentices to live there and preserve his lore over the millennia until it was needed again.  But if he did, no contact with them ever happened in the Silver Millennium that I know of.  The whole knowledge of how to get there was lost, I guess." (Z19)

    Created by Vulcan against future necessity, the Kingdom of Magic is a wondrous land of clever crafters of magical items.  The King's daughter, Princess Erika is a physical double of Nonohara Himeko, who she chose to field-test some magical items for her, some years ago.  (See Hime-chan no Ribbon)

    In Z19, Himeko comes to the Kingdom to have Erica help her make her a Time Staff and Orb.


    'The Library of Alexandria'

    Ami's favorite bookstore.  She meets Minako there in Episode 21.


    Library of the Star Kingdom

    The Library of the Star Kingdom survives on one of the larger asteroids of the asteroid belt.    Unable to destroy or move it, the Zodiac put up magics to protect it.

            "It's organized according to Astra's theories of destiny," Augur said.  "According to the history book I read.  Unfortunately, that book didn't have a chart, and it was fairly vague on how book subjects related to destiny.  The only one I remember was that the destiny of 'Warrior' corresponded to books about wars, soldiers, armies, weapons, and the like.  But the destinies are usually represented using the eight pointed star, and this library is a rectangle."  He jumped up onto a reading table.  "The books closest to where we are look like reference books." (Z19)


    Mons Olympus

    This is a dead volcano on Mars, which was home to the city of Vulcan's Forge in the Silver Millenium and still holds its ruins.

    The ruins of the Royal Palace:

    From a distance, it was a non-Euclidean nightmare, a pile of ancient rock jutting at strange angles, seemingly assembled by giants. Closer, one could see the remains of the paints which had once made it a riot of color, a place to inspire awe rather than fear. Many of the stranger angles could be seen to be the result of the collapse of portions of the building. What remained formed a great Celtic cross, a t in a circle, with a tower in the middle and a tower at each of the places where the 'cross bars' met the 'circle'. There were four courtyards inside the palace.

    A vivid memory flashed into Mars' mind. Each of the courtyards was dedicated to one of the sister kingdoms, as was each of the towers, with the central tower dedicated to Mars itself, of course. The Crystal Kingdom's courtyard belied its name; an orchard andgarden of both flowers and crops, though the crops were grown in largely ceremonial quantities; one could make at most one loaf of bread from its wheat, for example. The Moon Kingdom's courtyard held fine art; wind chimes of crystal, statues, banners, and other art that could be displayed under the open sky. The Star Kingdom'scourtyard was filled with telescopes and astrolabes, paved with a great chart of the solar system, full of small displays for all the worlds that lacked their own kingdoms. And finally, the Guardian Kingdom, the Kingdom of Atlantis, had a courtyard that belied its martial image. A great pool, filled with gentle waves of water, a huge aquarium of fish, and a nice hot spring they had somehow created with their arts occupied almost all of their courtyard. Only the ceremonial weapons over the gates hinted that they were a kingdom of warriors. (Z17)


    Moon Hill Experiment House

    An experimental all-English school intended to teach English through total submersion. Run by a principal named M, it is a front for Zodiac experiments. Minako attends school there in Z 4-7, before the school dance goes haywire. All students must take on an English pseudonym.


    The Moon Palace

    Home to the Senshi and Princess Serenity in the Silver Millenium, the Palace was a large, rambling structure of marble, gold and silver. It had a magnificent garden with silver-leafed trees and quiet ponds. One tree by a small reflecting pool was a favorite of Senshi Jupiter. The Palace, located between the Sea of Serenity and the Crater of Endymion on modern maps, is the last habitable place on the moon, which Saturn rendered mostly unihabitable at the Fall of the Silver Millenium. The Zodiac has taken it over as one of their bases of operations.


    Nekoron Forest

    (Silver Millenium Location)

    A forest on Venus where Artemis frolicked in his youth.


