Updated March 14, 2013:  Triple Identity and Survivors, two SMZ related stories, are up!  Bringers of War and The Great Polar Expedition (MLP/Mystara) also!  March 22, 2013:  The Hidden Shrine of Tamao-Chan (Lucky Star/D&D story) is up.

Welcome to my Fiction page! You'll find everything I've ever submitted to rec.arts.anime.stories here! A ton of my series have their own home pages, and there are links to those pages, also.

The spaceship icons are courtesy of Stefan Gagne, along with lots of other miscellaneous stuff.

The stories are grouped into categories, each now on its own page:

All characters are copyrighted/trademarked etc by their creators
(who mostly aren't me:) So don't sue me, I'm broke.

This section tracks on-going projects or new stories.  Anything which has been completely completed more than six months ago will be removed; links will continue to exist on the sub-pages listed above.  Anything unlikely to be continued any time soon has also been removed.

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