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Last Modified: June 9, 2000

What is Sailor Moon Z?

Sailor Moon Z is a continuing fanfic series from the deranged minds of John Biles (Aka the Brain) and Jeff Hosmer (Who denies efforts to call him Pinky)

It is a fanfic building on the anime and manga series Sailor Moon, by Takeuchi Naoko. Sailor Moon is a shojo series dealing with the heroic adventures, comic mishaps, and everyday life of a group of girls who are the reincarnations of the heroic defenders of a magical kingdom that existed on the Moon millenia ago.

Where does Sailor Moon Z fit in the Sailor Moon Continuity?

Sailor Moon Z occurs at the end of the cast's last year of Junior High and during their first year of High School. (10th grade in the american system. Japanese High Schools often are only three years long, while Junior High also lasts three years.)

In terms of seasons, Sailor Moon Z largely overwrites SS and replaces Stars.

Z largely derives from anime continuity, but we have lifted some of the unique elements of the manga.

What is the capital of Assyria?


Who's this Steven Grant person?

Steven Grant makes his premiere in Symphony of the Planets: Venus, a fanfic by John Biles. You can link to the Symphony of the Planets page here: Symphony of the Planets

Basically, Steven Grant is a British exchange student who met Minako during her Winter Break trip to Hokkaido. His family is currently in Korea (his dad is working as an executive at a plant there). He also has past links to Polly and Chester, two other exchange students who are more than they might easily seem...

Where did Tsunami High come from?

Tsunami came from a joint brain-storming effort by Jeff and myself. A lot of the ideas are his, but I added a few of the deranged personnel myself :)

Episode Summaries

In which the Diamond Gala Ball is celebrated until the festivities are interrupted by an unwanted visitor, and then an unwanted message... [Set entirely in the Silver Millenium. We have fan art for two scenes: Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter with their lovers and Mars and Jadeite sing a duet ]

Episode one
Naru turns 16. Usagi says too much, but for once it's the right thing to do. The Zodiac come calling, the White Knight comes to the rescue, but for once Mamoru is neither mind-controlled nor amnesiac. So what's going on?

Episode two
A fire reading goes horribly wrong, Ravator attacks, an ancient evil reawakens, the Zodiac make more trouble, and Naru gets a few memories back she didn't know she had. And Usagi tries to pass her high school entrance exam. Just another typical day in Senshiville.

Episode three
Grandpa takes everyone to the the Five Roaring Spirits Hot Springs, everyone gets to meet Minako's new boyfriend arrives, and the Zodiac demonstrate they tend to be party crashers.

Episode four
Everyone starts the new school year at Tsunami High School, while Rei struggles with the aftermath of the previous episode.

Episode five
Moon Hill Experiment House is now Minako's private Hell^H^H^H^H^High School. Stupid names, stupid english, and stupid people harassing her. What's a Senshi to do?

Episode six
There were things that even Beryl was afraid of. A large screaming horde of them have just been turned loose on Tokyo, and only one Senshi can stop them....too bad she's a baby.

Episode seven
In which the "Our Gym Covered in Crepe Paper" dance is disrupted by Minako's least favorite people at Moon Hill Experiment House. Except this time, they've got a few new tricks

Episode eight
Even the Senshi of Time can't predict everything, as Setsuna comes to find out in this episode. Especially not how she'll make an important choice.

Episode nine
Not every shadow of the past is a bad thing, for sometimes it's being cast by a second chance.

Episode ten
Ever wanted to know what the Sailors were like in the Silver Millenium? Ryo, Steven, Umino, and their other friends in the present are about to find out the hard way. Premiere of Sailor Odysseus [Part 1 of a two-parter with 11. There's lots of fan art of Sailor Odysseus on the fan art page. ]

Episode eleven
While the Senshi of the past wreck havoc in the present, the Senshi of the present travel to the past and make an even bigger mess. [Part 2 of the two-parter that started with 10]

Episode twelve
It's a training trip. To the beach. No, really. [A special episode written in a series of first person accounts]

Episode thirteen
For two years, Naru increasingly felt like an outsider as Usagi moved away from her. Now, in the Golden Ring Social Club, she has her chance to be on the inside of something...but not all that glitters is gold.

Episode fourteen
A day in the life of Tomoe Hotaru, just an ordinary young girl, in which an attempt to go to a concert just doesn't QUITE work out...

The Talisman Quest Arc

Episode fifteen
Ami needs a new computer. So, she just has to go to Mercury and convince the dwarves to make her a new one. Assuming she and Sailor Uranus don't manage to drive each other insane first...

Episode sixteen
The Talisman Quest Continues. Yet another demonstration of why Elves are not normally invited to attend Japanese High Schools. In which Minako demonstrates that she is indeed the goddess of love. Please note the word 'competent' did not appear in that description.

Episode seventeen
Part 3 of the Talisman Quest Arc. In which a piece of the past rises from the sea and drops in for a visit, prompting a trip to the ancient kingdom of Mars, in search of Mars' talisman. There, Mars and Neptune must face some unfinished business from the last days of the Silver Millenium.

Everything below this point is only in draft form or planned, and may be subject to change

Ep 18:
Part 4 of the Talisman Quest Arc. In which Sailor Jupiter struggles to seperate the truth and lies to be found in dreams.

Ep 19:
Conclusion of the Talisman Quest Arc. In which the Younger Pluto and the Only Odysseus seek their talismans, their future, and their past among the shattered wreckage of a kingdom already dead when the Moon fell. A pity the Zodiac got there first...

Ep 20:
Ever wondered what your characters would think of you if they knew you existed? How about all the orcs you slaughtered in last friday's D&D game, or the gang you slaughtered in Shadowrun, or the supervillians you sent to jail or Cthulhu after you caused his island to sink. Now imagine if they all got a chance to take a crack at you in return. The Sailor Senshi are about to be in over their heads when the latest session of TORG gets just a little out of hand... A crossover with TORG.

Ep 21:
They gave Pluto immortality, and they took it away when she chose to re-enter time. Who are the Three and what do they really want?

The Final Arc

Ep 22:
Love can redeem anyone...can't it? Sailor Mars is about to find out.

Ep 23:
In which the Zodiac finally makes its move to grab the Star Princess and Tuxedo Umino Kamen tests how well fried Shrimp work against the Star Power. Ack.

Ep 24:
There are good reasons why we don't normally know the future. Because sometimes it would bring only tears. The Senshi confront the price that may come of their failure.

Ep 25:
The crisis is upon us as the Senshi must face the choice whether to fight Jadeite's invasion, save Naru, or try to do both and risk failure at both, with the shadow of the future that yet may come hanging over them.

Ep 26:
The future hangs on a single choice. Life or death. Vengeance or mercy. Hate or love. Save or damn.

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