    New Year's Festival

    Staged by the Zodiac, the Festival is a fun collection games and events, like any normal festival. It was to be used to influence the Minister of Education, but Usagi stopped that by accident.


    Northern Udun

    [Silver Millenium Location]

    Brigit, aka the Elder Mars, was born here. It is an obscure region on Mars mostly notable for moisture farming.



    [Silver Millenium Location]

    This was the home world of the Star Kingdom. After it was destroyed by a Thing hatching from it, it became the Asteroid Belt.



    Naru's mother's jewelry store. She and Naru live over it.


    The Room of Destiny

            Astra found herself before a pair of bronze doors, like those in front of the library, sealed shut by glowing lines of power that formed the sigil of the Star Kingdom over the doors.  As she approached, the lines faded and the doors swung open.  She went inside.

            The room was an octagon, with an eight pointed star inscribed on the floor in bronze.  An obsidian pillar rose from the marble floor in the center, topped by an orb of translucent crystals the size of a soccer ball.  Tiny pinpoints of light shone from inside it.

            It can't possibly be this easy, Astra thought.  But it can't hurt to try, either.  She stepped inside, now noticing that each of the walls had a date on it, calculated from the first year of the Silver Millennium.  Six of them were dates back during the Silver Millennium.  One of them, assuming her math was correct, was today, and the final one was only a few months from now.

            Then the memory struck her.  This must be the Room of Destiny, she thought.  Where Astra recorded eight messages for those who would come after her, to guide them in chosing wisely.  (Z19)


    Royal Hunting Preserve

    [Silver Millenium Location]

    "Makoto and Nephrite lay on the hill, under a silver-leaved Eldilastree. Blue and silver flowers bloomed around them, poking up through tall green grass. Farther east, the forest thickened. They were on the edge of the Royal Hunting Preserve, which spread westward for miles to the Sea of Dreams." (Z11)


    Run-down ship from episode 8

    This is the ship from the love cruise episode of Sailor Moon. Tethys has been trapped in it, clinging to life by a thread since that episode.



    Subspace was, put simply, another dimension apart from the "real" world. That was a crude definition, however. Subspace could, and did, intrude on space and time in many ways. However, it was a much more "fluid" reality, capable of being shaped by a strong enough will or imagination, or by powerful magic and science.

    It also touched upon the world of dreams.

    It was that link that enabled Alexandrite to catch the Senshi. Their imaginary game used the power of dreams. It had already pulled them slightly into the grasp of another reality. All he had to do was give that other reality a "push" and a direction. The Senshi hadn't even noticed as their reality changed around them, drawing them out of the "real" world and into one of his making. (Z20)



    A Mana-Toxic moon of Saturn. Site of much of the action of Z14.


    The Tomoe House

    A two-story, three bedroom white house with a picket fence and a mailbox. Hotaru and her father live here with Setsuna, Haruka, and Michiru.



    (Silver Millenium Location)

    "the only city of humans (and other non-faerie races) on theentire planet of Venus. Very few humans were allowed to pass beyond its walls. It was here that the gathered faerie folk of the planet came to trade with the humans of the other planets, and with the subterranean races of Mercury, and the enigmatic Fungi from Yuggoth at the far reaches of the solar system. Tradetown was perhaps one of the most diverse cities in all the planets of the Silver Millenium, home to all the races, and featuring fantastic architecture." (Z5)


    Tsunami High School

    Tsunami is a typical three-year Japanese High School. Alright, I admit it, that's the only typical thing about it. Well, they do require school uniforms, which are green and white for women, brown and green for men.

    "The school had just been built a year or so ago to help with the crowding in the public school system. Its white buildings, set amidst carefully maintained lawns, glistened in the sun. In the center of the greenery was Tokugawa Hall, home of the Administrative Offices, most of the classrooms, the cafeteria, and school store. The main building was flanked on either side by Meiji Hall, home of the Science departments and largest building of them all, and Edo Hall, home of the Liberal Arts departments. Behind the main building were several dormitories, each about three stories tall. The three mainbuildings were five stories tall and covered more area." (Z4)

    The three dorms are Perry Hall (female), Hirohito (male), and Hideoshi (mixed by floor). The gymnasium is named after MacArthur.

