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Currently Episodes 18 and 19 are in production.

Who is the Entity?

As revealed in Episode 6, the Entity is Jadeite. He has escaped his crystal, but is currently in a healing chamber, recovering his wounds suffered in the end of Episode 6 from energy feedback.

Why is the Zodiac looking for the Princess?

She possesses power they believe is rightfully theirs. If we say more, they'll demand we renegotiate their contract.

Will Umino die?

After Episode 6, the real question is will he ever stay dead? ^_- He will not die again anytime soon.

Who is the White Knight?

That would be telling. However, the White Knight is not:

The White Knight has been seen in normal, non-super powered mode. He is NOT the Neptune Ninja :P

What were the names of the Senshi and their friends in the Silver Millenium?

Steven and Urawa's past lives if any, have not been revealed.

Is Naru the Star Princess?

Yes, Naru is the Star Princess, as revealed in Episode 13. What this entails, is yet to be shown.

Who has what talisman and what do they do?

As of Episode 17:

Will this story ever end?

Yes. Episode 26 will be the last.

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