Before the Dawn

The Gaunt Man has built a great machine in order to stop the world.  The other High Lords are not exactly pleased with this, for obvious reasons.  Each of them has set out to try to find what can be used to start the world turning again.  Each has derived a hint in their own way:

Act I:  The Dead Egg

Scene I:  A Message from Tiresias

The PCs are hired via 'Tiresias', a Field Coordinator of the Delphi Council to go into New York City and recover the Faberge art on display at the MOMA.  They are told that the Edeinos are after it for some reason, but that no one is sure why.  It's also not clear which of the three on display at the museum are being sought after, so all three need to be recovered if possible.

The PCs will be taken via fishing boat to Manhattan and dropped off there.  They will have to penetrate to Manhattan and secure the egg, then bring it back to the rendevous point.  If it's been secured by Kaah or looted, they will need to try to track it down if possible.  If the eggs can't be brought back, they should be destroyed, but only if necessary.

Tiresias will happily supply a variety of kinds of equipment if necessary, including ammo, explosive, etc.  He can't get anything hugely expensive, but he can get things which might not normally be available.  He will definitely supply roadmaps of New York and directions and what the Council knows about the current New York Situation.

Arnold Mitchell

Arnold is a former CIA agent, now in his early fifties and looking towards retirement.  He is old enough to have sparred with the KGB and has a certain fondness for the Cold War, as he considered the Russians to not be insane like, say, the Edeinos.  He loves his country and is a patriot, but is, due to his usual activities, somewhat skeptical about government, due to knowing too much dirty laundry.  He greatly hates the Edeinos, considering them godless and completely insane.

Arnold is completely clueless that his personal assistant, Operative Anna Leikos, is actually a double agent.  She has run up huge credit card bills which she can't afford to pay.  As a result, she's sold out to the Bavarian Illuminati, although she thinks she's working for a crime syndicate.  She'd like to get out, but she knows that her job will be shot down the tubes if she confesses, and she fears she might well be killed (she wouldn't, she'd just go to jail).

Anna Leikos

Anna will stay very quiet during the briefing and mentally take notes, then calls the Bavarian Illuminati as soon as she can afterwards to inform them of what is going on.  She will seem very nervous, though she'll try to use her trick skill to avoid showing it off.  (Psychology or Trick vs. Trick)

Should her call somehow be traced, she is calling a small beatup apartment in Pasadena Texas; the answering machine can be made to play back with the right code, which is how 'Wilheim', her contact, usually checks it.  The apartment has a rep for being a home to a drug dealer; the neighbors leave it alone.

Wilheim probably cannot be easily traced by the PCs; even the rent payments come from a dummy account to which money is deposited in cash at ATMs.  Should they secure the answering machine, however, they can expose a dozen people who all report in to Wilheim from various businesses and government positions, and they can use that to wipe out his current ring of contacts.

Scene 2:  Into the Living Land

The PCs will be taken by a naval cruiser from Houston to just off NYC, where Lt. Horatia Johnson will take charge of them.  She is an officer of the Coast Guard and a Storm Knight who has fought Living Landers before, and has already made two runs like this before.  Past experience has taught her that it is best to use a boat which can be piloted by only one person; her first mission came unglued when people began transforming and disconnecting and she still has a scar on her arm from it.

Lt. Horatia Johnson
Coast Guard

Possibilities:  10

Lt. Horatia is a brave woman, who will become increasingly nervous once the storm front approaches.  Once she sees the PCs aren't going to freak out on her, then she will relax and be all business.  She will try to be calm and professional about the mission, and maybe just a little aloof, unless other PCs are military officers, in which case, she'll respond according to rank.  She will do her best to fend off any menaces along the way, but won't get off her boat unless she has to.  She is medium in height with short brown hair and brown eyes.

She will make conversation on the way, trying to get a feeling for how competent the PCs are.  Competent PCs she will risk a lot more for.  She'll also brief them on what to expect on the way there.

The boat for the task is a small coastal cruiser with several rowboats and a mounted .50 cal.

Scene 3:  The Storm and the Scout

The trip up to the storm front will be a peaceful one.  News will drift in of an effort by the Chinese to mount a major sortie against Jin; the battle is in progress.

The storm front is an intensity of 15 today; as the PCs pass through the storm front, energies will crackle across the boat, creating a huge flock of moths which will attack people's clothing; they are easily chased off, though.

Once they pass through it, they will encounter a potential source of trouble; a small band of Jakatts who have taken to the seas.  They must be caught and dealt with in some manner to prevent the news of the PCs arrival spreading.  The group is not very big, consisting of:

They are from one of the war tribes; their optant will try to kill the ship engine first, then they will try to board the ship and throw people overboard to play with the sharks.  They will only actually strike to kill if it seems necessary for survival.  The Benthe will use the sharks to harass, rather than to kill, unless it becomes necessary for survival.

Lt. Horatia will open fire on them with the ship's mounted .50 caliber.  She is inclined to shoot first and ask questions later.  However, if someone proposes a better plan, she will listen, though she starts out as neutral to any other plan or hostile to anything which seems too friendly to them.

Scene 4: The Landing and the City

As the PCs approach New York at Night, it is a great vine-covered morass.  Some of the most prominent buildings have collapsed, but most of the skyline is still visible, if not well at night.  The PCs can pretty easily find a place to dock and get onto the island; from there, they will have to navigate their way to the MOMA.  This is not as easy as it once was, thanks to the collapse of buildings and the deep mist.  Still, it only requires a Difficulty 8 Direction Sense check to successfully navigate the streets.  The Pcs will have one encounter regardless of success.  If they survive the encounter below and made their check, go to scene 6.  Otherwise, if they get lost, go to scene 5.

The Giants are one of the tribes of surviving teens which now roams through Manhattan.  They have all disconnected, but have retained enough of their old loyalties that they are hostile to all the Jakatt tribes.  They used to be twice as large, but the weak ones have been winnowed out.