    Interior of Perry Hall:

    "The dorm was very nicely decorated, with a soft blue carpet and white walls lit by discreet track-lighting by the ceiling. There were a few stains in the carpet, here and there, and scuff marks on the wall from previous occupants, but they made the place more comfortable, more lived-in, rather than less." (Z4)

    Ami and Noriko's Dorm Room:

    "The room was small, but the high ceiling offset any claustrophobia. A bright light in the ceiling provided most of the illumination in the room, and there was a small window on the wall opposite the door. The wall to Ami's left was taken up with two bunks built into the wall and two closets. The only other pieces of furniture in the room were two desks and chairs. One desk was bare and under the window. The other, on the right wall, had a sophisticated computer setup, with a 18-inch monitor, tape backup, laser printer, scanner and a few other gadgets not easily identified."

    "The wall by the computer and one closet door was also festooned with a wide variety of posters. There were two or three Escher prints, a map of the solar system, a fantasy poster showing a wizard and a befuddled dragon playing chess, a movie poster for "Forbidden Planet" showing Robbie the Robot (with a bumper sticker slapped on it saying "I *heart* Robots,") and a poster detailing the deck plan of Space Battleship Yamato." (Z4)

    Himeko and Minako's Room:

    "The room had been decorated in Early modern stuffed dolls, itseemed. Actually, there weren't more than a half dozen or so, but theyseem to have spread out and taken control of the room. Half the roomlooked barren, while the other half was over run with books, the stuffed dolls, posters, a television set, a Playstation, and dozens of other items. There was a big poster of some idol band called SMAP over the bed, a bit ragged and torn but clearly much loved." (Z7)

    Sensei's Laboratory:

    "Elsewhere, a small light began blinking on a large model of Tsunami High. The model, built to scale and covering a large table, took up a small corner of the large, underground room. The walls, where bare, were made of simple cinder block, and there were only a few small windows, up near the ceiling. The rest of the room was filled with strange machinery. Computer screens sprouted sporadically from the mess at odd places, with random, important-looking displays scrolling across them. One of them was losing a fighting battle with its vertical hold. In another section of the room, a mechanical arm played chess against a monkey in a cage (the monkey seemed to be winning). A giant watermelon was firmly clamped beneath a giant press for no apparent reason whatsoever while other pieces of machinery glowed and sparked fitfully nearby. Cables snaked across the floor, through the air, and over the walls, fighting the odd cockroach out ofspace. What little area was left was taken up with tables loaded with strange equipment and shelves full of papers and books. It was a mad scientist's lab come to life." (Z4)

    Yamamoto's Office:

    "His office was impeccably neat and orderly, as part of that image. The desk was made of oak, varnished to a high shine. His blotter was centered perfectly and not even a white glove inspection would find any dust. Behind his desk rose three imposing bookshelves filled with books on education, psychology, and military history (he considered himself an expert on the subject). One shelf held a katana, locked behind glass, expertly polished and carefully set in place. The other walls were filled with awards, his degree in education, photos of himself with three different Ministers of Education, and a scroll with the kanji for "discipline" rendered just so to strike fear in the heart of any juvenile offender." (Z4)

    Known Clubs at Tsunami:

    Archery, Chemistry, Chess, Choir, Music, Occult Studies, Senshi Fan Club, Society for Profitable Anachronism, Transdimensional Defense

    _IV. Things_

    A. Icons

    The Icons were the Talismans of the Five Ruling Wizards, and wield vast powers. By the end of the Silver Millenium, no one knew whether they were made or found by the Five Ruling Wizards. Still, wielding an Icon let one use vast power, but at the risk of one's life. While all five were flexible, each of the Icons had a specialty, a purpose for which it was most apt and safest to be used.

