TORG On-Line

Table of Contents

An Introduction To The Setting:

What is TORG?

The core concept of TORG is that our Earth has been invaded by other realities, also called Cosms.  Portions of our Earth are now bounded by objects called Stelae, which link together, creating a field which imposes alien realities on our Earth.  These objects are created by ancient, powerful artifacts known as Darkness Devices, possessed by the invasion leaders, who are known as the High Lords.

The purpose of the invasion remains unclear at the present time; some of the High Lords seem to seek temporal power and wealth (Mobius, Uthorion, Kanawa), while others seem driven by religious fanaticism (Baruk Kaah, Cyberpope Jean Malraux), while the Victorian invasion of Indonesia has no clear leader and claims to be coming to FIGHT the invading monsters (though rumors speak of 'the Gaunt Man', a demonic figure who leads the horrors of Orrorsh).  Certain renegades speak of 'possibility energy'.  Whatever it is, the Earth is rich in it, and the invaders are after it.

In this game, players (and some NPCs) are Storm Knights, beings who are able to manipulate possibility energy, and maintain their own realities, even when visiting other realities.  One usually becomes a Storm Knight when one makes a strong moral choice in the face of reality invaders.  Some Storm Knights work for the invaders, others fight to save the Earth or just work for money.

Five realities are known to have landed, a sixth is rumored to be present, a seventh was repulsed and certain rumors are beginning to circulate about the possibility that there may be a Darkness Device hidden on Earth...