Insidious Vice President Aaron Burr-Set-Ra!

Dexterity: 13  (Burr has the speed of a striking asp!)
Strength: 6  (Burr is no musclebound dolt... he has servants to lift
things for him.)
Toughness: 9 (But do not think Burr is weak, either!)
Perception: 9 (Burr sees much that your eyes do not.)
Mind: 6  (Burr, well, has never really gotten the hang of that 'realistic
planning' thing.)
Charisma: 12  (All acknowledge the personal magnetism of Burr.)
Spirit: 14   (Burr's faith in Burr is unbreakable)

Ward Enemy
Bless Weapon
Summon Storm
Hawk of Horus (Beast of Burr: same spell, only horse not hawk, same stats)
Curse Mechanism
Burr Speech
Deadly Asp-Bullets of Burr

Egyptian Religion: 3
Reality: 1
Fire Combat: 2
Persuasion: 2
Charm: 2
Faith: 3
Focus: 6

Pulp Powers:
Superskill: 3
Super Attribute (spirit) : 3

Pos: 4

Background: Following Kaah's 'Presidential Ressurrection' idea, Mobeus set
a minion to reseach the greatest foe of American Presidents to restore to
life as a counter-ploy. The minion got bored, though, and only got as far
as Burr in the history books.

Burr now believes himself to be the reborn Pharoah Burr-Set-Ra, here on
earth for his third incarnation... this time, to CRUSH THE NATIONS and
establish his Egyptian Empire along the banks of the Potomac. But first,
of course, he must crush the agents of Jefferson, who is the fool who
stands in his way. Burr sees the hand of Jefferson everywhere.

Burr is diabolically clever in a pulp-villian way, and very stupid
otherwise, with no sense of proportion and astounding ignorance of modern
technology. His contract with KRISIS actually has them working for him
instead of the other way around - his 'minion' (ie, boss) Kagura provides
him with 'plots of Jefferson' (ie, jobs) and periodically gives him
'tribute' (ie, his paycheck). He is domineering and charming, makes grand
plans, and delegates massively. He is generally the public face and
spokeman of the team, because he's best at it despite being a 200-year-old
madman with delusions of godhood bent on national conquest. He tends to
collect a horde of adoring female fangirls when he goes out in public,
much to the disgust of the others.

Everything You Need To Worship the Pharaoh, But Forgot to Ask:

Using the Egyptian Religion Skill:
Planet Astronomy Difficulty Bonus Modifier Cycle
Ra (Mercury)  9 +3  2
Isis (Venus) 10 +3 3
Osiris (Earth) 10 +3 5
Horus (Mars) 12 +5 7
Nut (Jupiter) 12 +5 11
Nepthys (Saturn)  13 +5 13
Ptah (Uranus) 15 +7 17
Anubis (Neptune)  18 +7 29
Set (Pluto) 22 +7 73

Every miracle requires you to first configure certain planets.  Take the hardest to configure planet as your base difficulty.  Use the One-On-Many modifiers to raise that difficulty to account for any others you have to configure.  Each planet you configure beyond the bare minimum required, you get the bonus modifier to your Focus/Faith check to perform the miracle.

For example, the Bless miracle requires you to configure the planet Nepthys.  This is a difficulty of 13 on Egyptian Religion.  However, you can choose to configure Ra and Nut as well.  If you just configure Ra, you gain a +2 difficulty modifier and the difficulty is 15 on Egyptian Religion.  However, succeeding in the check means that you will gain +3 to your Faith and Focus.  If you choose to configure Ra AND Nut, you add +4 to the difficulty, and must make a difficulty 17 Egyptian Religion check.  However, you then gain +3 for Ra and +5 for Nut, so your Bless will gain a +8 bonus modifier to Focus/Faith.

The Cycle number is how frequently the planet naturally configures.  Ra, for example, is naturally configured every other day.  If you tried to use Bless on those days on which Ra is naturally configured, then you would not have to roll to configure it, although you would still have to configure Nephthys to make the miracle work.

Levels of Success:

Some miracles describe their effects in terms of levels of success.  This is a measure of how much your Faith total or that of the person you are performing the miracle on beats the difficulty total.

Burr's Miracles:

Beast of Burr
Spirit Axiom:  16
Necessary Planets:     Horus, choose a second planet
Optional Planets:  Isis, Osiris
Focus/Faith Difficulty:  19
Range:     Special
Duration:   One Day
Casting Time:       One Hour
An hour of prayer and waving apples and sugar in the air summons forth the Beast of Burr, a magnificent Arabian stallion, which is a spirit servant of Burr.  Sadly, it is, in fact, smarter than Burr and can talk too and seems to sometimes take great pleasure in reminding him of this fact...

The Beast of Burr has a Running Limit Value of 13 (It can run comfortably 400 meters in a round or 100 miles an hour), which it can push with its running skills.  It also can fight with its hooves, doing Damage 17.

The Beast can go up to 100 KM away from Burr without having to return to its home plane.  If slain, you can summon it anew the next day, but it will be even crankier than usual.