    B. Talismans

    From the Silver Millenium work, Vulcan and the Talismans:

    'It remains disputed as to whether Vulcan's Hammer would be necessary to replace the Talismans he created.  Venus' Bow and Mercury's Computer were both created without it, by the Elves and Dwarves respectively, as a gift to Serenity's servants, the Senshi.  Astra assisted in the creation of Pluto's Garnet Orb and Neptune's Aqua Mirror.  Metallia's spirit helped to create the Armor of Mars.  Endymion contributed to the making of Jupiter's Thunder Staff and Uranus' Space Sword.  The creation of the Silence Glaive remains swathed in mystery.  Could such collaborations ever come again in these times of dwindled glory?' (Z19)

    C. Items of the Silver Millenium

    Book of Virtues

    The holy text of the dominant faith of the Silver Millenium, the Way of the Seven Virtues.

    Quotes from the Book:

    "Death is as light as a feather, duty as heavy as a mountain." (Jordan's Wheel of Time)

    "If we cling to something when it is time to move on, then it turns to bitterness for both ourselves and others." (C. S. Lewis, Perelandra)

    Catalog Globes

            "If the Zodiac hasn't taken them, there should be some...I suppose Catalog Globes would be the best name for them.  Spheres you can gaze into and find out if the library has a book.  Hopefully, they'll at least give us an idea as to what section of the library to look in." (Z19)


    The Silver Millenium had computers that make modern ones look sick. The dwarves have continued this technology; Dwarven computers are probably the best in the universe. They use various precious metals and crystals in ways that only work because the Dwarves do use magic, no matter how much they deny it.

    Crystal Voice

    A means for transmitting sound and images; a magical version of Television and Radio. Used now chiefly by Dwarves, used by nobles and merchants in the Silver Millenium, since it never became cheap enough for true Television in the modern style to arise.

    Cyrilin Crystals.

    "They were found in pairs, and by some magical process, anything you said near the blue one could be heard by whoever possessed the green one." (Z11)

    Emotion Cloth

    This soft-gauzy cloth changes colors to reflect the emotions of the person wearing it. It was a fad in the last years of the Silver Millenium. Seen in the Prelude.

    Ether Ships

    First seen briefly in Episode 6. "The ship was spindle-shaped, with one side flattened to provide a "deck" to mount the etheric sails. The sails were down now, no longer needed after landing." In Z11, it is said that, "The Captain is a powerful sorceror trained at the Crystal City Naval Academy on Earth. During takeoffs, landings and lulls in the solar winds, she powers the ship with her magic, enabling it to achieve the speeds necessary to reach the ether that fills the voids between the worlds. The chair amplifies her abilities to enable her to move a ship of this size for the length of time necessary. Once we reach the ether, she will leave the chair and likely take a nap to regain her energy."

    Europan Star Rose

    The white petals ringed round the red ones, forming a double rose. (Z19)  One of the components of the ritual to create Himeko's Time Staff.


    It could burn hundreds of times without being consumed. Crucial to the colonization of Mars, which lacked fuel sources.

    Hawk Fighters

    Hawk-shaped fighting craft of the Silver Millenium.  Designed for in-system space combat.

    Icthela Lens

    "a long conical tube with a series of lenses of special crystal that would focus ambient light into an intense beam." (Z17)

    Ionian Dragonhide Armor

    "She was wearing a suit of armor that he had never seen before.  It consisted of a breastplate, gloves, and long boots over a green bodysuit.  The armor was made out of some sort of mother-of-pearl colored scales that glittered iridescently in the dim light.  A helmet of the same material covered her head.  She held a metallic staff in her off hand." --Z24

    Lilandror Wood

    A wood very suitable for the making of magical items; one of the components of Himeko's Time Staff.

    The Lovely Angel

    Appears in Episode 11, carries the Senshi to Pluto (the planet). "The space ship itself was shaped like a huge crystal dove, except for the masts and sails. " Uses the Ether winds to travel away from the sun and a soul chair for travel against the Solar Winds.


