A World Without Destiny or Fate

History is pretty normal up to the Annadil Crisis.   However, there are no Children of the Elements; the Gate of Revolution, once opened, can only be closed if the opener of the Gate is forced through it.

Gendo died in an accident with the Jewel of Judgement.

Annadil breeds up a crop of children anyway, in order to have a flunky squad.  Shaft, Hiko, Shizumaru, Mikage, Kuonji, and Nagisa are all bred and raised by him to be his faithful flunkies.  Wakaba and Utena have been turned into his puppets, as has Ishmael (through a Lion Spikard).  So has Beowulf (who Annadil tracked down and made his flunky).

Corrine did create Ember.

During the Annadil Crisis, Annadil sent the Children to Amber to infiltrate from the inside, while keeping Beowulf in reserve.  He had Wakaba bring Beowulf to Amber, then had Shizumaru find and rescue his Gil-Galad self.  He also helped Sakura return to Amber and infiltrate it.  Kozue killed Madoka in a Rose Duel, and then ended up getting disgusted with everyone being mad at her and went to Rebma.   Touga-Sakura killed Anthy and was killed by Drake.  Beowulf's heir status was revealed, and then Tylor was murdered and Beowulf put on the throne.  Meanwhile, Derith figured out what was going on, and cut a deal with Annadil.  He made off with the Jewel of Judgement and tried to save Rebma, but Annadil sold him out and he got killed by Nagisa and Annadil; Rebma mostly sank into the void.  Meanwhile, Drake thought Derith tried to kill him and went after Derith, only to get himself caught in the whirlpool.

Annadil now tried to kidnap Miki, but Kozue got wind of it and returned, managing to get Juri to go with her to save Miki.  They managed to rescue Miki.  Ramon managed to defeat an attempt to murder Nanami and began investigating.  He and Shinobu Minor and Michelle uncovered Annadil's deceits and rallied the family against him and his flunkies.  As Shadow rose up against them all and Embra marched, Yumi managed to turn Shaft against Annadil (GO GOOD SEX), and Shaft helped them defeat Annadil in a hideous battle at the gate of Revolution.  Makoto fell through the doorway with Annadil.

Saionji becomes King, though he's a handpuppet for Nanami in many ways.  She is secretly his lover.


Time passes.  Various people are born:

At Start of Herald Crisis:

There is no Herald Crisis, because Nylarathotep doesn't show up and die.  Instead, Nylarathotep raises up the High Lords as a menace to Amber and Chaos to weaken them before Hel's approach.

Post War Status

A century of fairly similar events follows and...:

Current Status


Ota "Shaft" Tenjou   (350 point Bad Mofo Sex Machine of Amber)

Powers: Items:

Repeating Crossbow
Longsword like Mom's
Apartment in the Ward of the Dead Unicorn
Trump Deck: 2

Whale Killer:  4

Capped Tooth implanted by Fuyutsuki which conveys a Psychic Barrier: 9 points

4 point Magical Detector and Analyzer--Pendant

Justice:  16


Enemies: +11

10 points of Good Stuff