TORG Character Creation

Step I -- Decide on a concept and Home Cosm

Step I is obvious enough, but very necessary, given that you need a concept both to guide you through your choice of other things, and because your choice of a home cosm will dictate whether certain options are available at all.

Your concept should cover several key issues:

  1. Are you a native of Earth?  A visitor from one of the invading cosms?  If so, which one?  Why have you turned against the invasion if you come from one of the invading worlds?  Your choice of your Home Cosm will give you some options and close others off.
  2. At some point in your life, you became possibility-rated.  This normally involves some sort of strong moral choice in the face of beings of another reality, but thanks to the Everlaw of Four, may simply involve some strong moral choice in a time of danger.  What was your Moment of Crisis?
  3. You don't need a hugely detailed background, but a simple one to start with is good. This may require some changing later to account for the decisions you make as you go along.
  4. Consult the writeup of your cosm to get a better idea of what sorts of options are available.

Step II--Attributes

Step III--Skills

Step IV -- Possibility Points Step V -- Stuff Step VI -- Spells, Powers, etc.

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