    Appears in Z21.  a thick magical rod which could also transform into a fighting staff

    Memory Crystals

    Storage crystals used in the last years of the Silver Millenium which would record everything around them when 'turned on', and play it back later.

    Moisture Collectors

    Used in Mars to gather moisture to supply water in the dry zones.

    Powder of Astrela

    A kind of dust that when inhaled causes sneezing, coughing, and choking.

    Puzzle Locks

    Used to secure things you wanted to keep people out of. They are like Chinese Puzzle Boxes, but more elaborate.

    Vulcan Fire

    Similar to Greek Fire, made using the Nicomancian formula.

    Vulcanim Cloth

    A denim-like nonflammable cloth which was used for those who worked around fire and heat.

    Yumi and Takeen Crystals

    When sparked together, they make a huge flash.

    D. The Great Shield

    "Astra determined the time and place of their strike, Vulcan's hammer struck the blows that forged it, Endymion guarded their backs, Serenity healed the wounds left by the Things, and Metallia gave her soul. Together, they created the Great Shield.

    "With each blow of Vulcan's hammer, the Great Shield expanded, pushing out, out to where even the rays of the sun could go no further. Before it, the Things fell or were pushed back, unable to withstand its terrible purity. A soul had been freely given to drive them back, and no force is more powerful." (Princess Serenity, Z10)

    Created by the Five Ruling Wizards to keep the Things from Beyond off the Earth, Metallia merged with it to extend it to protect the entire Solar System. Unfortunately, constant struggle with the Things eventually corrupted Metallia. It contracted to protect only the Earth after the fall of the Silver Millenium. Nephrite is now its guardian, after the destruction of Metallia.

    E. Sensei's Inventions

    Chess playing Machine

    Seen briefly in Z4, being defeated repeatedly by a monkey.

    The Containment Field

    This is a trap which feeds off of a creature's own magic to trap it inside, by absorbing anything magical thrown at it, and using the magic to strengthen the field. The strongest version is bound to a room, but he also has portable generators. First seen in Z8. The Saturn Force is capable of defeating it by draining its power, however.

    Glue Guns

    "Most of the students were given a sort of spray gun, souped-up versions of the Gastaman Brothers water pistols. The guns fired a chemical compound, however, that would congeal within seconds of contact with the air. The tensile strength of the compound was immense, once it was fully hardened. Sensei produced a chunk for the Outer Senshi to examine. It resembled amber, being golden in color and translucent. Uranus summoned her Space Sword and hacked at it for a minute. The magical blade did cut through it, but it required some effort." (Z8)

    Computer Controlled Toaster

    Works well, but the Automatic butterer had to be abandoned. (Z17)

    Ninja Suit

    This outfit is acquired by Hikaru in Z23.  It makes you invisible, has built in sensor goggles and comes with various weaponry. 

    _V. Magic_

    " A word must be said here about magic and how it is spread throughout the universe.

    As shown earlier, the power that is labeled as 'magic' is hard to quantify or qualify. It has an element of irrationality to it that defies easy analysis. Rationality is the province of science. If you want simple, straight forward answers, become a scientist. Magic is a world where things do not always follow simple cause and effect, where the same experiment will not always yield the same results, and where intuition and insight replace experimentation and documentation.

    Still, scholars on many planets have managed to paint some broadbrush strokes on the canvas where magic is concerned. Some scientists have actually made some inroads as well, for certain branches of science come very close to magic.

    In essence, all magic stems from two vast reservoirs of power, one positive, one negative. These reservoirs, known in the Silver Millennium as Silver Power and Dark Power, are polar opposites, yet both can be tapped to produce prodigious effects. Silver Power, however, lends itself better to creation and order, while Dark Power is better at destruction and chaos.

    Magic is the energy of life and creativity, so there is a little of it in everyone, both light and dark. Magicians tap into their life energy and use it to access the ambient magical energy of their surroundings. The amount of energy available, however, varies from place to place because of the phenomenon of ley lines.

