Mage Humor:

10th Sphere:  Logomancy
Language was once thought to be an aspect of the Mind Sphere, but certain awakened Magi have come to understand that it is, itself, a Primal Aspect of the Universe, as hinted at by the use of things like Enochian and runes as foci for magic.  By controlling language, you control how the world can be understood.

  1. Comprehend Languages.  The Magus can detect, analyze, and understand any form of communication: drawn, written, sculpted, etc.  He can pick out the symbolism of a painting, understand newly created words, and speak in tongues.  In the case of magical effects created through sufficiently symbolic foci, he can figure out what said foci stand for, and thus try to intuit what the magic is intended to do.  (Ultimately, all foci are symbolic, but some require more successes than others to comprehend)
  2. Tweak Languages.  The Magus can now control minor aspects of symbolism and communication.  This mostly comes down to subtle shifting of sentence structures (such as compelling people to use compound sentences instead of simple sentences) or adjusting people's spelling, such as whether they prefer to spell Magic or Magick or Mahjik.  In conjunction with Prime 2, the Magus can create new, simple concepts from nothing.
  3. Adjust Concepts.  The Magus can now alter concepts themselves to shrink in comprehensability, or to grow to encompass more than they once did.  Where Joe the Hermetic once saw Red as a symbol of blood, he could be made with this sphere to also symbolize fire, courage, and sunsets with that color as well.  Sleeper historians seem to have used this subconsciously on the ideas of Renaissance and the Rise of the Middle Class...  The magus commands metaphor and similes at will, and can force things to conform to such, making redheads become tempermental, making foxes go crazy, and so forth.  Sleepers can be made to comprehend other languages now, as well as their own.
  4. Mutate Concepts.  The Magus can now make words encompass ideas completely unrelated to their original meaning, so long as said ideas are not totally incompatable with older meanings.  The word 'Cat' can encompass cats, potatoes, and computer programs designed to remove viruses.  On the other hand, the word 'War' cannot be made to also mean 'Peace'.  New words can be created encompassing highly complex ideas, in conjunction with Prime 2.  Spelling can be mutated completely, so that 'Skdjfdl' will be treated as 'Cat' by those affected.  This allows for codes without code books.  Grammar happily dances to the mage's tune.  One could swap the tenses of a language or even create new tenses.  The symbolism of Foci can be shifted massively, allowing a Verbena to summon up a storm by eating an apple.  This makes an especially horrible attack on a  Hermetic if one adds wildly variant meanings to Enochian words...
  5. Namshub of Enki.  Language is your grovelling slave.  You can strike people with the curse of Babel, dividing their languages to make them mutually incomprehensible.  You can enable perfect communication between different species.  You can strip a word of its old meanings completely, destroying it, or change its meaning completely.   'War is Peace.  Black is White.', etc.  By doing so, you can radically rewrite people's comprehension of the universe and their magic.  A Technomancer could be rendered a Traditionalist and vice versa, for the duration of the effect.  These changes can be pushed upon the universe (vulgar, vulgar, vulgar), causing black things to turn white, gravity to repel people, etc, in conjunction with the appropriate sphere.