Old Fire Mage Possibilities: 10

Terrik was born roughly 250 years ago, although he's forgotten his exact age and all available records have burnt to ash.  He was born at 11:30 PM, on the 30th of Endrak, he believes, and it is quite clear he was born with Conjuration / Fire, the son of a construction worker who lived somewhere in the lands of House Daleron.  He claims his first word was 'Fire', and most people believe it.  His father managed to convince a passing mage to take Terrik as an apprentice, and Terrik spent the next ten years studying the arcane arts under Master Yorgi.  Master Yorgi eventually tired of his house catching fire and convinced Terrik to join House Daleron's armies.

For about ten years, Terrik served as a battle mage for House Daleron.  Unfortunately, the first version of Terrik's Screaming Flaming Death took out a large chunk of House Daleron's army during a field test and he was forced to flee into hiding.  For the next thirty years, Terrik was on the run from House Daleron's forces.  During this time, he acquired several mystical tomes which helped him to learn the Time and Life essences, leading him to develop his first immortality magics.

Terrik eventually fled to the Mage Isles, where he joined the staff at the Arcane Academy of the Four Towers for about a hundred years, before tiring of the academic life.

Terrik has now gone out into the world, seeking out people he thinks will use his magics appropriately; his choices are not always wise, and many students are driven off by his cranky, tempermental nature.  He also periodically has to run for his life when House Daleron gets wind of where he is.


Master Terrik is a cranky old man on the run.  He means well, but often lapses into 'Everything Tastes Better With Fire' mode, and throws around too much atomic death.  He is a very empirical man, who likes to teach by example, taking his students on long, dangerous field trips in which he shows them how to practically apply their lessons.  This also helps him avoid House Daleron's forces as a side benefit.

Since the invasion of Earth, Master Terrik has come down the malestrom bridge and taken some interest in Core Earth Sciences, which he has applied to creating spells which will cause now dysfunctional Core Earth machines to work.  This has earned him quite a bit of cash especially from the Dwarves.    He gets a lot of gratification out of getting them to run again, though sometimes he guesses incorrectly what they were supposed to do...