    Rather then spread evenly out form a single source, magical power, both Silver and Dark, follows conduits of power that seem to follow no rational arrangement. A planet thousands of light years away from the source of magic could have more ambient power than one sitting right next to it because of these ley lines. Strangely enough, the ley lines seem to transmit both forms of power equally, despite their contrary natures. Scholars call this 'neutral' form of magic by the term 'mana.'

    The galactic ley lines connect planets together, like a giant connect-the-dots puzzle. They are not static, being known to move,either slowly and constantly or periodically and precipitously. If there is any pattern to this movement, it has never been divined. The planets, in turn, have planetary ley lines that transmit the energy over the surface of the planet. Places where they connect tend to become sites of great mystical power. Needless to say, the more galactic ley lines that connect to a planet, the more magical that planet is.

    Planets with no ley lines are Mana-Dead worlds. No life can begin there, though it can be transplanted there through scientific means. Magic is almost completely impossible on Mana-Dead worlds.

    Worlds with few ley lines are Mana-Poor. They can support life and they are often worlds of great scientific and technological achievement, for magic comes with too much difficulty to be major factor on these worlds.

    A planet whose ley lines fall into the middle of the range is generally called Mana-Normal. There magic and science come with about equal ease.

    A planet with a high concentration of ley lines is Mana-Rich.There almost everything is magical and science is almost unknown.

    Finally, a world with too many ley lines is Mana-Toxic. There the power of magic is so strong that it warps and kills any life that comes into contact with it for too long. It may seem strange that magic, a force necessary for life, could be fatal, but water is also necessary for life and one can still drown. The overabundance of magic on these worlds quickly leads to hallucinations, dementia, mutations, and then death.

    Titan is a Mana-Toxic world."

    (Z14, Narrarator) 

    VI. Obscure Cultural References

    This section describes a variety of things referenced in Sailor Moon Z which for various reasons cannot be presumed to be part of everyone's cultural vocabulary. This includes idioms, references to movies, games, books and music, quotes from other languages, or anything else that people keep asking us what it is.

    A. TORG

    TORG is an RPG that was released in 1990 and supported by West End Games up to 1995 or so. It deals with the Possibility Wars, a struggle in which our Earth has been invaded by alternate realities, controlled by the High Lords, who have the power to transform portions of our reality to their laws of nature. Those who dwell within the conquered zones eventually transform and become beings appropriate to the invading reality. Player Characters are Storm Knights, people with the strength of will to operate under the rules of their home reality even in other realities.

    There were six initial invading realities (Aysle, Orrorsh, the Nile Empire, the Cyberpapacy, Nippon Tech, and the Living Land), and a seventh which was repulsed at first, but later came back and took over a few cities, but in general, continued to be pathetic (Tharkold). Later on, semi-helpful aliens (the 'Space Gods') showed up, various pocket dimensions opened up, and many other problems beleaguered the defenders of Earth.

    You can find the Senshi TORG characters at this location earlier in this document (under minor characters).

    The Invading or Visiting Realms:

    Aysle--the Realm of High Fantasy

    Aysle is a world of high fantasy, where everyone is born with some degree of magical talent, a world of elves, dwarves, gnomes, humans, giants, and a planet which is shaped like a donut with the sun rising and setting through the middle. Technology is early Renaissance, miracles are common, monsters are more common, and seeing is believing, because seeing makes it so. What is observed becomes real, which makes illusions a lucrative business. (And conversely, if it can't be seen, it's in danger of ceasing to exist...) It controls Britain and Scandanavia.

    Cyberpapacy--the Realm of SpiritPunk

    Take a cyberpunk world. Throw the megacorporations in the recycle bin and substitute the medieval papacy as seen by all the Protestant reformers--a pit of corruption, hypocrisy, and repression. Back it up with impressive miraculous powers and give it the belief that the replacement of flesh with metal brings one closer to God. Take the usual Net/Matrix/Etc, and infuse it with inescapable religious iconography, then add a cyber-Heaven and cyber-Hell to it. And there you have the GodNet. That's the Cyberpapacy, and it controls France with a literally iron fist from the new Papal palace at Avignon. The Pope in Rome is understandably not amused.