Bless Weapon
Spirit Axiom:  10
Necessary Planets:     Set
Optional Planets:  Osiris, Horus, Nut
Focus/Faith Difficulty:     17
Range:     Touch
Duration:   One Day
Casting Time:         One Hour
Burr touches the weapon, and spends an hour telling old war stories that no one else understands and which contradict each other.

Faith Total of:

Burr Speech
Spirit Axiom:  13
Necessary Planets:     Isis
Optional Planets:  Ra, Horus, Nut
Focus/Faith Difficulty:    17 (13)
Range:     Sound of His Voice
Duration:   Ten Rounds (One Hour or until Burr stops concentrating on the miracle)
Casting Time:   One Round (One Minute)

Given some time to speak, Burr can make even the craziest ideas sound good...  This miracle can be snapped off in a round at a higher difficulty, or over the course of a minute of talking if now.  The miracle has several effects:

Curse Mechanism
Spirit Axiom:  11
Necessary Planets:     Ptah
Optional Planets:   Isis, Horus, Anubis, Set
Focus/Faith Difficulty:    18
Range:     Sight
Duration:   N/A
Casting Time:    One Round
Burr points at a device and explains exactly why it shouldn't be working.  And then it doesn't.  Hopefully...

This miracle does damage to the target machine equal to the Faith total generated.  Machines with no Toughness stat are treated as Toughness 8.  Cyberware resists with the Toughness of the creature it's installed in.  When used on Cyberware, all Cyberware involved must immediately check for systems failure.

Deadly Asp-Bullets of Burr
Spirit Axiom:  12
Necessary Planets:     Nut
Optional Planets:  Isis, Osiris, Horus
Focus/Faith Difficulty:      13 + Torg Value of the # of Bullets prepared
Range:     Touch
Duration:   Up to one week
Casting Time:      Torg Value of the Difficulty

Burr tells the story of his duel with Alexander Hamilton in EXCRUCIATING detail.

This ritual transforms bullets into highly compacted serpents.  When fired, the bullets turn back into serpents on impact, then bite the target, injecting him with spiritual venom.  As a result, the prepared bullets do damage twice--normal physical damage, then damage equal to the Bonus Modifier on the roll + Burr's Faith.

Spirit Axiom:  13
Necessary Planets:     Anubis
Optional Planets:  Isis, Horus, Nepthys
Focus/Faith Difficulty:        12
Range:     Touch
Duration:   N/A
Casting Time:    One Round
Burr must touch the target and pray over them briefly, telling them they aren't as hurt as they thought they were, so they need to get back up and get back in the fight.

Faith Total of:

Spirit Axiom:  16
Necessary Planets:     Anubis, Osiris, and 2 more of your choice
Optional Planets:    Any
Focus/Faith Difficulty:        12 + Special
Range:     Touch
Duration:   N/A
Casting Time:     One Day
Burr must make a sacrifice of ritual goods worth 1,000 Royals to perform this rite, which buys the material components and lets him make appropriate sacrifices to Osiris and Anubis, whose power this taps.

It is generally wise to configure as many planets as possible for this miracle, as you want as high a faith total as possible.

The difficulty of this miracle is 12 + Time Value of how long the target was dead before the miracle was started.  (The cast time is not counted into how long the target was dead).

Faith Total of:

Summon Storm
Spirit Axiom:  13
Necessary Planets:    Nepthys and two of your choice
Optional Planets:  Osiris, Horus, Nut
Focus/Faith Difficulty:      10
Range:     25 (100 Kilometers)
Duration:   One Hour
Casting Time:       One Hour
Burr calls upon the heavens to smite his foes, spending an hour listing all their evil deeds.  Then the heavens open up on his target.  The storm has a radius equal to the Torg Value of his Faith total (or smaller if Burr so wills it), and rains down on the target for an hour.  It will do his Faith Total in damage to any buildings in the area of effect and to any people trapped in it over the course of an hour.  The storm obscures vision; seeing more than about 10 meters requires beating Burr's faith total, unless you are Burr, who will see perfectly.  (Burr can also walk unhurt through the storm and protect his Faith Total in Torg Value of people if he so chooses.

By extending the casting time, Burr can make the storm last longer (if he prays for 8 hours, the storm lasts 8 hours); it will do damage to the area of effect each hour.

Ward Enemy
Spirit Axiom:  7
Necessary Planets:     Ra
Optional Planets:  All
Focus/Faith Difficulty:       0
Range:     Sight
Duration:   Concentration
Casting Time:       One Round

Burr brandishes an Ankh and calls on the power of Osiris and Anubis to pass judgement on the rampaging dead, ghosts, vampires, and other things which go bump in the night.  Such creatures must beat Burr's Faith Total with their own Faith Total to take direct action against him.  Should they fail to do so, they will find themselves taking Spiritual Damage equal to the result points of their Failure.

(For example, Joe the Vampire attacks Aaron Burr.  Joe has Faith (Gaunt Man) of 10.  Burr has Faith 17.  Each of them makes a roll.  Burr rolls a 15 and adds 2, getting a 19.  Joe rolls a 6, and suffers a -5 penalty, dropping to 5.  Since he didn't beat Burr's 19, he takes 19-5 = 14 result points of spiritual damage.  Joe sizzles for 3 wounds, KO, and 14 Shock.  Bye, Joe.)