    Living Land--the Realm of Primitive Spirituality

    Large chunks of North America have become a land of jungle, ruled by dinosaurs and the Edeinos, a sentient race of lizard-like humanoids, who serve Lanala, the great goddess of life. She gave up her senses to enable all living things to see and feel and live life to the fullest. Lanala wants you to live life in all its extremes, from pleasure to pain, from joy to hate, to experience all that can be experienced. Those who love Lanala must give up their attachment to dead things (like any sort of tool) and give up the life which is no different from death (the typical lifestyle of any society above the hunter/gatherer level), but in return, she grants vast miraculous powers to her lovers. The Edeinos make war in her name because it too is an experience, and through it, they hope to force the dead (non-Lanala worshippers) to truly live (such as through being utterly terrified).

    Nile Empire--the Realm of Pulp Adventure

    On the surface, Pharoah Mobius and his realm appear to be just another 1930s facist dictatorship with a heavy Egyptian theme, but in reality, it's the world as seen through the eyes of 1920s and 30s adventure pulp fiction, a world of weird science, evil sorcerors, rampaging mummies, and two-fisted heroes, a world where GOOD and EVIL are more clearly defined. The action never lets up until the final reel comes to an end, and the villain always plunges off a cliff to his 'certain doom'. Based in Egypt, Mobius has conquered much of north-eastern Africa, the Arabian peninsula, and Palestine. Bombing Mecca didn't exactly earn him any friends.

    Nippon Tech--the Realm of Mega-Corporate Reality

    This realm is the nightmare of the 20th century liberal, a world of capitalism gone berserk, in which the entire world is paved over and the mega-corporations openly rule everything. Now it has invaded Japan, and is rapidly turning it into mega-corporate hell (with a few small areas of capitalistic heaven), but this invasion, unlike the others, has been subtle enough not to be noticed at first, except by the Rauru Block, an alliance of Japanese businessmen trying to direct resistance against they know not what, against the power now weilded by the enigmatic Ryuichi Kanawa, CEO of the Kanawa corporation, which stands in the eye of the business storm. Ninjas and armored mercenaries stalk the darkness, and disinherited workers plot revolution in the shadows. Trust no one and keep your pistol handy.

    Orrorsh--the Realm of Gothic Horror

    Indonesia has fallen prey to a new imperialism, a double onslaught of Victorians and horrible monsters. It's often hard for them to tell which are worse. The monsters seem unstoppable, and often it seems evil can only be fought with evil, yet in Orrosh, the means corrupt the ends. Those who fight evil by evil means become monsters in a very real and literal sense. Yet, can they be stopped by any other method? The Gaunt Man can give you power, but the price is eternal corruption. It is a price far too many are willing to pay.

    Space Gods--the Realm of Ancient Astronauts

    Von Daniekien was right. We have been visited from another world. And now they've returned, hopefully to aid the Earth in its struggle. Except that they've accidentally brought a psychic plague to Earth that they hoped we could help THEM with. Oops. The Space Gods use living technology and psychic powers, and might be convinced to share them, if their leader can ever make up his mind what to DO.

    Tharkold--the Realm of Techno-horror

    Tharkold's first attack on the Earth was repulsed, but now it has a tiny foothold on Earth in the city of Los Angeles (and late in the campaign, in Berlin). It is a realm where for three thousand years, humanity (now called simply 'the Race'), and demon-kind (the Tharkoldu), have tried to exterminate each other. Their world is bombed out rubble and endless violence, tipped in the favor of the demons by their possession of a High Lord, whose conquest of other worlds has enabled him to dominate his own. But Kranod's failure on Earth led to his disposal, and a human slave has seized his throne. Whether Jezrael, who sees herself as a demon in a human body, can rally demon-kind behind herself is yet to be seen.

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